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  1. There is a big player base now in arena breakout infinite. Can we make a cheat for it. Like tarkov in old times
  2. Well, I was wondering if you guys were working on some cheese for Valorant, because it's becoming more and more popular, and I could never find a good and trusted provider that will see this kind of cheese. I don't think i'm the first one requesting, but I never seen a topic about it, so I'm just asking if we may have the chance in the future to get a Valorant cheese. Cheers 🙂
  3. Hello, im selling my remaining reseller Key Stock 30 EURO per Key / 30 days Buy more pay less Crypto Autobuy, click here Payment Methods: Crypto/Steam Gift Card/CSGO Skins Contact: Discord dexter.cx
  4. hey guys, are both Cheats ready to use? I see both are undetected for a few weeks alrdy, but i only want to be sure, if i buy that i can use them instantly?!? Last time i bought a cheat (different provider) they said everything works and then it took them weeks to update the software -.-" greets
  5. I am using Chods Paladins for about 2 years now on and off. Never got a ban even i am raging from time to time. ESP and other visuals always have been working great. The aimbot is really good but if you have fov set too high it snaps from time to time. The setup for fist use is very simple if you just follow the troubleshooting guide and punch in some cmd commends! Recently 06/2022 they added silent aim, it brings the aimbot to another level! Also the price got lowered last month If your looking for save and cheap option to hack on paladins i deffinetly recommend Chods Cheats! But ofc cheats always involves a risk Also Chods Cheats provides really good support and compensation if the cheat is down for a day. (you just get your time back) ❤️Chods-Cheats❤️
  6. I'm not sure if there is anyone out there still currently doing the auric cell services but if so I'd like to buy $60 for over 50k at-least. The more, the higher the price.
  7. Hey, with the last update I noticed that some functions no longer work properly or not at all and wanted to list them once to possibly help what exactly needs to be fixed. Auto Skillchecks: - Every kind of skillcheck (Gens, Yellow Glyphs, Wiggling) doesn't work automatically anymore. Existing bugs before the update: -- Yellow glyphs did not work properly even before the update. -- When wiggling the first skillcheck is always not correct Playing as a killer: - Every time you search a game as a killer, the game crashes during the loading screen. ESP: - The ESP is still partially working correctly, but it still has some errors: - Some survivors are not displayed or only sometimes. - It is no longer displayed when a survivor is injured - It shows permanently that the killer is carrying someone Aimbot: - The Aimbot for Flashlights on survivors does not work anymore. - (I don't know if the Aimbot/MagicMode for killers still works because as mentioned above you couldn't join a game as a killer) I would appreciate it very much if these bugs are fixed as soon as possible, as I just renewed my product a week ago. Also I have two possible functions that could be very helpful for some people: 1. bloodpoint ADD: You can give yourself an individual number of bloodpoints. 2. player level: you can adjust your player level and deversion individually I really hope I could help because this cheat is in my opinion the best that exists at the moment and I hope that this will not change!
  8. Notice for the options that I use all the time. Aimbot: 4/10. When I tested the imbot with the crosshair + a sight and that I aimed, the cross was not really in the middle of the sight of the sight, from there, I tested the whole with the mod "Predictions" and indeed, it is not famous .. at times I shoot completely next to the enemy while the lock is on it ... Instant hit: 7/10 This option is terrible for bots .. Unfortunately less for gamers. Nonetheless, it is good overall. No recoil + No spread: 10/10. Very clearly, these two options make the coffee. ESP (Wallhack): 10/10 Frankly great! The only thing missing is not being able to adjust the distance you can see players / bots. Conclusion: This cheat is good but there are some things that are wrong .. In particular the interface that I find a little "simple" and the options not sufficiently developed and added for the price we pay ... To see over time if it will be improved, for the moment I will stay with you. PS: This is my humble opinion and I do not destroy the cheat and the work done by the dev's because I still use it myself. This message is used for referencing opinions on the Deadside cheat and it is also intended for Developers in order to be able to improve the software / cheat. Good cheat everyone.
  9. 2 months ago I bought the cheat of this game from another site, but the cheat was not safe (I was banned within 10 minutes of being injected) I started looking for sites that selling hunt showdown hack in internet but ı couldnt find too many sites I really wonder is your cheat safe? because although the old cheat site is really a good site, its cheat was broken. Can you explain to me? When was your cheat last updated and is it really safe? (ı know huntshowdown cheats seems safe on ur status page but it was written like that on the old site) ?!? + if someone using this cheat atm pls answer that is it safe? esp is workin clearly and undetectable?
