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  1. The cheat for Enlisted presents a mixed bag of experiences. While it does enhance gameplay, it tends to make an already easy game even easier. One major drawback is the lack of customizable settings in the cheat menu, particularly for the ESP function, which can become overly intrusive. Additionally, the aimbot, as noted in previous reviews, falls short in long-distance engagements. Despite being a seasoned player, I found myself more often than not confused by the cheat's influence on my decision-making, leading to costly mistakes and untimely losing some matches. While racking up kills is undeniably satisfying, Enlisted's gameplay primarily consists of AI opponents, with human adversaries being scarce. This diminishes the thrill of competitive encounters. However, the cheat does shine in certain aspects, notably in its ability to nullify weapon recoil. This feature, when combined with automatic weapons, can result in impressive kill streaks. Yet, the cheat's effectiveness ultimately hinges on teamwork and individual player performance, as it alone cannot guarantee victory. Enhancements to the cheat could vastly improve its appeal, such as incorporating features to mimic natural gameplay, like a silent aimbot or an ESP that exclusively reveals visible enemies. Furthermore, introducing a skeletal ESP instead of the current glowing iteration could prevent overwhelming cheat players with excessive information about enemy positions. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent, the cheat might receive a rating of around 5 or 6. This indicates that while it offers some advantages, it also has significant drawbacks that hinder overall satisfaction and utility.
  2. Great bot! I have tried other sites and they are very risky and end up getting banned by EAT. This one I feel like avoids the auto ban process so you can feel a lot more comfortable using it smartly. I have used this one for a few months now and plan to continue to use it when I play DBD. 10/10 !
  3. Aimbot: 10/10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck 10/10 Magic Flashlight 10/10 Interruption 10/10 Speedhack 10/10 ESP 10/10 Teleport 10/10 Fast Actions 10/10 Overall great product and fun to mess around with!
  4. I recently came across Chods' Battlebit Remastered video game cheat, and I must say, it's an absolute game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their gameplay. This cheat is a testament to Chods' expertise and dedication in providing players with in-depth insights that can genuinely improve their performance in Battlebit Remastered. From the moment I started playing, it was evident that this cheat was meticulously crafted. Chods covers every aspect of the game, leaving no stone unturned. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Battlebit Remastered, this cheat caters to all skill levels, making it incredibly accessible and valuable. One of the standout features of this cheat is how comprehensive it is. Chods doesn't just focus on basic mechanics; they delve deep into advanced strategies, weapon loadouts, map control, team dynamics, and more. The cheat is structured logically, allowing you to navigate through different sections effortlessly. The visuals and examples used are clear and easy to follow, making it even more engaging and educational. Chods' narration is a highlight on its own. Their explanations are concise, insightful, and delivered with enthusiasm. It's evident that Chods is passionate about helping fellow gamers succeed in Battlebit Remastered, and their dedication shines through every minute of the cheat. In conclusion, Chods' Battlebit Remastered video game cheat is an exceptional resource that every Battlebit player should have in their arsenal. It's a comprehensive, insightful, and ethical cheat that provides valuable knowledge and skills to help you excel in the game. Whether you're looking to climb the ranks or simply improve your gameplay, this cheat is a must-have. Kudos to Chods for creating such an amazing resource that benefits the entire gaming community. Remember, the true joy of gaming comes from honing your skills and achieving success through your own efforts, and Chods' cheat perfectly aligns with this philosophy.Youtube Video example ~~Ressedue
  5. after 7-17 hours in 1 sitting with a friend, we're still not banned. even after blatant cheese. 10/10. cheese. p.s: super secret invis method very fun to mess with people ( ;
  6. I've played 100 hours of Squad now using this cheat and have not been accused, caught or banned in ANY server I've played, even those with active admins. ESP: As with every other ESP Chod's offers, this one works perfectly, I have yet to find a fault with any of the ESP's on offer, you can customise it to an insane level of detail including active weapons, player names, distance, box and skeleton, even for your own teammates. Aimbot: The aimbot for Squad works slightly different from other games in that you're better of using left click, rather than right click as your trigger key, this is because Squad has toggle aim instead of press and hold, meaning holding right click as an aimbot will scope you back out again. The aimbot is very accurate and works as you shoot so it looks very natural, it can be customised fully with FOV controls, smoothness and body part targeting. Overall, it works very well and even includes features like no sway, no recoil and infinite ammo. Misc: This menu has several unique features including a speed increaser (Though this is risky) but works nicely alongside the infinite sprint toggle. Rapid fire is a risky feature to use as it looks very unnatural going full auto at a ridiculous level but works if you want to upset people, the same goes for instant hit, a feature that makes your bullets reach your enemy almost instantly. Grenades can be thrown instantly and with much greater speed, going along with an option to instantly zoom. Overall, the menu has a lot of fun features, some that don't work quite right but definitely good value for money, highly recommended.
