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  3. +1 .. its ok how it is now... we dont want aimbot.. we already have a bbbbbigggg advantage and fun aswel.
  4. Hello, is it possible to configure every single weapon or weapon group? Or do the same settings apply to every weapon? Thanks
  5. Hi, so Just bought the apex skill but it says awaiting approval and was wondering how long this would take? thanks.
  6. @Spi13 Yea and when he gets EFT BE going its gonna be easier getting things done on other games with BE to. Cause he will know more about it and how to solve it. Anyone who thinks its something you just sit a week and do and your done obviously doesn't know what taking care of your supports mean chod cares about everyone who comes here and keeps us safe. Some people just doesn't understand most sites just make something and publish it for the money only and not making it safe and they think its good. but chod is on a complete different lvl. everyone of you mods admins and owners know just how to have a good community.
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  8. Thanks, I'll try this. Appreciate ya
  9. Easy way to fix that. Uncheck ''visibilty check'' and you can sniper someone from miles away with a pistol
  10. Cheat is nice and works well, there is an issue I have with it but I'm sure it'll get fixed. Works nice and really cool interface like the Paladins cheat I got. Only complaint is the range of the aimbot, people will only get highlighted red and locked onto if you are midrange to them, so I never find myself using snipers and such. Awesome cheat but this is really the only problem I have with it. Will be doing more business in the future.
  11. Been looking around for a Paladins aimbot. After a search of within few days this site was the only one who could give me a Paladins cheat. Other cheat providers are like paladins: - updateding, paldins - need to buy premium packaget etc, etc., i was sceptic at the begining to be honest. But i said to my self i have nothing to lose. I can always make another paladins account if i would ever get banned. I started to use CC aimbot while i was around 900 hours game on paladins and now i have 1350 hours on main account and 50 hours on a second account. GUESS WHAT? I NEVER GOT BANNED SO FAR ON ANY OF MY ACCOUNT. Imagine using cheats on 2 account from bronze V to diamond 2. Sometimes i even raged, used only headshot and some player were starting to ask if i use any cheat. As long as you play safe you will never get banned The cheat its amazing and easy to use, you just need a usb drive and you ready to rock. you dont need to install some shity loaders or create a version of windows patched, or others. NO! ITS PLUG IN PLAY! Yeah, that simple! -ESP is just great! I mean its all you need - BOX , HEALTH , NAME -i sometimes play only with ESP without aimbot and its enough. Imagine playing flank or heal and you can do you job easily as long as you see them where they are. ESP 10/10 - AIMBOT for me its almost perfect. Now, with the latest update you can select the bone selection. I am glad they add this feature (not sure they did it cause i suggest for it, haha ) If you wanna look legit, change your ''Smoothing '' option to 12-15 and select NECK bone selection. With NECK bone selection some hits will be also headshot, and trust me, THATS PERFECT! -AIMKEY feature is also great. If i play damage i select aimkey as mouse 1, if i play sniper, i select aimkey as mouse 2. I think thats the best combo of aimkey. Aimbot 9/10 The reason i said aimbot its almost perfect and its 9/10 is cause it only need one more thing to be perfect. PREDICTION!! YES! Imagine how usefull would be for champions like: Drogoz, Evie, Maeve, Seris ,Willo, Tiberius, Dredge, Cassie.Pip and Bombking The updates are always fast and if the cheat is down for a bit long time, that time will be compensate. The staff here is just great. I had some tickets support and i ALWAYS got the answer back, fast and friendly and my problem 100% solved. 10/10 FOR THE STAFF! Just remember: - Fast updates- Full of features- Quite configurable- Haven't ever been banned -Friendly staff
  12. Last week
  13. Incorrect. He spent months and months developing the new framework. Which has done extremely well to support EAC games. It didn't fail. It's done well. Unfortunately the same can not be said for Tarkovs BE. But this does not mean we're ditching Tarkov. Chod has and is working very hard on new security against BE. This can not be rushed obviously and certainly isnt something you can add in overnight. EFT BE does not mess around. Then we can move onto other BE games.
  14. Sandisk and Kingston usbs had issues before. We still recommend users to try another usb if it doesn't work on their first one.
  15. This. Honestly people seem to have no understanding of BattlEye to keep talking and asking for a EFT cheat. Heck, you dont need to understand anything. All you have to do is 1+1 = 2. Chod spent months and months developing the new EFT cheat, and it failed each time he tried to release it. I dont know why anyone would think things are about to change for no reason at all. It wont.
  16. Really? I had no idea. I have sand disk 3.0 32 gb. I only use for cheats and never had any problems
  17. That is wrong. A lot of Sandisks and other providers USBs are set as HDs and thus don't work.
  18. Heya! I want to sell my CoD MW standard acc, coz i dont play the game anymore.. rank 75 tons of unlocked skins etc.. Paypal only, ofc with middleman!! discord: BadJ0ker#8810 prize 25$
  19. Xpi

    Private server ban

    it might not be necessary to use a hwid spoofer aslong as you havent logged into your "new" steam account on the same windows as your old steam account. So you might want to try the following first. Reinstall window buy a new steam account with dayz allready added to it(or get a friend to create one that dosent use steam, dad/mom/sister etc etc pc) After reinstalling windows you can then login to your new steam account(dont login to your old acc or they will get linked) this might be enough(if you can get a new ip/vpn) if you end up getting banned again, iam afraid you will need a spoofer. on a small side note, if you get a good vpn like NordVPN your not gonna have any ping issues but yes some servers block the use of vpn's they cant ban you for it but they just kick you.
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