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  5. where i can download the config?

  6. Right click on tickboxes to bind/unbind keys Aiming Assistance Aimbot features Aimbot – Automatically aim at players Visual features Player ESP – shows the location of players Names – Draw player names Distance – Draw distance to players Active – Active or inactive Animal ESP – Shows the location of animals Names – Draw animal names Distance – Draw distance to players Active – Active or inactive Food ESP – shows the location of food e.g. pumpkin, corn etc. Names – Draw food names Distance – Draw distance to food Active – Active or inactive Item ESP – shows the location of barrels, crates, storage containers, nodes,etc. Names – Draw item names Distance – Draw distance to items Active – Active or inactive Hemp ESP – Shows the location of hemp Names – Draw hemp name Distance – Draw distance to hemp Active – Active or inactive Misc features Chatbox – Chat with other members while ingame Statistics – See your cheat statistics Max ESP distance – Set the esp distance Config features Default config – Automatically load your own default config Config sharing – Share your configs with users that follow you on the forums Color manager – Change the color of everything in the cheat Supported Anti-Cheats EAC – Easy Anti Cheat
  7. Hey! When can Staff's approve my HWID reset? :$

  8. Where cfg

  9. Earlier
  10. you shareing a config?

  11. I can´t open the menu i havent had discord started when i have tried to use the cheat i also disabled xbox dvr so please help me!

  12. Dude help please!!!
    OBS anti cheat plss

  13. Better then Emiiru

  14. so do you know what's wrong ?

  15. ur Pablo??

  16. helo guys i just bough the bf1 hack but it crashes the game with the loader
    any ideals how to fix

    1. YaBOyRustty


      I do not know how to fix that because I am a CS:GO hacker not a BF1 Hacker, sorry about that.
      Although I would recommend talking to a moderator.

  17. pa$ted from uc

    1. W4ST3D



    2. mynamjef25


      no fuckin problem 

  18. Hey, Add me on discord for CS:GO Account 7 Euro In paypal.


  19. Really good guy!

    1. solsen69


      not runnin anti virus

  20. Hi Dexter. Sorry for posting warning spam/ wrong section. I didn't mean to do it. I was hoping if someone can answer my problem with this error message until now. Thanks for your time and help. Again apologize.

  21. Emiru my hack is not working :( and I created a support ticket but no one is responding to me until now. Please help em what to do. My cheat got this error message, anyway it's not working at all. 

    1. Emiiru


      Unfortunately only Chod can help you with your issue, that is why he has been assigned to your ticket.

    2. bluedevil9900


      okay thanks for your fast response, hopefully chods will help me. can you extend my cheat when my cheat expired. thanks a lot for your response.

  22. Can you send me your Config as raw text? Because somehow I cant save it through the cloud^^

  23. Nice and fast reseller, as always good trade :)

  24. Nice, easy, fast reseller!

  25. I'm sorry, reply to my message. :S:S

  26. Can you message me about the resller or accept on steam?~

  27. Hi Emiru, I'm sorry for bothering you, but could you tell me the status of the cheat? is it safe to use now? and my cheat can't work until today, waiting game to be ready all the time. Thanks for your time.

    1. Emiiru


      Yes it is safe.
      Waiting for game is supposed to be fixed.

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