  7. I am using Chods Paladins for about 2 years now on and off. Never got a ban even i am raging from time to time. ESP and other visuals always have been working great. The aimbot is really good but if you have fov set too high it snaps from time to time. The setup for fist use is very simple if you just follow the troubleshooting guide and punch in some cmd commends! Recently 06/2022 they added silent aim, it brings the aimbot to another level! Also the price got lowered last month If your looking for save and cheap option to hack on paladins i deffinetly recommend Chods Cheats! But ofc cheats always involves a risk Also Chods Cheats provides really good support and compensation if the cheat is down for a day. (you just get your time back) ❤️Chods-Cheats❤️
  8. Firstly, for the price, this does exactly what you want it to do and hasn't impacted my ability to play besides the very rare crash, but scum itself is a very unstable game so it can be forgiven. ESP: Works great, players are outlined well and easy to spot, the skeleton feature is very useful for knowing which way someone is facing and it goes up to 1000m so nobody is sneaking up on you. You can toggle which items you want to see, very useful for chests and traps when attempting a raid, or for finding vehicles. Aimbot: Works as it should, for close combat and stationary targets, you'll hit your shots when needed, the only lackluster feature is the "Prediction" which tries to anticipate your aim for moving targets, but doesn't feel very reliable. You can also disable sway which makes sniping a breeze. Other: There are a couple features you should really avoid if you're playing on popular servers, such as infinite ammo, as many servers will auto detect if you've fired more bullets than possible and ban you for it, same goes for the speed hack. However, the menu does tell you which options are risky so use at your own peril. Overall, this is a great menu for the ESP and aimbot alone, I've yet to be banned on the most popular servers.
  9. Notice for the options that I use all the time. Aimbot: 4/10. When I tested the imbot with the crosshair + a sight and that I aimed, the cross was not really in the middle of the sight of the sight, from there, I tested the whole with the mod "Predictions" and indeed, it is not famous .. at times I shoot completely next to the enemy while the lock is on it ... Instant hit: 7/10 This option is terrible for bots .. Unfortunately less for gamers. Nonetheless, it is good overall. No recoil + No spread: 10/10. Very clearly, these two options make the coffee. ESP (Wallhack): 10/10 Frankly great! The only thing missing is not being able to adjust the distance you can see players / bots. Conclusion: This cheat is good but there are some things that are wrong .. In particular the interface that I find a little "simple" and the options not sufficiently developed and added for the price we pay ... To see over time if it will be improved, for the moment I will stay with you. PS: This is my humble opinion and I do not destroy the cheat and the work done by the dev's because I still use it myself. This message is used for referencing opinions on the Deadside cheat and it is also intended for Developers in order to be able to improve the software / cheat. Good cheat everyone.
  10. First of all, I personally liked it a lot, I had never bought on this page, and I do not regret anything, fast payments, fast delivery and support almost instantly I love it. Aiming: 9/10 The aimbot, the no recoil, the instant hit, everything works great what makes it seem like it doesn't work well is the reg hit, the game devs have to work on it. Misc:7/10 I usually play well. hide and never let me notice, I have only used this option twice, it is some buggy option, you advance a considerable distance and it returns you to a certain point on the road, where you had already passed. Esp:10/10 Nothing to say everything works great as expected Suggestions: 1.-It would be very good that apart from the no recoil, a recoil control or a configurable no recoil from removing 10% of the recoil to 100% for leggit playing. 2.-Add lines for the grenades in the esp, to be able to see where they are going exactly. 3.-And finally a panic key, to be able to deactivate all the ESP and the menu with pressing a key, and to be able to reactivate it with the same key I hope my review is of some help, and I hope you consider my suggestions.THANKS CCteam
  11. *Aimbot 10/10 -aimbot works great. Prediction is an amazing feature! -Fov and smoothing options make it easy to look like you are playing legit. *ESP 10/10 -Works perfectly *Safety 10/10 -I have used this cheat for over a week(sometimes being more obvious than I should) and I have not had any bans or warnings.
