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  3. lone survivor is pretty nice
  4. I have said it in threads before, It was by far the best cheese on the market for Tarky. I was a big fan of the CSGo and Tarky cheese. I do hope someday that it does come back but only time will tell.. Chods has always prided them selves on being the "Safest" cheat so im guessing until they can guarantee that again it wont be back. Anyways, i'll keep checking back from time to time checking for it. have fun cheesing guys.
  5. To be honest I would not be surprised if it does or already has. It is what it is, I hope it does come back as it was by far my fav cheese for tarky, But only time will tell.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I was banned in Tarkov once and I logged out and logged back in like two weeks later and wasn't banned so idek how they work.
  8. Do you wanna play together or smt? I don't have this cheat yet due to the requirements which are hard to reach but I do play.
  9. Titain gaming Namalsk is my go to server
  10. Yep after 120 sec game crash :P
  11. DBD has found a way to stop people from insta healing and insta genning thus fore insta actions not working until they find a work around for it.
  12. Last week
  13. only way to know is to get a new hdd/ssd install windows and eft then play the game and see if he gets banned. if he gets banned(he should not be) then either the drive he got is banned(if its a used drive) or they for some reason banned something else hwid wise, typical they only ban drives but in rare cases they have banned other parts like Nic and Ram.
  14. ok sounds good is there any way to find out if its a hwid ban or do we install the new ssd and see if it works and if not then tackle the hwid possibility. If he does turn out to be hwid banned what needs to be replaced, because his roommate is still able to play on the same wifi.
  15. he needs new hdd, but if he got hwid banned he might have gotten ip banned aswell as they do that sometimes. make sure none of the old ssd/hdd's are plugged in when you install the new drive.
  16. Hi my friend got banned from tarkov for nothing "so he claims" either way he wants to keep playing tarkov. He's tried to contact Battleye but hasn't gotten any response and its been over a month of waiting. He bought a second account and immediately got banned again when he logged into the second account. What do we need to replace in his pc to make it so he can play again. Just an SSD? or motherboard? or something else?
  17. The prediction strength, is that the RCS( I dont remember exactly the name) right below prediction box? I ve left mine on default which is .12 II believe. However at distance it gets really jerky. Should I raise it and does it get more suspicious the higher it goes?
  18. Just saying... I was right 😜
  19. its been dropped due to other cheats taking priority
  20. New world dissappeared from the status page after being there for a while, are there any news i missed?
  21. Name: Infestation: The New Z (2020) Engine: modified version of Eclipse Engine from Arktos Entertainment, AC is called "Fredaikis Anti-Cheat" Why: becouse, ilike to loot and, see where is ppl. and ilike to use cheat why not?
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