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  3. Title says it all but stream proof cheese for discord and OBS would be awesome! Some of the other cheese here has that. Would be really cool to see them give scum some stream proof cheese
  4. Beastyyy


    I just bought the Scum cheats and i only use the wallhack, i was wondring if someone can confirm for me if the minigames bypass works? Thank you.
  5. Beastyyy

    Scum in 2024

    For me works, i only use the wallhack and the find items, nothing else
  6. Last week
  7. Valorant chair would be a wonderful additional since Chod has the ability to add ESP and aimbot (visibility mode)
  8. DM PLZ

    1. Faceless
    2. sksksk


      what should i send?

    3. sksksk


      can i change the HWID?


  9. Yep. We will make a concentrated effort to make sure the client and features list is properly updated. It has taken a lower priority to the wave of recent security updates for other games.


    • 64bit Windows 10 or Windows 11
    • USB Device
    • Gaijin Launcher / Steam



    • On/off toggle
    • Smoothing
    • Prediction (WIP)
    • Aim at tank
    • Aim at plane
    • At at ship
    • Hotkey selection
    • Max distance


    • On/off toggle
    • Tanks/ships/planes
    • Box
    • Names
    • Vehicle names
    • Show team
    • Show distance
    • Max distance



    • Undetected on EAC


    From £2.99/day incl. VAT
  11. It is expired and do not have option to renew
  12. Earlier
  13. Heyo, The V1 is very meh in quality. I have a 4080 card and have way above 144hz all the time but with this cheat it goes to 50-70 must time around 60. That is a HUGE thing for a game like this. Almost takes the ESP edge off when you cant get used to lowered FPS for shots. I only use ESP on players and only health and distance. Should not kill the FPS that much. The ESP is sadly very intrussive visually also. The player text is very unneeded and just makes it harder to stay hidden as I useally use it to get hunters whereabouts but NEVER shoot without knowledge. Is it harder when I might have seen them but text is in the way. Generally I would say this is not worth the price. Expensive, instrussive in FPS and ESP. Being the only feature for this it is meh. Startup of the cheat have been met with a lot of problems. 1. The cheat after 100% triple checking the guides still sometime causes bluescreen. 1.a Yes I did see troubleshooting and downloaded and applied the registry change. 2. The cheat does not start up automatically as it says I get an error everytime. It says it mostly caused by USB not being formatted correctly. 2.a It is formatted to FAT32 as said, 1 partition, only file on it is the cheat and its generated files. 3. Seems simple but with the problems it took me hours just to launch the game injected the first time to be dissapointed by the FPS. You can draw your own conclussions but I will stop using it. If you decide to buy it I highly recommend getting the 1 day or 7 day first to see if you get the same FPS drops and problems on startup. Also to see if the ESP is to your liking (your taste might differ from mine).
  14. As the title says, I hope skill checks occur more often during repairs.
  15. anyone got any tips on how to optimze the finals? Before using chods I get like 150 fps but with chods cheats i get about half, plus lots of stutters. not sure If theres something on my end that im doing wrong such as my settings or something but if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Thanks.
  16. Xpi


    not something we will do, cheats could get discontinued and/or detected and that would simply be a mess to deal with if we had a bundle.
  17. Any Master package options? Would absolutely scoop up a year subscription with some kind of master package option
  18. Hello! It is currently not planned to add the mentioned game to our catalogue.
  19. Hello. Your ticket got reply within 2 hours of you making it. By replying it to again you pushed the ticket back of the row again. We get to all tickets and work all of them out. Thank you for understanding.
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