  12. As stated in title this is my detailed and honest review about the cheats provided by Chod's Cheats for Hunt: Showdown. Introduction: I will start by mentioning that I have been using this website for nearly two years now and have easily amassed over 1,500 hours of cheat use over 4 different games. I have written a review for both CS:GO and EFT and hope to provide a solid point of reference for anyone considering a purchase of cheats from this website. How Credible is this Review? To reinforce the review I will give you a small breakdown: -Over 2 years on this site as a normal member (So I am not receiving any special treatment, just a normal user.) -1,500 Hours of product use on this site. -200 Hours of direct use in Hunt: Showdown. -I have used and tried out every feature offered in Hunt: Showdown. -I have not been banned after my 200 hours of use. -(Given them way to much money - Worth it though, so I can't complain ) Hopefully what I have mentioned is proof enough that this review is credible and accurate, feel free to ask me any questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UI - User Interface: Quick Review: As usual Chod lives up to a nice simplistic UI that goes out of its way to stay simple and easy to use, something many other providers lack or provide for an outrageous price. Simplicity [10/10] - Ease of Use [8/10] - Appearance [7.5/10] Chod lives up to the standard he has set, a nice simplistic UI that will provide you with no problems. -Each Category is properly labelled as well as each option. -Looks clean and sharp. -As stated a couple times now, the UI could not be easier to understand or use. UI Rating - 8.75/10 UI Requests and Recommendations: -It would be nice if the different options/settings had descriptions, as sometimes you have no idea what they do without some trial and error. You could, with some work, implement it so when you hover over the different options/settings it would give you a small description of what they did . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-Rays (Wall Hacks) Quick Review: Accurate and easy to use, what more do you want from wall hacks? Accuracy [8/10] - Ease of Use [9/10] As with the X-Rays in all of the other games, Hunt: Showdowns are basically perfect. This feature is definitely the main reason I and most others buy Chod's products. -Very easy to use and understand. -Fair amount of settings and options for customization. -Nice small font. X-Rays Rating - 9.25/10 X-Ray Requests and Recommendations: -Player name option, an option that would allow players to see everyone name above their hit box like in other games. -Raise X-Ray range limit to a slightly higher maximum; currently the map is slightly bigger then the max distance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day/Night Changer: Quick Review: Can be buggy and difficult to use, but it definitely works and can provide a big advantage when its dark in game. Ease of Use [6.5/10] As stated in my quick review the day/night time changer can be buggy and difficult to use but it most certainly works and definitely gives you an advantage. -Does it's job -Complicated, but works Day/Night Changer Rating - 7/10 Day/Night Changer Requests and Recommendations: -Change it so instead of giving you a number when scrolling through the bar it gives you either a time or something easier to understand. -Work on bugs and issues with it - (I would get into detail but the product is currently down so I cannot tinker with it.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basically X-Rays but for Items (Item Detector/Locator): Quick Review: I must admit that I only ever used this feature for a short while since I can really clutter up your screen, but it does its job well and accurately. Ease of Use [8/10] - Accuracy [10/10] This feature shows you the location of items such as medkits, ammo boxes ECT. on the map, allowing you to quickly refill on ammo or health as needed. The main drawback of this feature is that the locator distance is tied to the X-Ray distance for showing you players, so if you lower the detector distance to unclutter your screen and only show you close items you will also only be able to see players that same short distance. Furthermore you also will receive a lot of screen clutter with this feature on, of course you have the ability to choose what items are shown, dramatically reducing clutter. -Has some drawbacks mentioned above. -Regardless of the drawbacks the feature works perfectly. Item Detector Rating - 6.75/10 Day/Night Changer Requests and Recommendations: -Have 2 different distance sliders for Item detection and People detection. -Add a couple more categories for items. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERALL RATING AND REVIEW: All in all I believe this to be a great and cost effective product, my only problem which I may have complained about in the past in the conversion ratio between my currency and GDP. Anyways, in the end this product does what its meant to do better then any other provided I have found, and is definitely worth the price. My final product rating: Overall Rating: 9.25/10 Final Words: Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you enjoyed reading and found it to be credible and accurate . If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave a reply. Have a good day.
