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  1. Dead by daylight cheat. English In my opinion it is a great hack, it is fun, useful and safe. It clearly depends on how you use it, if you want to enjoy safety or risk with the most risky tricks. In order not to make this very long, I will leave its pros and cons with a score of 1 to 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: 10 Get Max. Bloodpoints: 8 Speedhack (Adjustable): 9 Teleport to nearest Player: 9 Ghost Mode ( NoClip + FlyHack + GodMode): 8 Instant Healing: 10 100% Hook escape chance: 10 Flashlight Aimbot: 10 Price for the cheat: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ why those numbers? ESP: Is very good, from its long catalog of things that you can edit as you wish, to its safety, it is very safe to use and everything will depend on how you use or act with it. These are the things you can decide whether to watch or not. Survivor ESP (Boxes, State) Killer ESP (Boxes, State) Hook Generator Escape Door Hatch Pallet Totem Locker Chest Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: Simply perfect, it is safe and everything is automatic, there is not much to say. Get Max. Bloodpoints: It is very risky, it works and it is easy to use, put that number because it is very risky and can cause the ban, but it fulfills its objective. Speedhack: It is risky and very obvious, but it serves and gets a lot of laughter. Teleport to nearest Player: Very useful, risky and very funny if it is with friends or in a voice chat, each scream when appearing instantly is very good hahaha. Ghost Mode: I don't like to use it, but it's funny from time to time, I gave it that rating because of its risk, even though it does its job well ... it's very obvious and risky. Instant Healing: Very good, useful and somewhat risky to use, well used is incredible. 100% Hook escape chance: The name says it all. ❤️ Flashlight Aimbot: It fulfills its function, there is not much to say. Price for the cheat: Although the hack is very good, I still feel that it is too high for what it offers, its tools are good and varied, comfortable and a bit of everything, but the game is already expensive with everything it asks for, it seems a bit high the price of the hack. And that was all I can contribute, I hope it will serve you and motivate you to buy it, it is very good and if it is worth it, even if the price is a little high. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dead by daylight cheat. Español. En mi opinión, es un gran truco, es divertido, útil y seguro. Claramente depende de cómo lo use, si desea disfrutar de la seguridad o el riesgo con los trucos más riesgosos. Para no hacer esto muy largo, dejaré sus pros y sus contras con una puntuación de 1 a 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: 10 Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre : 8 Hack de velocidad (Ajustable): 9 Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: 9 Modo fantasma ( NoClip + VolarHack + Modo Dios) : 8 Curación instantánea: 10 100% de escapar del gancho: 10 Aimbot para la linterna: 10 Precio por el hack: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¿Por qué esos números? ESP: Es muy bueno, desde su largo catálogo de cosas que puede editar como desee, hasta su seguridad, es muy seguro de usar y todo dependerá de cómo lo use o actúe con él. Estas son las cosas que puede decidir si mirar o no. Supervivientes (Cajas, Estados) Asesinos (Cajas, Estados) Ganchos Generadores Puertas de escape Escotilla Paletas (barricadas) Totems Casilleros o Armarios Cofres Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: Simplemente perfecto, es seguro y todo es automático, no hay mucho que decir. Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre: Es muy arriesgado, funciona y es fácil de usar, pongo ese número porque es muy arriesgado y puede causar la prohibición(BAN), pero cumple su objetivo. Hack de velocidad: Es arriesgado y muy obvio, pero sirve y se ríe mucho. Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: Muy útil, arriesgado y muy divertido si es con amigos o en un chat de voz, cada grito cuando aparece al instante es muy bueno jajaja. Modo fantasma: No me gusta usarlo, pero es divertido de vez en cuando, le di esa calificación debido a su riesgo, a pesar de que hace bien su trabajo ... es muy obvio y arriesgado. Curación instantánea: Muy bueno, útil y algo arriesgado de usar, bien usado es increíble. 100% de escapar del gancho: El nombre lo dice todo. ❤️ Aimbot para la linterna: Cumple su función, no hay mucho que decir. Precio por el hack: Aunque el truco es muy bueno, sigo sintiendo que es demasiado alto para lo que ofrece, sus herramientas son buenas y variadas, cómodas y un poco de todo, pero el juego ya es caro con todo lo que pide, parece un poco alto el precio del hack. Y eso fue todo lo que puedo aportar, espero que te sirva y te motive a comprarlo, es muy bueno y si vale la pena, incluso si el precio es un poco alto.
  2. My overall impression on the apex cheese after 24 hours of playtime Aimbot Rating=9.5/10 Pro's The lock on works well on targets while also being able to swiftly switch between targets. The FOV (Field Of View) works very well with the aimbot once you have tweaked it and tailored it to how you like it. The Visibility feature is a handy to not lock on to targets not visible on the battlefield and target ones that are which prevents the unneeded waste of ammo . The Smoothing feature is also really useful as it works in harmony with the aimbot and allows you to tweak how aggressive the lock on to targets is . Con's The Prediction works well with most guns but DMR'S/Sniper Rifles not so much i feel like it's a little slow while sniping a moving target. Visuals Rating=9.5/10 Pro's The Health and shield feature is really well done accurately tracks their health points on both very well. The Spectator tracker is a nice touch easier to keep tabs on when you're being watched when you aren't going full rage mode. The Glow & Fade out options are a must as it gives you a nice silhouette when aiming through different obstacles watching the facing position. The Distance option allows you to tailor how far you want to see targets as well as see exactly how close a target is in meters. Con's The Box option doesn't seem to work well with other visuals and seems to use unneeded resources causing lag (Which is understandable with it being in beta) Overall Rating=9.5/10 In the cheese's current state and with it being in the beta i phase i would say already it is professionally built and undoubtedly undetected and safe for the user and showcases many features which for the most part work very well and already say this cheese is like a fine wine it is definitely going to get better with time with many new features making the users experience better and more prestigious as a cheese I look forward to following the progress made on this cheese! I Highly Recommend this cheese without a doubt in my mind! - Reece_MC
  3. My experience as a survivor main, I never used it on killer because i don't find it as fun as playing legit as a killer. -ESP: first days were not worked well... but now its completely functional and you can turn on an off every single entity like Lockers and chests which i don't use Miscs: -Insta heal: if you use it for raging the killer he will DC 80% of the times(you can use it to play legit too, i normally wait 20 seconds before insta healing) -SpeedFood: I would use it for raging mostly... works well but i don't use it much. -Hook escape: you have to check the box after getting hook .. if you are getting camp you can just use it before getting into second state and DS the killer(for legit playing is excellent) -Ghostmode: you can trick the killer so many times with this ... but i would use it more for raging personally.