  10. The rogue company aimbot works? I try to use it but it does not work, it does not activate and nothing happens when I change the assigned key. The ESP does work perfectly for me, except that it does not mention the names of the players, it only says "Player"
  11. Earlier today I was going down memory lane and remembered all of the good times I had while hvhing back in 2017, as I went down memory lane I was curios enough to see if the providers that I used to use were still available to this day but sadly a lot of them aren't. Then I remembered using chods csgo cheat back in 2017 and it was honestly one of the best cheats for hvh back then. Its sad seeing that the csgo cheat isn't available in 2020 because I was really looking forward to seeing what chods could do with his 500iq in the current era of hvh. I would love to see a comeback of a cheat that took hvh by surprise when it was still around!
  12. Can add the Mouse3 and Mouse4 to the Aimkey?
  13. Why are cheats so damn expensive, like £70 a month, im at home playing tarkov all day, how much money could i have, but seriously are they worth the money and does anyone know why theyre so expensive?
  14. HUNT: SHOWDOWN CHEESE BY CHOD Hello everybody, So i had this cheat for almost a day now. Played around 25 games with it. In 20 /25 games i got out alive while also having downed one or several hunters. I will be dividing the cheese in 2 parts ; ESP and Security. ESP: This is what the cheat is all about. It has a nice clear ESP, you can see the enemy. You can see hunters (other players) and walkers (zombies). You can see how far they are and where they are running. What would i like to see changed: Esp in different colors: For example: red for other enemy players (like it is now) , blue for walkers, yellow for Hellhounds, other color for the more bigger enemies and green for your fellow teammates. Also a different color for when a hunter is downed. The square does get smaller but sometimes it can be hard to see. 5/5 Security: With chod's cheats this is no issue. No one knows you are cheating, partly because there is no killcam so people do not know if you see them through walls or if you know exactly where they are. I have encountered some players who also has ESP and play obvious. Those cheating bastards! 5/5 What does the cheese miss? Glad you asked! In the future it would be awesome to include an aimbot, one with headshot ability. But for now this cheese really gives you a big edge in the game against other players. Great cheese, great features! Hope this helps
  15. Could they sell a hack for sea of thieves from you? It does not have much security and there are already many hacks, but they are complicated or have ugly interfaces. I am more interested in having a Dig Spot ESP They could sell it well.
  16. Dead by daylight cheat. English In my opinion it is a great hack, it is fun, useful and safe. It clearly depends on how you use it, if you want to enjoy safety or risk with the most risky tricks. In order not to make this very long, I will leave its pros and cons with a score of 1 to 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: 10 Get Max. Bloodpoints: 8 Speedhack (Adjustable): 9 Teleport to nearest Player: 9 Ghost Mode ( NoClip + FlyHack + GodMode): 8 Instant Healing: 10 100% Hook escape chance: 10 Flashlight Aimbot: 10 Price for the cheat: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ why those numbers? ESP: Is very good, from its long catalog of things that you can edit as you wish, to its safety, it is very safe to use and everything will depend on how you use or act with it. These are the things you can decide whether to watch or not. Survivor ESP (Boxes, State) Killer ESP (Boxes, State) Hook Generator Escape Door Hatch Pallet Totem Locker Chest Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: Simply perfect, it is safe and everything is automatic, there is not much to say. Get Max. Bloodpoints: It is very risky, it works and it is easy to use, put that number because it is very risky and can cause the ban, but it fulfills its objective. Speedhack: It is risky and very obvious, but it serves and gets a lot of laughter. Teleport to nearest Player: Very useful, risky and very funny if it is with friends or in a voice chat, each scream when appearing instantly is very good hahaha. Ghost Mode: I don't like to use it, but it's funny from time to time, I gave it that rating because of its risk, even though it does its job well ... it's very obvious and risky. Instant Healing: Very good, useful and somewhat risky to use, well used is incredible. 