  13. craist


    Aim:10/10 I like everything the no recoil and prediction, i love the target priotization to, love it all. Esp 10/10 Notghing to say, it work very well as I expected. Thanks CCteam its my second month iam buying 2 cheats right now and no regrets at all.
  14. Dead by daylight cheat. English In my opinion it is a great hack, it is fun, useful and safe. It clearly depends on how you use it, if you want to enjoy safety or risk with the most risky tricks. In order not to make this very long, I will leave its pros and cons with a score of 1 to 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: 10 Get Max. Bloodpoints: 8 Speedhack (Adjustable): 9 Teleport to nearest Player: 9 Ghost Mode ( NoClip + FlyHack + GodMode): 8 Instant Healing: 10 100% Hook escape chance: 10 Flashlight Aimbot: 10 Price for the cheat: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ why those numbers? ESP: Is very good, from its long catalog of things that you can edit as you wish, to its safety, it is very safe to use and everything will depend on how you use or act with it. These are the things you can decide whether to watch or not. Survivor ESP (Boxes, State) Killer ESP (Boxes, State) Hook Generator Escape Door Hatch Pallet Totem Locker Chest Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: Simply perfect, it is safe and everything is automatic, there is not much to say. Get Max. Bloodpoints: It is very risky, it works and it is easy to use, put that number because it is very risky and can cause the ban, but it fulfills its objective. Speedhack: It is risky and very obvious, but it serves and gets a lot of laughter. Teleport to nearest Player: Very useful, risky and very funny if it is with friends or in a voice chat, each scream when appearing instantly is very good hahaha. Ghost Mode: I don't like to use it, but it's funny from time to time, I gave it that rating because of its risk, even though it does its job well ... it's very obvious and risky. Instant Healing: Very good, useful and somewhat risky to use, well used is incredible. 100% Hook escape chance: The name says it all. ❤️ Flashlight Aimbot: It fulfills its function, there is not much to say. Price for the cheat: Although the hack is very good, I still feel that it is too high for what it offers, its tools are good and varied, comfortable and a bit of everything, but the game is already expensive with everything it asks for, it seems a bit high the price of the hack. And that was all I can contribute, I hope it will serve you and motivate you to buy it, it is very good and if it is worth it, even if the price is a little high. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dead by daylight cheat. Español. En mi opinión, es un gran truco, es divertido, útil y seguro. Claramente depende de cómo lo use, si desea disfrutar de la seguridad o el riesgo con los trucos más riesgosos. Para no hacer esto muy largo, dejaré sus pros y sus contras con una puntuación de 1 a 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: 10 Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre : 8 Hack de velocidad (Ajustable): 9 Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: 9 Modo fantasma ( NoClip + VolarHack + Modo Dios) : 8 Curación instantánea: 10 100% de escapar del gancho: 10 Aimbot para la linterna: 10 Precio por el hack: 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¿Por qué esos números? ESP: Es muy bueno, desde su largo catálogo de cosas que puede editar como desee, hasta su seguridad, es muy seguro de usar y todo dependerá de cómo lo use o actúe con él. Estas son las cosas que puede decidir si mirar o no. Supervivientes (Cajas, Estados) Asesinos (Cajas, Estados) Ganchos Generadores Puertas de escape Escotilla Paletas (barricadas) Totems Casilleros o Armarios Cofres Comprobación automática de habilidades perfectas: Simplemente perfecto, es seguro y todo es automático, no hay mucho que decir. Obtener MAX. puntos de sangre: Es muy arriesgado, funciona y es fácil de usar, pongo ese número porque es muy arriesgado y puede causar la prohibición(BAN), pero cumple su objetivo. Hack de velocidad: Es arriesgado y muy obvio, pero sirve y se ríe mucho. Teletransportación al jugador más cercano: Muy útil, arriesgado y muy divertido si es con amigos o en un chat de voz, cada grito cuando aparece al instante es muy bueno jajaja. Modo fantasma: No me gusta usarlo, pero es divertido de vez en cuando, le di esa calificación debido a su riesgo, a pesar de que hace bien su trabajo ... es muy obvio y arriesgado. Curación instantánea: Muy bueno, útil y algo arriesgado de usar, bien usado es increíble. 100% de escapar del gancho: El nombre lo dice todo. ❤️ Aimbot para la linterna: Cumple su función, no hay mucho que decir. Precio por el hack: Aunque el truco es muy bueno, sigo sintiendo que es demasiado alto para lo que ofrece, sus herramientas son buenas y variadas, cómodas y un poco de todo, pero el juego ya es caro con todo lo que pide, parece un poco alto el precio del hack. Y eso fue todo lo que puedo aportar, espero que te sirva y te motive a comprarlo, es muy bueno y si vale la pena, incluso si el precio es un poco alto.
