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  2. also add discord jagr034#8267
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  5. Age: 17 Past Experience: 2 years of gfx experience Your Application (any video showcase or any logo/2D/3D animation): https://md20026.portfoliobox.net/ most of my work that is public
  6. stats are updated because i recently played a game and lost
  7. Hey i'm selling my faceit smurf acc for 70e skrill acc details 2202 elo 1.56k/d 76%winrate it has 1k faceitpoints for name change and about 2weeks left of premium faceit. you can contact me here or through discord: faceitbooster#7557 i'm okey for using a middleman for the transaction.
  8. Age: 18 Been doing design in Photoshop and Illustrator for 3 years doing freelance work and commissions, but hope to be able to expand my passion for graphic design into something that I can do full time. My personal favorite work is attached.
  9. Yes the spoofer is included with any monthly EFT deal. The setup is effortless all you do is click the button and your pc is spoofed until your pc shuts down or restarts. The hwid stays spoofed if you put it in sleep mode, this is good to avoid having to put in the bsg email confirmation code(game detects a new hwid and sends your account confirmation code). And the answer to your last question is yes.
  10. Hello, am looking for cheap standard EfT account, we can discuss price in Pm´s. If you are interested, hit me up with message.
  11. Dear Chod's cheats community and Staff, I'm analyzing the viability of the EFT cheat available on this website/forum and have some doubt about the included HWID Spoofer. I would appreciate if of you guys can help with them, so here it goes: HWID Spoofer it's already included in the normal 18.99 GBP (current price) package? How it's the setup of the Spoofer? Does it require additional steps apart from those ones stated on the Product Information page? If I use the included HWID Spoofer while cheating and got banned, would be possible to buy a new ACC and play normally without Spoofer? Thanks in advance for the support.
  12. True, i came across a billy with 4k hours, and esp did not help at all
  13. For the survivor, ESP provides almost no advantage. Playing against a maniac with 1000+ hours, given that I have crooked hands, it does not give any advantage over a maniac
  14. Yes, I really wanted to add at least boxes and preferably a ghost mode, I played against the survivor, he did not appear in my ESP and the game model did not exist on the map either, but he shot the survivors and quickly moved around the map, he still plays and seems to me in some matches. And I would like to see instead of the inscription HATCHET on the hatch itself the name of the hatch or at least in a different color because when you play against the Huntress on the map there are a lot of axes and it’s difficult to find the hatch
  15. Link to the supporter and public discord please.
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