  4. Hello all. I've been a member of Chod's since the beginning of this year, and ever since then, I've been jumping on and off of Escape from Tarkov with cheese. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the services, both in game as well as the customer service here. Even the forum chat consists of other friendly cheesers who would help each other out in terms of minor issues. You certainly don't see that with any other service. Below is a detailed review of the EFT cheese, most of which I use, although there are a few that I personally don't use. 1) Aimbot 10/10 When I first started using this, there were a few issues with it. Sometimes the snapping would be all over the place, or it just doesn't work. It's different now,. however. Much improved, and for the past recent months, I haven't had a single problem with it at all. - Silent Aim 10/10 - By far my most favorite option to use, as sometimes the snapping can be annoying. It also makes it look like you are playing legit. - No breath/no sway 10/10 - I used to have these enabled back then when Silent Aim wasn't implemented yet. It increased my chances of survival, especially when fighting against other cheesers. I don't use it now that Silent Aim is implemented because I personally don't think it matters when the bullets are flying in their own direction lol - No recoil 10/10 - Like the no breath/no sway options, I used to enable 100% removal before Silent Aim. Now I only remove 50% to make it look more legit. - FOV Slider -/10 - Never used this. I enjoy the vanilla FOV - Aimbot Slider 10/10 - I always keep it at 100%. * Excluding friends from Aimbot 8/10 - I hate giving a rating that's not 10/10, but I have to admit that it gets pretty tedious to have to exclude every friend that you play with at the start of each match. I'd have to make a BS excuse ("Hold on, I'm stuttering like crazy", or "Still loading for some reason") before we head out LOL but now with Silent Aim (again, by far THE best thing to this service), I don't exclude them anymore since I don't have to worry about snapping to them every time they're in my sights. I just hope they don't run in front of me when I'm shooting 2) ESP 10/10 - Player ESP 10/10 -Usually when I play solo, I'd have player ESP enabled. The main options that I would enable are weapons and helmet (sometimes armor). That way I know what I'm up against, yet it's simple enough to not cover half my screen with colorful words everywhere LOL I never use the options that let you see the contents in their pockets, backpacks, etc because I still find it exciting to search and loot rare weapons and equipment instead of just seeing where they are in the match. As for the player itself, I only enable the skeleton and draw look line. Again, that way it doesn't cluster my screen with too many things, and keeps it simple. A lot of people use the Wallhack, but I personally have never used it. - Loot ESP 9/10 - Back then, the only thing that I would enable are for rare things, such as Bitcoin, M4s, etc. Now I only use it to find Player Inventory (dead bodies). ***Recently, it hasn't been working for me for some reason. I'd enable it, then add Player Inventory to my list, but nothing shows up. So custom list might be broken. Not sure as of today though, I haven't used Loot ESP for a while as going around and searching for loot seems more exciting. Never NOT use custom filter because it will flood your screen. 3) Misc 10/10 - Night/day Mode -/10 - I have personally never used this at all. Like I have never even tested it out to see what it was like LOL - No Visor 10/10 - This was initially a little bit confusing to use. I finally now understand that in order for it to work, you must have your visor down (enabled) before loading into a match. It says that you can re-join match, so I assume if you activate the visor in-raid, you would need to leave and then re-join. Easiest way is to just have it down (enabled) before going into a match. - Auto-Unlocker 10/10 - I love this. No more having to carry a keytool with you everywhere. No more having to worry about missing out on good loot because you forgot or brought the wrong keys. Doesn;t work with keycarded doors though, sadly. Hopefully this is implemented soon! - Ammo Counter 5/10 - I don't use this because half the time, it's not accurate. I know I have full mags, or sometimes I load bullets into a mag until it becomes full, yet the ammo counter for some reason doesn't seem to sync with that. So I just don't use it at all. - Speedboost 10/10 - CAUTION. Using this will definitely make it obvious that you are a cheeser. The only reason I would use this is when I know that a map is empty (Player ESP), and my extract is far away, so I only use to extract. 4) Menu Accessibility 10/10 - Watermark Removal 10/10 - When I'm playing and have some friends over, this helps so that nothing on my screen shows that I'm cheesing. - Preset Config Saving/Loading 10/10 - Saves so much time instead of having to manually enable/disable everything you want. I have a preset for when I have people over and I don't want it to look like I'm cheesing. Overall, I am very satisfied with this service. Chod also offers discounts the longer your subscription is, and every time they have down time, you will be compensated for it. I will be happily renewing in the future.