100% Hook escape chance: The name says it all. ❤️ Flashlight Aimbot: It fulfills its function, there is not much to say. Price for the cheat: Although the hack is very good, I still feel that it is too high for what it offers, its tools are good and varied, comfortable and a bit of everything, but the game is already expensive with everything it asks for, it seems a bit high the price of the hack. And that was all I can contribute, I hope it will serve you and motivate you to buy it, it is very good and if it is worth it, even if the price is a little high. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dead by daylight cheat. Español. En mi opinión, es un gran truco, es divertido, útil y seguro. Claramente depende de cómo lo use, si desea disfrutar de la seguridad o el riesgo con los trucos más riesgosos. Para no hacer esto muy largo, dejaré sus pros y sus contras con una puntuación de 1 a 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: 10 Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre : 8 Hack de velocidad (Ajustable): 9 Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: 9 Modo fantasma ( NoClip + VolarHack + Modo Dios) : 8 Curación instantánea: 10 100% de escapar del gancho: 10 Aimbot para la linterna: 10 Precio por el hack: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¿Por qué esos números? ESP: Es muy bueno, desde su largo catálogo de cosas que puede editar como desee, hasta su seguridad, es muy seguro de usar y todo dependerá de cómo lo use o actúe con él. Estas son las cosas que puede decidir si mirar o no. Supervivientes (Cajas, Estados) Asesinos (Cajas, Estados) Ganchos Generadores Puertas de escape Escotilla Paletas (barricadas) Totems Casilleros o Armarios Cofres Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: Simplemente perfecto, es seguro y todo es automático, no hay mucho que decir. Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre: Es muy arriesgado, funciona y es fácil de usar, pongo ese número porque es muy arriesgado y puede causar la prohibición(BAN), pero cumple su objetivo. Hack de velocidad: Es arriesgado y muy obvio, pero sirve y se ríe mucho. Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: Muy útil, arriesgado y muy divertido si es con amigos o en un chat de voz, cada grito cuando aparece al instante es muy bueno jajaja. Modo fantasma: No me gusta usarlo, pero es divertido de vez en cuando, le di esa calificación debido a su riesgo, a pesar de que hace bien su trabajo ... es muy obvio y arriesgado. Curación instantánea: Muy bueno, útil y algo arriesgado de usar, bien usado es increíble. 100% de escapar del gancho: El nombre lo dice todo. ❤️ Aimbot para la linterna: Cumple su función, no hay mucho que decir. Precio por el hack: Aunque el truco es muy bueno, sigo sintiendo que es demasiado alto para lo que ofrece, sus herramientas son buenas y variadas, cómodas y un poco de todo, pero el juego ya es caro con todo lo que pide, parece un poco alto el precio del hack. Y eso fue todo lo que puedo aportar, espero que te sirva y te motive a comprarlo, es muy bueno y si vale la pena, incluso si el precio es un poco alto.
  17. Main Message Hi, there this is aimed for Chod as I feel like this will be a good incentive for you and to give people hope, basically I propose a system like keep the current pricing for EFT and other cheats but make it so we can pay in at the current price for the cheese but as we can expect price changes to go up for this hopefully unrivalled protection from the Anti-cheese system (cause who wants to keep buying EFT accounts) because of how complex it is and the man hours put into it so this system will allow your financial support to continue and will give people a valid reason to buy in early before prices go up and the subscription starts when the cheat go's fully live for everyone. My Experience With CHOD'S Personally Chod's has never let me down I have never been banned on EFT with them even using blatant and RAGE type of settings there protection is a absolute guarantee so when Chod says this will protect us I believe him 100% on that. Summary (for lazy people) Basically Chod should let us by a subscription at the current prices before there back up to keep finical support and incentivise people to buy it before prices go up and they still get the full subscription with the new cheat before it comes out. @Chod Thanks
  18. Is there a cheat for PUBG? and if so how do I gain access because that would be awesome. Do I need to be a trusted user to see all of the games that have cheese? and if so how would I go about that?
  19. hi friends i'm looking for a cheat for dayz you know where i can find it ?
  20. hello everyone, do you know if they will do a cheat for Dayz! I would be the first to buy it. I do not know if you have more information. thanks again for all cheats chod’s!
