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  3. as i said your allways free to set your own price. goodluck selling.
  4. ye i know that 2100 is not real.. i just post my profile the "problem" is this profile dont show the owned DLCs for example i have all dark souls, tombraider etc.. some games buy to pay at the time then become fp2 for example black desert.. so they give us some ingame stuff idk what.. but anyway.. i check these games and the result around 680$ so thats why i choose 500$+ if someone pay 501 then fine.. but maybe someone wanna pay 550 or 600.. and ye.. we can use middleman ofc
  5. Your free to set your own price but the 2100 value is sooooooo far off what is even close. take away all the free games the values of the game at this current date, is less then 500 so asking for 500 is a stretch imo, but again your free to set your own price but to anyone interrested, do your research before making an offer and dont get blinded by the waaaay overvalued listed. anyway gl selling and as allways we suggest using a middleman.
  6. Yo. still try to sell my acc. u can check here the games vac ban records etc. : if u have some normal offer pls contact me on discord : BadJ0ker#8810 payment via paypal or crypto.(stable coin only) psi. : pls dont give me offer under 500$
  7. Last week
  8. I will try my best not to
  9. dont blow yourself up 👳🏾‍♂️
  10. Its currently in the testing phase.
  11. will be there any further updates? it's already long time disabled
  12. It does what you need to fuck survivors haha
  13. It does what you need to fuck survivors haha
  14. Not worth toplife to keep it up.
  15. Hi why not. Very good br game
  16. as you can see in our store and on the status page, we do not offer Apex anymore and we wont offer it again.
  17. I'm not finding cheating for Apex. Had it before? Will it be on sale again?
  18. IdiotaGuy


    I come for cheats
  19. Always assume that you are ip banned.
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