  5. Sup everyone! So, i've been using this Cheat for a few Games and I have to say, its amazing so I thought i'd let you Guys know with a short Review. Features Player ESP: Not much to say about this one, it does what it should and works perfectly fine. It has some troubles Detecting Enemys Heads as Visible when behind some Walls but other than that, perfect. Item ESP: Same as the Player ESP, works perfectly fine. Needs some Settings to be done from the Player itself since otherwise the whole Screen would be full of Items showing up. But its awesome and super easy to find what you need with it. Sound ESP: I havent gotten this thing to work as of right now, or I just didnt notice yet that it does. Will Edit my Review as soon as I managed to find out how it works. ESP Overall: Great Features, especially the "Inventory" Part where you can see what the Enemy Player has in his Inventory, helps a lot to decide wether to go for the Guy and kill him or spare his life and look for a better Victim. Rating for the ESP: 10/10 Aimbot: The Aimbot is super awesome and works flawlessly. The Customization is awesome, super accurate. Especially the Silent Aim Part is perfect for "Legit" play. No sway / No breath is awesome, yet I think its a bit obvious I dont have those Features on all the time. What I like is the No Recoil Slider where you can adjust how much % you want to Recoil to be gone, awesome! It has everything what an Aimbot should have, and works the way an Aimbot should work, great work. Rating for the Aimbot: 10/10 Misc Features: I havent really used alot of the Misc Features so im just going to talk about those that I have used and ignore the others for now. Auto Unlocker: In my opinion, one of the best Features for Tarkov. No more closed Doors, works perfectly fine. Ammo Counter: Simple, yet effective. Its nice to know how much Bullets you have in your Weapon, great Feature. Speedhack: Used it yesterday, wouldnt recommend putting the Speed to high, but at lower Rates its nice. Rating for Misc Features: 10/10 2. Security Cant really say much about this one so far, but as of right now it looks good. As far as I know, the Cheat / Loader automatically detects changes to their AC and Disables the Cheat on its own (not sure if thats true or not, atleast thats what I heard by now). If it is like this, I dont think I have to be scared to get Banned by a Detection, yet Bans happen and even the best get caught at some Point. As of right now I havent had any Problems and based on other Reviews you guys have some decent Security. Rating for Security: --- I leave this blank for now and will Update the Review when I used the Cheat a bit longer. 3. Price 18.99 GBP per month for a Cheat like this is nothing. Super fair price, nothing else to say about this! Thanks for the oportunity to have such an awesome Cheat, im looking forward to be using it for a long time! Cheers Globii
  6. RR Testimonial Thank goodness, a good hack for realm royale AIM - 10/10 If you know how to configure the aimbot is very great ESP - 08/10 the ESP works fantastically, but its simple - i particularly liked HAHA SECURITY - 10/10 i can safely say CC is the best provider for secure cheats, ITS AMAZING OVERALL - 100/10 HAHAHA Overall the entire cheat was excellent i would highly i recommend 👍
  7. Review Keep in mind, opinions are purely based on my own experiences with CC for EFT. Positive and negative aspects of the cheat are purely said in neutrality, and does not neccecarily reflect nor apply to/for others. General: In general, the cheat works as expected. Their system of anti-detection seems to be updated regularly. CCUI/CCmenu is more than simple enough for people to understand. Includes a variation of options for one to play around with. Forum is active and very friendly. CCstaff are also very supportive and in general, very decent and understandeble. Negative points, mostly fall towards neutral/positive and are seperated in categorys to be used as suggestions for future builds. Positive: Simple, yet advanced. Great rate of undetection. Very good support. Safe mode. Great community. Neutral: Fair amount of downtime. Not to be complained about as it is always compensated for. Most of the downtime probably reflects back on safety issues regarding detection. Some is also caused by private matters, which is certainly allowed. One can't be best all day every day can one now? 😎 Wallhack is fully functionable, but messy at times when one also uses it as a loot finder. Negative: Not able to run old builds of cheat if cheat is disabled. (could be policy related afaik). Some lack of customization options regarding aimbot. Smoothness Locks onto EFT friends (This option exists) Locks no matter what distance. (could maybe be regulated at same distance as WH) Price is a bit steep. Conclusion: Overall both the cheat, and the community does have a very 'well done' feeling to it. The biggest piece I personally find missing is more to be picky about, but hey; that's probably a positive thing, innit? 👨‍🎓 Please comment as I certainly think I forgot something I would agree on. Also feel free to correct me. Have not played around with all settings yet. -- Best Regards, IW
  8. Been a almost a month since I've had these new enhanced gaming set of skills my saviour Chod has released to us. This has been one of the best cheats I've seen to date in Chods website and I am confident to say that even though I haven't tried the others they are just as good or better. What's best about Chods is the pricing and down time of the cheat it's not like other providers which charge an insane price for their bad product but Chods is not only a much lower priced but Chod makes sure his product is the best quality out there.
