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    Hi, Seems like you've got your role. Sometimes it takes a while to validate. Enjoy your stay!
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    Hi I paid, I am waiting
  5. Hey we are looking for new cheats to make right now, You should suggest it here
  6. More than likely games perma ban, If you have been banned create a ban report please.
  7. My account has been banned. I want to know if it is permanently banned or has a date? Where can I find it? I can't find it on the official website
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  9. i wonder if there are cheats for it. chods as cheat would be awesome but its BE protected. also ***REMOVED*** had it for a while but they removed it.
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  11. Ahh yes, another list your game post... I am still dreaming for a Valorant one but that ain't coming. 1. R6S 2. AnvilNext 3. Popular game, and I see a big potential market there for Chodcheats.
  12. 1. Name of the Game: Rogue Company2. Name of the Engine: Easy Anti-cheat/ unreal engine 43. Why you want to have a cheat for it: Its a breand new game from hi-rez. Some kind a mix beteween counter strike, overwatch . And since you already have 2 cheats for hi-rez ( paladins and realm royale), probably will be easy to make one for Rogue Company
  13. Faceless posted " Listing games we already make or made cheats for in the past do not count! " Unfortunately we already had a cheat for rust in the past would love to have it back tho
  14. 1. Destiny 2 2. Supposedly Halo engine with their own AC 3. It has decent user base, cheese could be used in PVP and PVE. With some additional Misc options (like double jump) might be even better. ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Rust 2. Unity and EAC AC 3. There are plenty of providers, however having one reliable and decent would be cool!
  15. 1. Halo The Master Chief Collections. 2. Engine: Unreal engine 4 With Easy Anti-Cheat 3. has a pretty big playerbase about 10,000 daily and game already pratically has 0 recoil so even better just needs aimbot and esp. game is ever expanding and they are releasing more halos straight into this game so its going to be growing again. there is a very small competition in halo mcc cheating market as everyone ive seen seems to be a random discord coder who my just dip with my money.
  16. Name: For Honor Engine: Anvil or FrostBite (I don't know exactly) with EasyAntiCheat Why: because I owned a cheese for this game a long time ago and it was a lot of fun, apart from that, there is almost no provider left for it because most of them gave up when EasyAntiCheat came along. Desirable Features: Auto Block / Guard Break Interrupt / Auto Riposte / ESP (Glow) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: The Division 2 Engine: SnowDrop with EasyAntiCheat Why: I have a good 1500h playing time in the first part with cheese and it was always a lot of fun, you still have a lot to do with the game and unfortunately only cheese is bad and should cost ~ 120 $ a month ... .I tried two and they were really bad. Desirable Features: AimBot and ESP should be enough for now.
  17. 1. Diabotical 2. Diabotical uses an engine written from scratch, the "Glitch Engine". 3. It's a new quake style arena FPS game. There aren't many promising games that are being developed in this genre. It's a pretty complex game with its movement mechanics and fast gameplay. Perhaps this could be a nice new market to enter since I didn't see another provider for this game just yet.
  18. 1. Squad 2. Unreal Engine 4 3. Impossible to find a cheat for this game.
  19. Dead By Daylight. Get the profile steam of the killer after the game start. Cause i can dodge him or play with a different playstyle.
  20. In this thread you can list games that you always wanted to have a cheat for. It can be ANY game you want! So don't hesitate to post even the smallest games. It would be great if you could also write down the following informations in your reply: 1. Name of the Game 2. Name of the Engine 3. Why you want to have a cheat for it Listing games we already make or made cheats for in the past do not count!
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    Dayz Cheat Access

    Hello. DayZ is not available to anyone at this moment.
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