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  3. For me it works most of the time, it should improve in some next update. Keep in mind that it is not 100% accurate. Sometimes the killer can get very close and even if it's automatic the DH doesn't work. And it doesn't work on all powers, basically only on the M1, personal experience.
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  5. In the past year, the cheating function has become less and less . I know cheating is getting harder and harder,I hope you can add some interesting functions in the new year, such as enabling humans to pick up teammates. And fix instant interaction。 Your cheating has always been the best and most stable, and there are few prohibited reports。Thank you for your continuous efforts。
  6. yes i miss it to and im still waiting for it 🙃
  7. I see the thread was closed by an admin and there is no RC cheat in the store. Does this mean it was decided not to bring it back even for people willing to pay? 😞
  8. image.png.6cdd29793c1d912e28f356ba92687c9d.png


    I can't get past this screen

  9. Has auto-deadhard been fix or is it still broken?
  10. ive said this many times but cs go? 😄
  11. Faceless


    There is no noclip flymode, just to go through walls. The discord is at the top right but only for customers or if you have one of the free cheats.
  12. Makes


    Also is there any discord channel?
  13. Makes


    Hi, It states noclip only through walls. Does this mean I can't fly around with it? Can killer pick me up while I'm in noclip? Is it possible to force end game/down everyone as killer?
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