  15. My overall impression on the apex cheese after 24 hours of playtime Aimbot Rating=9.5/10 Pro's The lock on works well on targets while also being able to swiftly switch between targets. The FOV (Field Of View) works very well with the aimbot once you have tweaked it and tailored it to how you like it. The Visibility feature is a handy to not lock on to targets not visible on the battlefield and target ones that are which prevents the unneeded waste of ammo . The Smoothing feature is also really useful as it works in harmony with the aimbot and allows you to tweak how aggressive the lock on to targets is . Con's The Prediction works well with most guns but DMR'S/Sniper Rifles not so much i feel like it's a little slow while sniping a moving target. Visuals Rating=9.5/10 Pro's The Health and shield feature is really well done accurately tracks their health points on both very well. The Spectator tracker is a nice touch easier to keep tabs on when you're being watched when you aren't going full rage mode. The Glow & Fade out options are a must as it gives you a nice silhouette when aiming through different obstacles watching the facing position. The Distance option allows you to tailor how far you want to see targets as well as see exactly how close a target is in meters. Con's The Box option doesn't seem to work well with other visuals and seems to use unneeded resources causing lag (Which is understandable with it being in beta) Overall Rating=9.5/10 In the cheese's current state and with it being in the beta i phase i would say already it is professionally built and undoubtedly undetected and safe for the user and showcases many features which for the most part work very well and already say this cheese is like a fine wine it is definitely going to get better with time with many new features making the users experience better and more prestigious as a cheese I look forward to following the progress made on this cheese! I Highly Recommend this cheese without a doubt in my mind! - Reece_MC
  16. My experience as a survivor main, I never used it on killer because i don't find it as fun as playing legit as a killer. -ESP: first days were not worked well... but now its completely functional and you can turn on an off every single entity like Lockers and chests which i don't use Miscs: -Insta heal: if you use it for raging the killer he will DC 80% of the times(you can use it to play legit too, i normally wait 20 seconds before insta healing) -SpeedFood: I would use it for raging mostly... works well but i don't use it much. -Hook escape: you have to check the box after getting hook .. if you are getting camp you can just use it before getting into second state and DS the killer(for legit playing is excellent) -Ghostmode: you can trick the killer so many times with this ... but i would use it more for raging personally.
