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  2. Keep up the good work I'm excited to see it in action 😁
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  4. I do not need an ETA on EFT cheese but a general Status update would be nice. Thanks for the good work, Chod!
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  7. Reading the FAQ will answer most of the common questions.
  8. you'll get the time back when it's up again.
  9. SO stoked for this!!!! Great work bossman 😁
  10. but i just paid for the cheat and cant use it because youre updating it whats gonna happen with my time i paid for??
  11. Looks good, still might need some work though. Like the old design tbh.
  12. Little ESP preview (remember, still likely to change a lot)
  13. Nah just stating the obvious before i was told not to ask for ETA;s
  14. When you dev summon and he shows you nudes of your wife.!!!!
  15. Not a single person got banned for asking ETA. Warnings and mute sure.
  16. We still months out on this stuff? Month , 2 , 3, 4? Give us a shit time so we can all GIB ffs "Dont ask for ETA you will be banned" lol Foh
  17. Its still WIP. And i'm sure you will be able to customize the colors of everything again.
  18. Hey chod, it would be nice if you dimmed or changed the color of the skeleton, that blue was very bright and overshadowed the sight of the enemy's body. maybe put the option to control the transparency of the skeleton
  19. Keep up the good work guys! Excited for the future 💘
  20. Spoofing your HWID is the only way to really get around it. You never know what part they flag for the ban, it could be a couple or everything. Changing parts could be pointless.
  21. @Chod Looks clean man, exciting!
  22. As you can see the system has progressed rapidly, harder tasks are done and now each coder focusing on moving their existing product to the new system. SoonTM
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