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  4. I had the pleasure to be here in many years i played with the eft hack when it came the first time and I used it for 2 years. Chod is my first and only site i trust. Never get banned. I Hope and it almost seems like chod is making a comeback and iam happy to see it ❤❤😋💪 ill be the first to buy dayz hack! Loooking forward to use it. Cheers
  5. Faceless

    Very good

    Thank you for the review.
  6. SENNA2018

    Very good

    very fun to play , 3 days using and nothing bad to report . Aimbot 10/10 Esp : 10/10 Misc 10/10: prediction is good , never used no recoil , i don't know if is safe or not
  7. image.png.44a0288d8f4a0c49d12eab48e136960d.pngplease help me

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  9. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
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