  9. After one month I decided make a honest review so here we go: Interface: Very well designed and user friendly, my only complaint is custom loot filter overlays main menu and you might click on main menu. Overall 9.5/10 Miscellaneous Options: Especially Long Arm and No Visor is pretty useful. Sky hack and Night Vision are cool features. Loot through walls doesn't work sometimes, and doors you close open immediately. Overall 9/10 Aimbot: Ok I'll be honest, most of the time it bugs you out, doesn't shoot exactly at the head or which part you choose. When you arrange the aimbot range, it still locks on targets over 300m, With high zoom optics, mostly it won't work. It's not really reliable I have to use it on short ranges. Overall: 6/10 ESP: Well most basic and mandatory feature but having ability to see armor and weapon is really critical to plan your movement. It's really well designed and customizable colours are cool, Draw Look direction is my favourite. Overall: 10/10 Loot Filters: I don't know if it's possible to see a full list of items at main menu so you can make custom filter before entering raid instead of manually typing and search for it when you in raid, but it does the work so I can't blame, Ability to save custom loot filters will be nice becasue everytime I relogin, they are gone. Overall: 8/10 No Recoil / No Spread /Auto Unlock: Well I don't use them since they are not in safe mode only tried once when vs Killa but it works as intentend. Auto Unlock is nice feature but most of the people say it's too risky, a detailed reason from Chod or other admins might clear some questions since it's re added. Overall: 9/10 Uptime: Well my longest downtime is like 3 days and I get compensated for it so I can't argue but more codders (if there is no trust or financial issues from Chod) will be nice. Tbh I would wait 3-4 days instead of getting banned but; don't get me wrong since we are buying product I'd expect quick response too. Overall: 7/10 Staff: Well I am suprised that they are generally online and answer tickets quickly. (Some users complain about HWID reset time but I can't say anything about it) Overall: 9/10 Requests: Well aimbot feature still need lots of tweaking so I'll leave that. Infinite stamina will be nice if it's safe to use. My Personal Opinion: Well I've never used other providers' products so I can't really compare Chod vs xxx. Community is really helpful and you can get English answers lol. I don't have any technical knowledge about anti cheat systems and maybe it's too early to talk (I am only using it for 1month 186 hours 7.5 K/D %60 S/R) but Chod makes me feel most safe, So I guess I'll resub again in the future 😃 My Final Ranking : 8.4/10
  10. DISCLAIMER: I have used this EFT Cheat for well over 400 hours. Of these 400 hours, I have not yet experienced a ban. Furthermore, if you are banned it is because of your actions/abuse, most likely not Chods. GUI: Unlike some other cheat provider; Chods EFT Cheat provided a well designed and user-friendly interface. Everything is well organized and easy to understand/locate. It is pushed even further with nice customization options. GUI Ranking - 8.5/10 ESP: I must admit, I was extremely impressed by the vast options and use the esp gives you; you could probably spend 30 minutes or more just fine-tuning it to your liking. It is very well done and works almost flawlessly. I will get into the details of the various features of ESP individually. ESP-Players: You can easily customize what you can see regarding players, loot, skeleton, even what they are wearing such as armor and weapons allowing you to plan for any scenario you may encounter combating this player. You can also see distances allowing you to easily plan and possibly zero you sights correctly if combating from a distance. ESP-Loot: Once again you are given many customization options and filters to decide what loot you want to see and find, including a distance filter in order to see objects in a close or far radius. I will admit to being overwhelmed by the amount of loot on my screen at times, but tweaking the settings can fix this problem. ESP-Other Features: You can also see the extract locations, a very useful and helpful feature that has helped me memorize the extract locations of most maps. (Thanks Chod.) ESP Ranking - 9/10 Aimbot: Aimbot is an extremely important feature to many, and it was to me when I first started and trust me; you will once again be impressed. Aimbot has many custom options and works very well. (Especially with the Mosin) Aimbot Ranking 9/10 Miscellaneous Features: There are a few miscellaneous features that I would like to get into, but I will admit to only using the skyhack or night vision in specific scenarios and have little experience using them. Skyhack: This extra feature allows you to change the time of day. Playing at night? Make it day (Client-side of course.). This works very well and gives you a significant edge. No Visor: Allows you to use a visor without actually seeing it giving you the full use of your eyes. Have used in the past and can't complain. Night Vision: Gives you night vision without actually have NVG. Works well, can't complain. Miscellaneous Features Ranking 9/10 Uptime: For the most part, the EFT is online and working. While there have been times where the cheat spends multiple days down I can't complain. I have never been banned and never had issues and that's due to the high Effort chod and his staff put into making these cheats work and undetectable. Uptime Ranking 7/10 Complaints/Bugs: I can't lie, with all good things come the bad; some more than others. But this is not the case, the good definitely outweighs the bad I still feel obligated to inform potential buyers. Aimbot Bug: A well known yet very rare bug. (1/30 Chance.) Sometimes instead of locking onto the targeted spot, it will instead sping you almost 90 Degrees to the left. Restarting the game and cheat will always fix this. Annoying but you can live with it as it is a rare chance. ESP/Cheat Not Working: This started happening recently but thankfully I believe I found the problem. Sometimes when you join a raid you will notice ESP doesn't work and aimbot, this is caused by joining a raid and before you load in clicking back to cancel joining the raid. This will break it. So avoid backing out of raids if possible. Downtime: This cheat experiences downtime while it is being updated and checked to ensure you will not receive a ban. Sometimes it is down for multiple days which sucks but is completely understandable. Another issue is the lack of information regarding the downtime and you will not be given an ETA which is something Chods has stated. Again sucks but its understandable. Downtime is redeemed since Chod will not charge you for days the cheat is spent down. If its down for 5 days, you get those 5 days back. My Personal Opinion: Chods Cheats offer cheats at an almost unprecedented level of quality. I have used EFT and CS:Go and both times I was vastly impressed. You pay high, for high-quality cheats. My only issue is the terrible exchange rate I have from the pound to CAD. In the end, I Highly Recommend this cheat to any potential buyers. It offers high-quality cheats, with high-level security. If you have questions/concerns feel free to message me. Overall Ranking is 9/10. My thanks and well done to Chod and the staff team for keeping this cheats at a high level of quality and maintaining a good community.
