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  3. Hello everyone! Just wondering if there is a script/program that can remove all registry keys from Steam. Why you might ask: Because I cheat on Team Fortress 2 and some other source engine games a lot and don't want Valve to track back to my main account. Kindly regards, Joro.
  4. Noah33

    Selling steam acc

    The thing is with steam accounts is they're really not worth the price they say on these websites - usually there to see how much you've spent and don't represent a decent price, at all. Take into account your game ban which lowers the price dramatically...You're a level 14 so nothing past basic Steam account friendslist and profile options. Eh. You'd be much better going into your Steam account settings and viewing how much you've spent on games and go from there. My account is worth $4,000 but I've only spent $2,100 on my credit card so these sites aren't super accurate.
  5. cacatpansat

    How to get invited to discord 2.0

    giv invite pls, idk why it shows I only have 23 posts, i got 28 posts, just counted them.
  6. cacatpansat

    Using cheats on main accounts. (Questions regarding CS:GO).

    Hell no, It's not worth losing 500 euros for 12.
  7. cacatpansat

    SCUM game

    I think it's a really good game but it's pretty boring at the moment, It doesn't have that much content.
  8. ogs1

    Thank you

    It's also seamlessly support 3D secure shopping from Turkey this possibility is very perfect @Chod👏
  9. Crookzie

    Selling steam acc

    I hope that's in roubles?
  10. braconnier93

    Hey Everyone

    See you 😘 ahahah
  11. braconnier93

    Sneaky Russian

    Perfect post ahahah
  12. braconnier93

    ready to get even

    Lol hi friendz
  13. braconnier93

    ItsMaverick...Maverick Shadowblade

    Why make ketchup in hamburger... you answer every question 😂 hi
  14. braconnier93

    I have come to the dark side , for oreos ofc ;)

    Great idea ! Hi
  15. braconnier93

    EFT ETA?? Just kidding, Hi all!

    LOL hi
  16. braconnier93

    Hello, Call Me Reaper1234

    Hi reaper
  17. braconnier93

    Hello friendz

    I choose to come to the dark side because everyone is there ! LOL im french have 30y i love tarkov but is more easy for find stuff for mission i didnt know if i use esp or recoil ... gonna see for now only stuff mission and have see the hack can open door with no keys I LOVE THAT 🤪 I test one month i pray didnt lost my day have paid because have use the cheese only 4days and BAM update lol if ils Good im sure taking the USB of power 😋 Love all
  18. Jakester

    Discord For Cheaters Only EFT

    Are you sure? A lot of other providers are mentioned in this Discord...
  19. SneakyRussian1488

    How to get invited to discord 2.0

    may i have an invite to the discord
  20. Oxyde

    Discord For Cheaters Only EFT

    He just created a Discord community for fella cheaters in EFT. There's no really any self-advertisement other than building up a community to play with.
  21. I will be willing to buy but only in Paypal. Not into cryptocurrency.
  22. kc8113

    Discord For Cheaters Only EFT

    Told by @Oxyde to post in the forums.
  23. GhillieNiick

    Discord For Cheaters Only EFT

    No self-advertisement OwO
  24. TheReaper1234

    Hello, Call Me Reaper1234

  25. Clazrial

    EFT ETA?? Just kidding, Hi all!

    Welcome? I guess? Lol
  26. Yesterday
  27. Sherby321

    Pistol to full gear

    nice i dont think insta kill work !
  28. Noah33

    Discord For Cheaters Only EFT

    Wasn't this post deleted? 🤔
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