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  3. been using it for a minute now its absolutely insane
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  5. Hi there 😉 Thinking about subscribing for Hunt Showdown V2 already a while now - I love the game and would love to be able to stay off a helping tool, but unfortunately I'm a very cautious, easily frightened & stressed out person by nature and so I very often end up sitting in corners, waiting for the majority (or hopefully all) of the PvP fights to be over & hope to maybe be able to grab a bounty left over, when playing solo. Very rarely I'm able to join the PvP action, basically only happens when playing with my mates, because they are way more aggressive & I try to keep up with their pace and to be more brave, had a few positive moments here & there, but most of the time my actions are pretty chaotic and I end up getting killed first, simply because there are too many little things happening at once, which my head can't handle at once because of a chronical mental illness. I've used such tools in the past on other games, but never used them anywhere near legit (at least in long term), so ended up getting banned (took really long in comparison to how obvious I've used them) but the games/accounts I've used them on were not really important to me, otherwise I wouldn't have acted like that. But my Hunt account is very important to me, so it would be pretty hard to lose it. For that reason I'm not sure if I should really risk it by using external help. Yeah, I'm aware of the "don't use on your main account" advice - but for what reason should I play with another account other than my main one, then I should rather not use external help at all. I would definitely only use some of the ESP features (also to not take away my own joy), means the Player ESP (set to a low distance like 50 - 100 meters max - if possible!?) & Collectibles ESP and also would make sure not to "win" every round, but die on purpuse every other round, also when using a hunter which is already on a higher level. And as mentioned, I'm also not new to using such tools and therefore know how to play with ESP without letting others know that I am. I'm here because I already know, after my research, that chods is up top especially when it comes to security & that's what matters the most to me. Main reason for my post is that I want to hear about your experiences with the chods Hunt tool and in which way you're using it. One thing for example is that I'm thinking about using a spoofer with it right away, but not sure if it would make sense, because I know that spoofers also can lead to a ban, so would likely increase the risk of a ban instead of reducing it. Maybe ended up once more writing a bit more than neccessary, but I rather give a bit more information/insight in my thoughts than too less 😉 However, thanks in advance to everyone who took the time to read and giving any kind of feedback - cheers 🙂
  6. Please help. A few days ago the game ejects when the cheat loads. It is currently unusable. I have 28 days of subscription and have not been able to use it. Please check the functionality. Thanks.
  7. test with 120 seconds delay
  8. Application for Discord is only for Customers.
  9. Hi, can someone send invite link, was expired
  10. Aimbot: 10/10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck 10/10 Magic Flashlight 10/10 Interruption 10/10 Speedhack 10/10 ESP 10/10 Teleport 10/10 Fast Actions 10/10 Overall great product and fun to mess around with!
  11. After game maintenance, cheat injected game crashes
  12. Last week
  13. I bought the battlebit 30 days ago but I haven't received it yet
  14. The mods were playing great until the update that just happened today. My game crashes every time now.
  15. It truly is the best you can get for the price and features without worrying about a ban.
  16. Hello, Today the Squad devs will release a large update changing gameplay. Will the cheat be updated soon to be compatible with the latest update? Thanks
  17. forsure you never know, let them have some time to polish it up and once its released we might make something for it if it has the numbers.
  18. Second reply of yours irrelevant and useless to the topic. ðŸĪŠ
  19. Didn't see the numbers. I stump upon the game just by chance. I guess the game it's really not interesting in marketing just yet. I'm guessing because the DaD thingy ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ. I feel like it will makes it, especially because it looks like it will be free to play and it looks and feels better and plays more a bit more casually compared to DaD. But yeah will see
  20. This game I feel has fallen, of course if there are some new features, I would still be willing to return, trust them
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