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  3. Ya'll gotta stop acting wild around me
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  5. 我希望能够通过WebMoney付款购买DBD修改器谢谢

  6. I payed for cheats for deadbydaylight and I confirmed everything on email and the code and I got nothing no cheats nothing.
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  8. Seems simple enough just follow
  9. can a video be made on how to do the whole process please.
  10. I crashed repeatedly, but sometimes I don't but 8/10 I would crash so it's pretty consistent 😞
  11. HI been a customer for so long, I bought the 1 day killer klown cheat, but I crashed everytime we're loading into another match... I think dev should look into it (It don't crash when I launch without cheat)
  12. I wanna make sure about the old way of speedhack is safe or risky even with very small amount of value



    • 64bit Windows 10 or Windows 11
    • USB Device
    • Steam / Epic Games / Microsoft Windows Store



    • Box
    • Player Name
    • Distance
    • Skeleton
    • Health
    • View Direction
    • Max Distance



    • FOV
    • Smoothness
    • Visibility Check
    • Visualize FOV
    • Target Team
    • Hotkey
    • Bone Selection (Head, Neck, Chest, Pelvis)
    • Selection Mode (Distance and FOV/Distance/FOV)
    • No Recoil
    • No Spread
    • Infinite Ammo
    • Adaptive Crosshair



    • Speedhack



    • Ghost Mode (You can kill people)
    From £1.99/day incl. VAT
  14. I know i know, dead game yeah yeah. But yeah any plans to update this cheat with new stuff? Pause server was patched ages ago and show poisoned items is no longer working. Health esp stays even after health was picked up. Just a few little things could be removed/fixed/added. Like showing hitch traps and the new hands killer traps and nancy's traps.
  15. I'm not sure but when I got banned from their blacksmith launcher I just made an steam acc and starting playing the f2p version without any problems so far, I've been playing legit for 3 days and still no ban. I didn't change anything about my HW and IP, I'm still going to wait a few more days before upgrading. It'll update you if something changes.
  16. I don't know what's going on with the D&D cheese tbh, ironmace made an update yesterday that lead to a bunch of false bans because they increased the "sensitivity" of the anticheat but here they didn't even bother to take the cheese down for a while to test if something had actually changed. I remmeber when they main (and almost only) cheese was EFT and security was their top priority, I don't if it's a different dev or if this site just isn't what it once was, either way feels bad.
  17. Yea, I was also banned from only using the esp and bright mode. They need to take a look at the cheat. It needs an update. Honestly, looking for a refund given the status still hasn't changed and its obviously detected.
  18. Same experience. Honestly, would like a refund at the moment. Seems like the cheat information has not been updated.
  19. Have any of use used the bright mode? I got banned in a day before the wipe just using esp and bright mode. I could't beleive it, I have used chods for other games without a problem but for D&D the cheese feel like dogshit.
  20. I hope it's a joke, after having taken a month on dark and darker and only after 2 games and having made all the adjustments indicated on the site. I'm banned from the game! Cheat supposedly undetectable without using the aimbot just the WH. I request a refund or compensation. 20 USD for that serious guys ?!
  21. Me too man after 2 games and it's supposedly undetectable I think it's a pure scam
  22. Pretty sure it has something to do with new stuff they have going on. The game is now available on steam again. Cheats may need a look over!
  23. Was banned in 3 games only using the ESP on these cheats. Anyone know how to get around the ban? Is it IP or Hardware or? I have logged in on more than one account and it looks like they are all banned although I only used cheats on one of them. Seems like its an Ip or something. Thanks for the help.
  24. Banned in less than 3 games after purchasing 1 month. Only used ESP. Anyone know a way around the ban? I have 3 accounts but they all say banned when logging in. Is it an IP ban Hardware ban? Anyone know anything? Thanks.
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  26. I n33d a cs2 account plug pleasee bro cheap accounts premier readyyyy
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