  21. Does anybody know when the EFT cheat will be active again?
  22. Hey guys today I just want to share my thoughts and skills with you guys, because lately (and not) (not even just here (mostly) ) I saw people complaining about getting banned on several games while using farely and really good cheating services like for example Chod's. I think there are mostly ways how we can make sure that we lower the chances of detection + the number of reports while playing with cheats. I've decided to go through every single (Almost XD) game, Chod's cheats support with its client and help those out a little bit who have troubles being legit, hiding cheats, and not getting banned easily. Here we go.: The first game is CS:GO, Im CSGO Its farely easy to hide your cheats if you got used to it. A lots of cheaters only use chams or only aim assist so in for example Overwatch reviews its relatively very hard to tell if the person is cheating or not, because he doesn't even know where the enemy is; because he doesn't use walls. You can also adjust you aim assist + there are options like only "human confirgurated" triggerbot, so its a trigger, but fairly human. + You can configurate it according to your skill level so don't set it to like a global would react in silver obviusly, go a little easy on them jesus. Also, if you happen to do use walls how I do, sometimes you gotta understand that you MUST pretend that you just DON'T know where they are.. Are you talking about literarry rpetending dumb and killing yourself? well, exacly... Sometimes when ur peeking a corner and he is in a really dumb position what you normally NEVER EVER WOULD check, then just DON'T..? Really, you may die, but you wont get banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Next up we have a game here that a lots of Chod's users intrested in, its Escape from tarkov. Yep a game, where sometimes its even as hard to play legit with cheats, if ur not using litteral ragebot. Its hard if you have bad weapons compared to someone who is richly geard, but still, just don't use the normal "RAGE" options and you should be normally good to go. What im saying is is limit your aimlocking, DON'T even try noclip and magic bullet, [ because you're just going to get more reports,] actually you can't report players so... Yea still, I belive devs do watch people so.. I f they have like a really high kill or escape rate and stuff... so be careful.. and maybe even the devs will manual ban you, if you won't get banned normally by anticheat, just because you're constantly NOCLIPPING XD... Anyways, try to act legit, you can even turn off aimbot if you're good enough. I personally only use Walls... Im still good to go... Manual dev checks can't even really tell, because Im mostly trying to loot on big maps instead of killing many players + 0 Aimbot, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... Its hard to tell cheats Anyways, BF1!! Its a good game, and there is nothing really to be afraid of exept if the cheat is not fully secured (like right now) Then wait until the Chod's client says.: UNDETECTED.. so you know IT IS really is safe. Anyways, don't use instakill, any weird fully obvius stuff that literrary breaking the game mechanics itself. And then you should be good to go even with pretty obvius aimbot... Too many players, devs only manual ban those have have extremely HIGH SCORE!! So you should be avare of that.. You shouldn't go above 100 kills.. Thats like really suspicius, you're either REALLY good, or just..? Cheating? Maybe if the game is really long and like 2+ ppl already have 100+ kills then go ahead, but still, remember to keep it legit. COD WW2! Pretty easy to pretend legit, because you have the option for a human aimbot, that is fairly good enough to trick players into thinking that you're just GOOD. Don't go rage, You can use WH, but adjust your aimbot wisely. If its not like a ragely very stickly aimlock, you're again, goop to go. If you're really good, then turn off your aimbots dude you don't need them In any other game if you follow these steps, you should be good to go relatively. As soon as I'll be able to use Chod's cheats in other games like PUBG AND H1Z1 AND RUST, Then I promise to wirte a part 2 of this topic (tutorial) thingy only helping players in those games. Should be much time. Anyways, if this topic is in a wrong section, I would like to ask the admins / mods, to feel free to move it anywhere. I hope I was helpful enough and I hope I could've helped you learn something today. Have a good time hacking and rekting noobs and remember to have a smurf if you're afraid to ever lose your main acc, because big ban waves do happen, and well... yea, cheating is always was and will be risky. Anyways, have a good day, Im signing out ;D <3 PS.: Im using Chod's cheats since October, november, (I belive) And still I haven't even been banned once even though I use 3 cheats at once. PHPBIRD3
  23. Escape From Tarkov | Chod's CheatsHi guys, This is the third video I made of the game Escape from Tarkov. Go give it some love if u enjoyed the video. Also feedback is always extremly welcome so leave me here or on youtube a comment! - I am using a cheat from Chod's Cheats. They are a great hacking community with lots of diffrent cheats. This particular one is for the game "Escape From Tarkov".Click HERE for the video. Youtube video DavidofftdLinks:Chod's Cheats - https://chods-cheats.com/refer/33127/My profile - https://chods-cheats.com/profile/33127-davidofftd/Thread - https://chods-cheats.com/forums/topic/14101-escape-from-tarkov-chods-cheats-v3/ My Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXo966S8MY-G09L8ZDT_I4w?
  24. HI EVERYONE This will be my first ever giveaway There will be 2 winners! Prize: 1 month EFT Subscription To enter: Just leave a comment below GIVEAWAY WILL END ON THE FRIDAY, 05/25/2018 To redeem simply go to: https://chods-cheats.com/resellers/?do=activate HAPPY HACKING ~Riothead45 (AKA Hairline xD)
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