  17. Hello all. I've been a member of Chod's since the beginning of this year, and ever since then, I've been jumping on and off of Escape from Tarkov with cheese. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the services, both in game as well as the customer service here. Even the forum chat consists of other friendly cheesers who would help each other out in terms of minor issues. You certainly don't see that with any other service. Below is a detailed review of the EFT cheese, most of which I use, although there are a few that I personally don't use. 1) Aimbot 10/10 When I first started using this, there were a few issues with it. Sometimes the snapping would be all over the place, or it just doesn't work. It's different now,. however. Much improved, and for the past recent months, I haven't had a single problem with it at all. - Silent Aim 10/10 - By far my most favorite option to use, as sometimes the snapping can be annoying. It also makes it look like you are playing legit. - No breath/no sway 10/10 - I used to have these enabled back then when Silent Aim wasn't implemented yet. It increased my chances of survival, especially when fighting against other cheesers. I don't use it now that Silent Aim is implemented because I personally don't think it matters when the bullets are flying in their own direction lol - No recoil 10/10 - Like the no breath/no sway options, I used to enable 100% removal before Silent Aim. Now I only remove 50% to make it look more legit. - FOV Slider -/10 - Never used this. I enjoy the vanilla FOV - Aimbot Slider 10/10 - I always keep it at 100%. * Excluding friends from Aimbot 8/10 - I hate giving a rating that's not 10/10, but I have to admit that it gets pretty tedious to have to exclude every friend that you play with at the start of each match. I'd have to make a BS excuse ("Hold on, I'm stuttering like crazy", or "Still loading for some reason") before we head out LOL but now with Silent Aim (again, by far THE best thing to this service), I don't exclude them anymore since I don't have to worry about snapping to them every time they're in my sights. I just hope they don't run in front of me when I'm shooting 2) ESP 10/10 - Player ESP 10/10 -Usually when I play solo, I'd have player ESP enabled. The main options that I would enable are weapons and helmet (sometimes armor). That way I know what I'm up against, yet it's simple enough to not cover half my screen with colorful words everywhere LOL I never use the options that let you see the contents in their pockets, backpacks, etc because I still find it exciting to search and loot rare weapons and equipment instead of just seeing where they are in the match. As for the player itself, I only enable the skeleton and draw look line. Again, that way it doesn't cluster my screen with too many things, and keeps it simple. A lot of people use the Wallhack, but I personally have never used it. - Loot ESP 9/10 - Back then, the only thing that I would enable are for rare things, such as Bitcoin, M4s, etc. Now I only use it to find Player Inventory (dead bodies). ***Recently, it hasn't been working for me for some reason. I'd enable it, then add Player Inventory to my list, but nothing shows up. So custom list might be broken. Not sure as of today though, I haven't used Loot ESP for a while as going around and searching for loot seems more exciting. Never NOT use custom filter because it will flood your screen. 3) Misc 10/10 - Night/day Mode -/10 - I have personally never used this at all. Like I have never even tested it out to see what it was like LOL - No Visor 10/10 - This was initially a little bit confusing to use. I finally now understand that in order for it to work, you must have your visor down (enabled) before loading into a match. It says that you can re-join match, so I assume if you activate the visor in-raid, you would need to leave and then re-join. Easiest way is to just have it down (enabled) before going into a match. - Auto-Unlocker 10/10 - I love this. No more having to carry a keytool with you everywhere. No more having to worry about missing out on good loot because you forgot or brought the wrong keys. Doesn;t work with keycarded doors though, sadly. Hopefully this is implemented soon! - Ammo Counter 5/10 - I don't use this because half the time, it's not accurate. I know I have full mags, or sometimes I load bullets into a mag until it becomes full, yet the ammo counter for some reason doesn't seem to sync with that. So I just don't use it at all. - Speedboost 10/10 - CAUTION. Using this will definitely make it obvious that you are a cheeser. The only reason I would use this is when I know that a map is empty (Player ESP), and my extract is far away, so I only use to extract. 4) Menu Accessibility 10/10 - Watermark Removal 10/10 - When I'm playing and have some friends over, this helps so that nothing on my screen shows that I'm cheesing. - Preset Config Saving/Loading 10/10 - Saves so much time instead of having to manually enable/disable everything you want. I have a preset for when I have people over and I don't want it to look like I'm cheesing. Overall, I am very satisfied with this service. Chod also offers discounts the longer your subscription is, and every time they have down time, you will be compensated for it. I will be happily renewing in the future.
