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  3. Hey, we support every version, from 1809 to 20H2.
  4. I tried several Hunt cheats and everytime i got banned. Just wait for update. Just think for a minute why is it down? Just wait cheese in another game all cheese here is good stuff. And when Hunt is back it will be 100% safe not like other shitty cheese u could get... But i hope they bring Glow back ♥
  5. doe's deadside , suport 1909 OS? thx
  6. doe's deadside cc, suport win10-1909OS?
  7. my payment has been held T_T can someone Approving payment 😰
  8. My account got banned on EFT can I purchase the game on a different account or am I hardware/IP banned
  9. Yesterday
  10. its not a deadside update its a cheat update all cheats are being optimized right now and are down for maintenance but should be up soon.
  11. Like usual they will attempt to push out an update as soon as possible. Deadside recently had an update which caused the cheat to become outdated.
  13. hay there why is the deadside esp outdated , when is it going be updated , cause paid money for this i want to us it
  14. would there be any interest in making a cheat for Fortnite ever? Just curious.
  15. Last week
  16. its disabled while we look into a few ppl getting banned. if it was gone it would no longer be on the list or store.
  17. Me too, I use 1.2 1.3 start to be a littile obvious, and more is extremly dangerous
  18. Heay Guys, whats on there ? i would like to buy the cheat but its says its disabled. disabled cause detected ? disabled for no longer support this ? best regards
  19. Hey, please follow our troubleshooting guide and if that doesnt solve it, please make a support ticket. Also make sure to post in the correct section next time:
  20. We are still working on it ofcourse, but there is no eta currently.
  21. Im asking this because from all the time i spent on cheat sites, i realized this; chodcheats is the site with the best customer satisfaction (it may not be as big as the others but definitely better quality) but i think your cheat users here who buy products from you deserve an answer is Hunt Showdown cheats won't come anymore? because after the bans wave on the New Year, the cheat produced by many cheat sites was banned. (like cc) Obviously i would have expected a more subtle and descriptive behavior from Chodcheat, but after the cheat was turned off, i looked through all th
  22. Hey, its not possible to invite people to our discord and you dont need it to purchase something
  23. can i maybe get unbanned, i got banned because i invited many people from the discord and then er got banned but i learnd alot from that and i want to buy from you guys again
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