  11. I have used this cheat for like 20 hours and my experience using it was somewhere from meh to terrible. ESP - too simple - No colors to choose from only red for esp box and white for guns and names. ESP was always laggy and most off the time completely off (I guess that can have something to do with my cpu but this is my experience with the cheat so that doesnt matter anyway) and it doesnt work with scopes. Aimbot - I hate it - Most of the time my aim was off and after first shot it usually started jumping (not talking 'bout recoil).I couldnt even track running enemies with it.. it always jumped behind them. Overall i had a terrible time using these cheats which was kind of a surprise since i was super satisfied with the EFT cheat. Judging from the other reviews im the only one having these issues which is sad but i cant do anything with it.I hope Chod and the whole Chod's cheats crew fix this (if it isnt a problem on my side).BTW i know this cheat is pretty knew so the limited options make sense. And im kinda sad how this worked out since i know you are probably the best providers out there :).
  12. (hope i posted this in the right place lol) My review of this will be on the cheese itself. I have used other sites and have been met with multiple bans, these sites will not be named as i believe this site is the way to go. I have decided to submit a review of the EFT cheese after almost 4 months as at first i was skeptical with this product . Now as far as the cheese itself goes, its about everything you could ask for and i have been pretty happy with the results, ESP and AB work just fine, Multiple features within to adjust you configs. There are also new features that arrive and features that are unsafe that get taken down. Although there may be other cheeses out there Chods has been doing a great job with being undetected and disabling before detection. Yes there are down times but being compensated for the down time, to me makes up for that. I AM NOT PAYING FOR A CHEESE, I AM PAYING FOR BEING UNDETECTED. That is the way I have been viewing it, so all in all if you are looking for a nice cheese with good customer support and for undetection then Chods is the way to go. As far as customer support goes, Submitting a ticket after becoming a supporter i was met with some issues that led me being unable to use the cheese. I received a reply and my problem was fixed within 1 day. There are bugs that occur from time to time but they have been doing a decent job at fixing them. For the price of the cheese this is the way to go in my opinion as of today; AND as of today i have gone 5 months without detection. MY REVIEW AS OF 01/28/2019: (no ban after 4 months) -CHEESE: 8/10 -CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 8/10 -DETECTION STATUS: 10/10 *REVIEW: 8.6/10 SUMMARY: Great product, Compensated downtime , Good customer support and well worth the money. RECOMMENDATION: Yes I would recommend this product, be smart with your product though as THERE IS ALWAYS A RISK. TIPS: Patience is the key, Forums is a great place to chat with others HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!!!
  13. Hey guys welcome back to a braaaaaand new cheese review! I have had the cheese for a couple months now. Yea the cheese has been down at some unconvient times, but its a reason to. Either you guys get banned or you dont get accsess to the cheese for your own safety. Chods has been nice and quick at fixing stuff when there has been bugs or new updates. And I am still not banned, all though I have kept the cheese on the low and sticking to ESP only. The ESP is really the only stuff I have been using. It works fine imo, lots of personalization and the custom filter is amazing. My only complaint is that you cant save the Custom Filter AFAIK. Support is nice 9/10 Cheese features 9/10 Detection 10/10
  14. I've been using EFT cheese for long enough that I feel confident to give my review of the service. First of all, this is the first time I've used a cheat, and EFT is the only game I have a sub with... so I don't have a ton to compare it to. What I would expect out of a cheat is reliability, consistency, and safety. I'd say Chod's is top tier with all 3. Visuals - The visual hacks work reliably more than 90% of the time. Every now and then I will load into a raid and none of the visuals will show... but the few times that happened it was after extended use and is fixed as soon as I re-inject/reload the game. The fact that there is so much information I can potentially have displayed and configured to my preference is great. Range, gear, player options, colors, it's all there for you to customize to get the most out of your play session. I also can't believe how deep the options are for loot. If you are looking for something particular in a raid, and that item is somewhere on the map, you will find it. Performance - I can't speak for every feature, but the ones I use work without issue. Aimbot, no-recoil, no sway, it's all fantastic. I also like the ability to hotkey these so I can use them only when needed, and prevents me from accidentally snapping onto teammates or when I'm not trying to engage. My only gripe is that it would be nice to be able to hotkey multiple features to the same hotkey. For instance, no-recoil and no sway hotkeyed to the same button so they both activate at the same time. Service - Chods seems to be backed by a very dedicated mod team that respond to tickets incredibly fast, and handle them very professionally. They also seem to prioritize user safety and are constantly updating their services to make sure they are 1 step ahead. If you are on the fence I'd say Chods priority to safety should be the deciding factor. My Setup - I typically will just run ESP/ visuals. I have it set to 250m and it's active for both players and Scavs. In rare instances I will use either no recoil or Aimbot. I have Aimbot hotkeyed to Mouse3 and no recoil hot keyed to "Backspace". This is so I only activate them when needed, usually for scavs. My aimbot FOV I have set incredibly low, and speed I leave at default. I also have a loot filter which I have set to only show misc items, weapons, keys, and gear. I turned off medical items, ammo, drinks, etc to de-clutter the screen. I also have it set to show the contents of containers only when I hover my mouse over them. Loot I have hotkeyed to "L". I end up looking at my gun each time I turn it on and off but i don't mind! It's easy to remember and usually the guns I'm rocking are cool enough to check out 10 or so times each raid lol. Overall thoughts - It's got to be one of the best, if not the best options out there. It's a reliable and feature rich provider with a top notch staff/support team. You really can't go wrong. My ONLY pieces of criticism are the inability to both hotkey multiple actions to one button as well as save preferences. You have a system with a TON of options but it forgets them every time you inject. Even with these two incredibly minor gripes I consider myself very impressed with Chod's Cheats.
