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  3. This post is in violation of rule number 19 Don't ask for ETA's. (ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival) of the general rules post (April 6, 2018) by Administrator Faceless: -Read the rules, they do not give eta. But Faceless had this to say on the matter in the latest news post "This means that the cheats that are currently outdated will stay like that for several weeks. ". So take from that what you will.
  4. can you tell me approximately how long it will be in testing for dbd?my subscription has ended and I can't watch discord and vip sections
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  6. yeah still checking on chods, waiting for the day when everything is back to normal. Hope you guys are all well
  7. how can ı load deadside hack :)


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  9. ATTACH type="full" width="958px" height="248px" alt="Screenshot_1.png"]4169[/ATTACH] Hey guys, ArmorAll here I'm here to advertise my services for Call of Duty Black ops and Call of Duty Black ops Cold war, below you can fined my services and prices. In order to access my services please join my discord server: [URL='']Join the ArmorAll's Modding Services PC only Discord Server![/URL] [COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)][SIZE=6][B][I]Black ops 3[/I][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [B][COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)]Zombies Price: $5[/COLOR][/B] [LIST] [*]Unlock All
  10. Just here to take a look around or check up, wondering how things are going and how people have been, so if you're reading this how are you today?
  11. Bobwhisker

    help !

    What do you mean by turn off your bios?
  12. Abo D3e3

    help !

    hello guys can you tell me how i can turn off my Bios my Motherboard Z390
  13. Yes, buy the black number to test the function.
  14. Thank you for the review!
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