  18. Sup everyone! So, i've been using this Cheat for a few Games and I have to say, its amazing so I thought i'd let you Guys know with a short Review. Features Player ESP: Not much to say about this one, it does what it should and works perfectly fine. It has some troubles Detecting Enemys Heads as Visible when behind some Walls but other than that, perfect. Item ESP: Same as the Player ESP, works perfectly fine. Needs some Settings to be done from the Player itself since otherwise the whole Screen would be full of Items showing up. But its awesome and super easy to find what you need with it. Sound ESP: I havent gotten this thing to work as of right now, or I just didnt notice yet that it does. Will Edit my Review as soon as I managed to find out how it works. ESP Overall: Great Features, especially the "Inventory" Part where you can see what the Enemy Player has in his Inventory, helps a lot to decide wether to go for the Guy and kill him or spare his life and look for a better Victim. Rating for the ESP: 10/10 Aimbot: The Aimbot is super awesome and works flawlessly. The Customization is awesome, super accurate. Especially the Silent Aim Part is perfect for "Legit" play. No sway / No breath is awesome, yet I think its a bit obvious I dont have those Features on all the time. What I like is the No Recoil Slider where you can adjust how much % you want to Recoil to be gone, awesome! It has everything what an Aimbot should have, and works the way an Aimbot should work, great work. Rating for the Aimbot: 10/10 Misc Features: I havent really used alot of the Misc Features so im just going to talk about those that I have used and ignore the others for now. Auto Unlocker: In my opinion, one of the best Features for Tarkov. No more closed Doors, works perfectly fine. Ammo Counter: Simple, yet effective. Its nice to know how much Bullets you have in your Weapon, great Feature. Speedhack: Used it yesterday, wouldnt recommend putting the Speed to high, but at lower Rates its nice. Rating for Misc Features: 10/10 2. Security Cant really say much about this one so far, but as of right now it looks good. As far as I know, the Cheat / Loader automatically detects changes to their AC and Disables the Cheat on its own (not sure if thats true or not, atleast thats what I heard by now). If it is like this, I dont think I have to be scared to get Banned by a Detection, yet Bans happen and even the best get caught at some Point. As of right now I havent had any Problems and based on other Reviews you guys have some decent Security. Rating for Security: --- I leave this blank for now and will Update the Review when I used the Cheat a bit longer. 3. Price 18.99 GBP per month for a Cheat like this is nothing. Super fair price, nothing else to say about this! Thanks for the oportunity to have such an awesome Cheat, im looking forward to be using it for a long time! Cheers Globii
  19. RR Testimonial Thank goodness, a good hack for realm royale AIM - 10/10 If you know how to configure the aimbot is very great ESP - 08/10 the ESP works fantastically, but its simple - i particularly liked HAHA SECURITY - 10/10 i can safely say CC is the best provider for secure cheats, ITS AMAZING OVERALL - 100/10 HAHAHA Overall the entire cheat was excellent i would highly i recommend ?
  20. Review Keep in mind, opinions are purely based on my own experiences with CC for EFT. Positive and negative aspects of the cheat are purely said in neutrality, and does not neccecarily reflect nor apply to/for others. General: In general, the cheat works as expected. Their system of anti-detection seems to be updated regularly. CCUI/CCmenu is more than simple enough for people to understand. Includes a variation of options for one to play around with. Forum is active and very friendly. CCstaff are also very supportive and in general, very decent and understandeble. Negative points, mostly fall towards neutral/positive and are seperated in categorys to be used as suggestions for future builds. Positive: Simple, yet advanced. Great rate of undetection. Very good support. Safe mode. Great community. Neutral: Fair amount of downtime. Not to be complained about as it is always compensated for. Most of the downtime probably reflects back on safety issues regarding detection. Some is also caused by private matters, which is certainly allowed. One can't be best all day every day can one now? ? Wallhack is fully functionable, but messy at times when one also uses it as a loot finder. Negative: Not able to run old builds of cheat if cheat is disabled. (could be policy related afaik). Some lack of customization options regarding aimbot. Smoothness Locks onto EFT friends (This option exists) Locks no matter what distance. (could maybe be regulated at same distance as WH) Price is a bit steep. Conclusion: Overall both the cheat, and the community does have a very 'well done' feeling to it. The biggest piece I personally find missing is more to be picky about, but hey; that's probably a positive thing, innit? ?‍? Please comment as I certainly think I forgot something I would agree on. Also feel free to correct me. Have not played around with all settings yet. -- Best Regards, IW
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