  15. So here's my Cheat Review on the hard discussed Paladins cheat. Below you can see all champs / how it worked with them. It will be updated trough time. Good >7 OK 4-6 Bad <4 Aimbot 7/10 The aimbot is good. You are able choose your aim speed, and the fov. I used this as an small aim assist (FOV 5), it is a bit laggy but it does it's job. It's sad to not see aim-prediction, smoothness and vischeck. Now there's a huge problem with the aimbot, if you lock onto someone, and another enemy walks by the other one, the aimbot might lock on the other one. The same problem happends with the Payload. The aimbot locks at the Payload and deployables. This aimbot doesnt work at invisible champs, it doesnt hit the invisible champ. ESP 5/10 I not a fan of ESP's but here's my opinion after little times. The ESP overall is OK, you are able to see the enemies health & box you're looking at. Sometimes the helth bar was not right and the enemy is on full health... that caused some angry moments for me while playing 🤣 The biggest problems are invible champs, the boxes are never on point. Also its very laggy, you cant trust the boxes if youre an agile champ / agile aimer. Security 3/10 The first time i heard about chod's was 3 or 2 years ago. While a big ban wave on csgo happend. Everyone talked about chod's being one of the safest. I sadly can't confirm that. The cheat has been updating for 1 week straight. After 2 days after-update, the first ban reports happen already. The game once also showed me this: "EAC violation detected." Today a friend of mine got banned and the status right now (16th dec. 18) is: "Online/Unkown". This kinda makes me feel like this is a complete scam right here on chod's. This should be no hate and i know how much work & time you need to produce some good working software (im an IT-specialist, not good at coding). Support 11/10 The supportr on here is just gorgeus, they respond quick and helpful. Obvious 11/10. Special thanks to: @Nijo @CantThinkOfName @Luminosity @Dexter Full Champion List & Compatibility Frontliners Ash: Aimbot - 3/10, i recommend using it with the legendary card "Slug Shot". With Slugshot - 6/10 ESP - 7/10, works fine. only if you charge it gets buggy/laggy. Barik: Aimbot - 7/10, i recommend using the legendary "Tinkerin" (also Slugshot) ESP - 6/10 Fernando: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - 4/10 Inara: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Khan: Aimbot - 8/10 ESP - 4/10 Makoa: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - 6/10 Ruckus: Aimbot - 9/10 , one of the best. ESP - 8/10, due to less mobility, this champ has good compatibility Terminus: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Torvald: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Damage The higher the mobility, the more laggy the cheat is. Bomb King: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Cassie: Aimbot - 7/10, due to firing projectiles you need to help with that ^^ ESP - 3/10 Drede: Aimbot - 0/10 , i recommend the legendary card "Hurl" 8/10 ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Drogoz: Aimbot - ?/? , not tested yet ESP - 3/10 Kinessa: Aimbot - 11/10 , don't fuck with nessa on aimbot bro, turn off speed to flick their asses ESP - 9/10, it's god Lian: Aimbot - 9/10 ESP - 4/10 Sha-Lin: Aimbot - 8/10 , Snipers are god ESP - 2/10, just doesnt work well when you turn invisible! Strix: Aimbot - 9/10 , Snipers are god ESP - 2/10, just doesnt work well when you turn invisible! Tyra: Aimbot - 7/10 ESP - 5/10 Viktor: Aimbot - 7/10, pretty much the same as Tyra ESP - 5/10 Vvian: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Willo: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Support Not been tested yet! Flanks The higher the mobility, the more laggy the cheat is. Androxus: Aimbot - 7/10, it's so much fun playing with my main + aim assistance ESP - 1/10, high mobility = bad & laggy ESP Buck: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Evie: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - 2/10 , high mobility = bad & laggy ESP Koga: Aimbot - 8/10 ESP - 2/10 , high mobility = bad & laggy ESP Lex: Aimbot - 8/10 ESP - 4/10 Maeve: Aimbot - ?/? ESP - 2/10 , high mobility = bad & laggy ESP Moji: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Skye: Aimbot - 9/10, get it together man, fear me ESP - 0/10, doesn't work at all when invisible, its very laggy and not on point. Talus: Aimbot - 7/10 ESP - ?/?, not tested yet Zhin: Aimbot - ?/?, not tested yet ESP - 2/10, high mobility = bad & laggy ESP Over & Out, Ya boi gamenox
  16. Hey With years of experience using hacks in many games this is my review after couple days/hours with the hack, and I tried EFT hacks from 2 different providers. -Performance: - 1440p, i7 6700K, GTX 1080, 16GB ddr4 Ram and SSD - I get a hit, maybe 20% nothing game breaking for me. 80-90 fps without hack & around 60fps with the hack on ULTRA. - ESP 9/10: Positive - Accurate - clean, you can mod the colors etc - surprise....ESP shows items in backpack and boxes/crates. "Negative" - I only found one thing to add, that I can see dead corpses names in order to know player corpses and loot them faster. - Aimbot 10/10: Positive - Accurate, you can choose between head and chest....while aimboting i turn around my mouse in order to hit leg, arms stomach etc in order to be more "legit" - Instakill, well one shot one bullet one life Perfect - No Recoil, No Breath, No Spread work like a charme. - No Silentaim maybe for the security reasons "Negative" - nothing - Hack Launcher 10/10: - Launcher: The way it work it gaves a sentiment of security since you pull out your USB before launching the game/game launcher. - Security: There is an unique build server that is running 24h and update the footprint every 30min, it's not 100% safe but it's as close as it can be. - Negative: - I can't complain I tried 2 EFT hacks from other providers...they always claim it's Undetected and it's us costumers fault that we get banned, even if you only use ESP and play as legit as you can get. They claim that devs is monitoring your movement and "watching you", the way servers is struggling i doubt that.....and Chod's EFT hack is miles ahead. I really want to tell you not to buy this cheat and be selfish cuz I don't want to encounter you in EFT, but to be honest. BUY THIS CHEAT it's awesome I only wanted to subscribe to EFT hack on this site, but man i was this is my future to go cheating site I hope
