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  3. Alright good to know thanks you for your response !
  4. all our cheats work in fullscreen and windowd mode
  5. Hello, simple question, does CC Rogue fully support fullscreen like the others CC ? Thanks you really much for your hard work keeping us safe and very good quality product.
  6. its definitly one of the best cheese ive tasted so far, Good and undetected if you play normal. no need to go crazy : )
  7. It already updated hours ago @jiu @csayborg. you can use it now
  8. May i ask when i can use the cheating software again? because i have 27 days left, will you need to update it again then? or download the new client again? i think you will solve this problem soon. put on steam!
  9. So will the cheat be available after the update? (and when 'll your cheat be usefull again) I'll be glad if you answer my quess admins ❤️
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello, why i cant see any option for Bitcoin payment ?
  12. Earlier today I was going down memory lane and remembered all of the good times I had while hvhing back in 2017, as I went down memory lane I was curios enough to see if the providers that I used to use were still available to this day but sadly a lot of them aren't. Then I remembered using chods csgo cheat back in 2017 and it was honestly one of the best cheats for hvh back then. Its sad seeing that the csgo cheat isn't available in 2020 because I was really looking forward to seeing what chods could do with his 500iq in the current era of hvh. I would love to see a comeback of a cheat that
  13. I agree with Jhon , at least if they added aimbot make it vip for loyal customers also if you guys can add a stream / recording proof feature that would be epic, to have some nice clips { ofcourse not talking about fishy clips and crazy impossible shots ] as it is nice to know whos camping you from the back etc for some good awareness
  14. Hello everyone hope you are all well, as a player who has 3.4 k hours in hunt , I've recently used the cheese just a few days ago for the esp and i really enjoy it [ as i can avoid dying to campers XD ] i would like to say that to make the cheese more responsive i feel Skeleton/Glow is needed , Aimbot honestly is not needed at all this game is slow paced not rocket science to master aiming , i feel like if aimbot is added, people might abuse it which will result to an easy detection due to people can now spectate the games if you kill them and most people might record your gameplay if the
  15. this topic is fully up to the devs of any games example if you cheat in apex 10-15 times on new accounts they can Ip ban and then Hardware ban as for hunt i think you only get the account banned no hardware ban
  16. Okay thanks @dabomb123 appreciate your fast answer,
  17. Really good program and smooth install and use. Keep up the great work!
  18. Today is the beginning of the announced planned maintenance.
  19. Hey, @Bizmann ! There is always a chance, no matter how slim. Please however write your suggestions in the proper place to best be seen by the staff team here: Thanks for choosing Chod's Cheats!
  20. we dont give ETA's as to when its back up. We cant pick and choose when the game push an update and we will never release it again without making sure its safe. While its outdated you cant use the cheat, but your account is still fine and you can play legit, just restart your pc first.
  21. Why does my platform hunt show out of dtte ?do you still need to update the cheating software? if the hunt cheating software needs maintenance, i wonder how long it will take do you still need to update after maintenance? will my game account be blocked during the update?
  22. Is there a chance to get a hack for this game?
  23. Last week
  24. You can find that information on the cheat status list.
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