  17. Hello, and thanks for looking at my review! Today I will be giving my feedback on the Cheat for Escape From Tarkov. Overall, I would rate the cheat 8.5/10. Player ESP/Loot ESP [9/10] The loot ESP works just fine, along with the Player ESP. Someones the Skeletons glitch out, but that doesn't really bother me. Loot ESP can be a disaster if you don't make a filter, which is what I did after a couple of really bad runs on Interchange. AutoUnlock [9/10] The auto unlocker works pretty well! It takes a second to unlock, but that doesn't matter. I've pulled about 5 Kiba Runs with no problems, besides players. I would recommend bringing an Attack 2 / Pilgrim or TriZip if your planning to run to Kiba because there's a lot of shit in Kiba. Marked Room was fun, I now have 2 Keytools so I don't have bags full of keys now! Thanks, Chods for adding this wonderful feature in. Aimbot [6/10] I've been having trouble with the Aimbot lately when it locks onto someone. Usually, it will lock onto the player, but I've been having errors where the Aimbot flies far LEFT of the target and makes it almost impossible for me to shoot them with it, to the point to where I'm not running with it in anymore. The no sway, and all the other stuff works fine, but I don't use auto shoot. Skyhack [8/10] The Skyhack works really well when needed, like when I run Factory at night, I've been swiping a lot of night vision goggles lately, so my stash is filled with cash! OVERALL I would rate Chods Cheats an 8/10 because of the errors with the aimbot. The 8.5/10 might change depending on how the AutoUnlock works when the cheat is back up. Thanks for reading my review, feel free to leave comments and other stuff. :]
  18. Well I've played the EFT cheat for a few weeks now and I guess its time to review it. That being said Ive never used hacks before and this is the first Ive used so bear that in mind. To get started I'd like to address that the wallhack is amazing for this game. It tells the equipment the person has and their hp left. 10/10 on the wallhack I cant think of a way to improve it. The aimbot however could use some improvement. I have had random games where when the aimbot targets people it will aim straight into the sky. This has effectively gotten me killed numerous times. This however doesnt happen regularly and most of the times the aimbot doesnt suffer from this. However if someone is behind a chain link fence or window you can kiss aimbot goodbye as it will not aim at people behind fences and windows. I give the aimbot a 8/10. There have been multiple features from the cheese that has been revoked recently be it for security purposes or to keep people from raging through the game. I am happy that these rage features have been removed as it makes the cheese less obvious. However I do miss the speed hack but understand that its safer just to not have it at all. The teleport functions are down right now as well so I dont really have an opinion on them. Overall I think this cheese is a solid 9/10. Its easy to learn and fun to use. Thanks chod for your hardwork and dedication.
  19. Hello im Tom from Germany (°^°)/ I looked at many...many cheat sites... i mean like aaaaa lot of cheat sites. .. and I have to say YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! 1. YOU GUYS HAVE SUCH A USER FRIENDLY SITE! it looks awsome! easy to maneuver around ! 2. YOUR CHEAT MENU ! HOLLY SHIT! ITS SO GOOD! again very very user friendly. and they layout i love it! 3. The main thing. the cheats/hacks. ...the quallity of youre cheats/hacks is just urgh wonderfull! updates.! almost never detected or not even once ! you make shure we are 110% save from getting banned. 4. support... and community! .. the support and how much u care about youre costumers to use the cheats/hacks save is great! hack might be detected? ...let us put it down to be shure. ..and give u the time back you could not use it ! (had many sites that dont do that ..)..really happy to found this site.. 5. Selection. thats the only negativ thing i have to say.. but i cant blame you guys rly for that . you guys dont have much cheats but the ones u have are like the highest quallity you can have ! Better quality than quantity! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR BEING SO AWESOME ! KEEP CALM AND CHEAT ON
  20. After using this mod since January i can say it is very efficient, the wall hacks are always correct, and being able to see the loot is amazing, one down fall is and its very minor is sometimes if you load up the aimbot isn't right it goes to the top right of the box so it doesn't hit the person, so if you find this out lay in a bush restart and its fine. All in all i give this cheat a 9/10 support is good and haven't been banned yet like i have been using other cheats before CHODS.
  21. Review after 2 months of using Chod's cheat for Counter Strike GO. 1_Rage : 9/10 Rage aim bot is very g00d to c0mpete against other p2c and m0st privates/pastes out there. With all the features y0u have available its very easy to make y0urself a pretty decent hvh/rage config. 2_SkinChanger : 10/10 3_Menu : 10/10 Very intuitive setup 4_Trigger Bot : 10/10 Easy to set up and has huge amount of options that allow you to play very legit with it. Security : 10/10 5_Legit : 9/10 I really l0ve the legit b0t that is available atm. its very c0nfusing at the beginning but if you set it up right its awesome. What i w0uld love to see is legit backtracking on the next update. 6_Visuals : 10/10
  22. (100th post woohoo!) I'm not one to write reviews on anything really but I have decided to write one. Over the past 99 posts, the one thing that astonishes me is the community. I have never seen a cheating site have such an active and respectful community around it. Most of the cheating community is toxic, Chods Cheats, however, is not. The staff here are amazing, they are extremely active, respectful and understandable. The administrators here do an amazing job at being active themselves despite all they must be working on and Chod, he puts so much time and dedication into his company that it amazes me that people complain when a cheat is down for a weekend or 2. I found Chods Cheats through a simple google of "EFT Cheats" during a conversation I and my friend were having about how bad the cheating is in this game, and knowing that there isn't an anti-cheat and the only way that I could get banned is manual I decided to give it a go and I have to say, the cheat is extremely developed for just a game in beta. The menu even though looks like its being used across all cheats (why change/fix what isnt broken though right?) is amazing and the number of features is just absurd. The aimbot is extremely configurable and the friend's list add-on is an amazing edition, it has saved me from killing so many of my friends that still don't know I'm cheating. The custom filter ESP has gotten me through so many tasks that I don't know what I would do without it. I'm not going to go through every feature and tell you why I like it, because I think you guys get the point. Overall Chod's Cheat's as a whole is an amazing place to be if you like to cheat in video games and have a good community to discuss such thing with. TL;DR - Amazing community, staff and cheat.
  23. First thing to say - Chod's cheese can make other players life miserable. Seriously. But no rush, let's take closer look at it. 1 thousands of settings let you adjust colors, position and transparency for radar, ingame chatbox, EsP. You can even set the distance for radar to show players or loot. It only takes time to find setting You want (or use somebody else config) 10 of 10 2 ESP is crazy... It can kill your FPS showing way too much or highlight only the things You really need thanks to custom filter option (loot) and other 20 checkboxes like "show player weapon, health, distance". Again, choose what You want to see. 10 of 10 3 Aimbot... Well... I'm not really using it, but You can if You want. Aimbot can be set to aim for any part of player's (or scav's) body - head, chest, pelvis... Yeah, choose pelvis! Having too much headshots can attract unwanted attention from devs. Aimbot is good. Not perfect for moving target, but good. Bind any button to turn it ON or OFF if You want. Yes, every option Chod's Cheat has can be binded. Too many loot on radar blocking players marks? Turn loot OFF with a key! aimbot 8 of 10 key binding 10 4 making other player's life miserable... most of this features are under UNSAFE MOD... by turning it ON (well actually You turn SAFE MOD OFF) You get teleport behind player back, teleport nade to target, teleport yourself when some fairplay guy aiming You or simple speed hack... and many more options that mostly attract dev's attention... up to You... Night Vision or Day time (sky hack) are the best and safe to use 10 of 10 5 console commands... no rating for this. there are some commands, but only Chod knows the full list 6 Chod... I mean support team and Chod... They doing great job. Yes, it takes time to update cheat itself when EfT devs roll out their AC updates, but we get compensated, right? And we get SAFE, undetected cheat to use. And if You got banned - it was Your own RAGE style of playing and Your own mistake. 10 of 10 no doubt 7 new features and bugs... that's what i like. Chod has many ideas in his head looks like and You can give him some too! But new introduced features not always work the way they supposed to. And they get fixed in no time. Like that nade teleport we just got. No rating here too. I just like it So... 10 of 10 overall... aimbot will be fixed one day Peace, and use CC wisely, cya in my scope Now the same in russian Первое, что хочется сказать - Чод Чит может сделать жизнь других игроков жалкой. Вполне серьезно. Но давайте не спеша пройдемся по нему. 1 Тысячи настроек, позволяющие выбрать цвета, позицию и прозрачность радара, внутриигрового чата, ESP. Можно даже настроить дальность подсветки игроков и лута. Немного времени, чтобы подстроить все это под себя или можно просто использовать настройки других пользователей 10 из 10 2 ESP просто отпад... Он может убить FpS показывая слишком много, или же подсвечивать только то, что вам действительно важно, благодаря настраиваемому фильтру для лута и порядка 20 чекбоксов типа "показывать оружие игрока, дистанцию, здоровье". Опять же - настройте под себя 10 из 10 3 Aimbot... Ну что сказать, я его практически не использую, но я же не вы, так что рассмотрим и его. Aimbot умеет целиться в любую часть тела противника, в голову, в грудь, в пах. Советую настраивать на нижнюю часть - слишком много попаданий в голову может привлечь нежелательное внимание разрабов. Вообще бот хороший, не совершенный, если цель двигается, так что просто хороший. Забейте клавишу чтобы включать и выключать его по надобности. И да, каждая фича в ЧЧ может быть забита на кнопку. Радар показывает слишком много маркеров лута и не видно маркеров игроков? Просто отключите лут на время всего одной кнопкой! aimbot 8 of 10 назначение клавиш 10 4 усложняем жизнь другим игрокам... Большинство этих фич находятся в разделе НЕБЕЗОПАСНЫХ. Включив этот режим (вернее отключив БЕЗОПАСНЫЙ) вы получите : телепорт за спину игрока, телепортировать гранату врагу в карман, телепортировать себя из прицела какого-нибудь ЧЕСТНОГО игрока, ну и тот же самый обычный спидхак, а так же много всего другого, что скорее всего привлечет к вам внимание разрабов игры... решать вам... и удачи ночные очки или изменение времени дня (цвета неба) лучший и самый безопасный выбор из тех, что тут есть 10 из 10 5 консольные команды. без рейтинга, они есть, но полный список знает только сам Чод 6 Чод... вернее Чод и его команда... Отлично справляются со своей работой. Да, когда разрабы Таркова выкатывают очередной патч для анти-чита, требуется некоторое время, чтобы обновить чит, но нам же компенсируют время, чего жаловаться? Зато мы получаем безопасный и необнаружимый чит. Так что если вы были забанены - это ваша собственная ошибка, нефиг слишком явно читерить... 10 из 10 без сомнений 7 новые фишки и баги... моя любимая часть. У Чода много своих идей в голове, да и вы можете подкинуть парочку. Но иногда новые фишки работают не так, как задуманно. И примечательно, что баги быстро фиксят, как этот с телепортом гранаты врагу под ноги. Тоже оценивать не буду - мне просто нравится такой подход. Итог 10 из 10. Ну а aimbot тоже когда-нибудь сделают Мира вам, используйте чит с умом, и увидимся через прицел!