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Found 13 results

  1. The topics I will criticize in this article are; Requirements / Inject Stage / Player ESP / Zombie ESP / Loot ESP / World Requirements (10 / 10) 64bit Windows 10 (BUILD 1809 - 20H2) - Easily downloadable content from the Windows site as an ISO file. USB - With the advancement of technology in 2020, USBs are no longer "luxury" items, but a product that can be easily accessed by an average person. Virtualization ON - A feature that helps your processor to run the trick in the background (I guess I'm not an expert on this subject, but most of the guides I read said that this feature should be enabled for "gaming computers" from the BIOS segment. NOTE: The features you see above are features that will make your computer more optimized for gaming, even if you do not use professional tricks in games. That's why I wonder why users who criticize this and find it unnecessary make such comments :). ----------- Inject Stage (10 / 10) If you read the article prepared for you by professional forum administrators from "GUIDES" from "NEMBER AREA" region after purchasing the cheat, you will see that it is much easier than most software on the market. ----------- Player ESP (10 / 9.2) Player - Works smoothly + The color of the man behind the wall is different than the color of the man you see. This is a feature you need to play by looking as a legal. Box - Works smoothly + One of the essential features in a "wallhack" cheat. With this feature, you can easily understand the position of the other person against you and adjust your engagement accordingly. Name - Works smoothly + It allows you to see the name of the enemies you face. (If you are playing against a creator or a twitch broadcaster, it helps you notice them early. In this case, you can see if the other person is making a video and you can perform a more looks like legal game against the player accordingly. Distance - Works smoothly + If you are a player who knows the mechanics of the game, this feature gives you a great advantage. Knowing how far you are from the enemy gives you a big planning advantage. Show Friends - Has Some Errors (%80 works well) - I do not recommend using this feature. Because; The game already draws a blue line on your friend, allowing you to understand that he is. REQuest - This feature needs to be turned on during the main screen of the game. This feature will not work when you change it after the game has started, so you must wait for the next match. (It's not a big problem, but it can tire your eyes during the match) can be fixable and its not a big prob. The features you see below are not added to the cheat yet. But don't worry, these features will be added to the cheat soon (sayin' again, it may take time) because CC's primary goal is to keep the existing cheat Undetectable Glow (Adjustable) - Not working (Probably 'll be like Chams) - As you can see on the buy screen, this feature is ''crossed out'', indicating that cheat devolopers are not planning to bring this feature in the near future. Its not a big problem cuz its not making big difference. Player Health ESP - Not working + In fact, adding this future will add a great deal of utility to the cheat. Because Knowing how much HP enemy has left will give you a great advantage. For example: You are using a Sniper and a pistol with a single shot mode and your enemy is hiding inside the building (close range combat). If you realize that your enemy has a ''low health'' or can be killed with a gun with single shot, you can enter the building easily ;). ----------- Zombie ESP (10 / 10) Show Boss - Works smoothly + The main purpose of the game is to evacuate the reward you received from the creature from the map as you know. This feature helps you locate the creature directly without looking for clues and allows you to organize a planned attack against other players. Show Walkers - Works smoothly - I do not recommend using it. Because a user who uses professional cheating is using the trick to be in a superior position against other people, not to be superior to the game's (AI) artificial intelligence . - It also makes a large image pollution on the screen. It will not be Big advantage for you to know where the AI is in the game (! except the boss !) Show Distance - Works smoothly + Shows the distance between you and the AI (Zombies [You can sort the zombies according to their class like dogs, hive... from the cheat menu] , Boss...) in the game + But using this feature to find the boss, which is the main purpose of the game, is very useful and makes you advantageous against other players. By reaching the area where the boss is located earlier than other players, you can plan against other players and win the game without revealing your trick. Walker Max Distance (0 / 800m) - Works smoothly + You choose the distance you want to see the AI creatures. Glow - Not working + Since it's not a very important feature, I understand why developers know that this feature `` isn't working '' but doesn't fix it (since it's unnecessary) so it means its not a big problem. ----------- Loot ESP (10 / ? Health Box - Works smoothly + Hunt, as you know, is a Hardcore FPS game (which means you can die quickly) Knowing the location of the life boxes in compounds provides you a great convenience while fighting with the enemy players. Ammo - Works smoothly + If you are using a fast bullet-firing "loadout". Having this feature ready will be to your advantage and will provide you a great convenience. Örnek: (Avtomat / Nitro Exp / Explosive Crosb...) Distance - Works smoothly + Shows how many meters you have between you and the lootable items on the map (a useful feature to position yourself against enemies before the battle begins in compound) For example: You have found the Boss and by ''seeing the distance of the traps'' to place a trap around, you can quickly position all traps around you according to your plan. Loot Max Distance (0 / 800m) - Works smoothly + Shows how many meters you have between you and the lootable items on the map. ----------- World (10 / 0) Time Of Day (0 / 24) - Not working Glow Amount ( 0 / 1.0) - Not working They are not very important features like ESP, so their ''notworking'' status is not a big problem. - WISH LIST - features that I think will make the cheat more useful Skeleton ESP for Player ESP Why? Because this feature gives you a great advantage in "taking a position against your opponent", which I mentioned above. (strongest esp feature u can use against the enemies in my opinion) + I'm telling you based on +4000 hours of gaming experience with wallhacks Advanced Settings for Ammo ESP Why? The players who using this cheat as a professionally (ı mean playin like legal against the enemies) they use certain LOADOUTS . For example: Mosin + Uppercut / DBarrel + Uppercut / Spark + Dolch..) In short, the type of bullet these people are looking for is long or special bullets. However, since the cheat does not have a distinction for the bullet feature, searching for bullets on the map can sometimes be boring and useless. Aimbot Please DONT add this. (yep its not a joke) Why? If you add the aimbot feature to this cheat, users will start banning from the game much faster. Because playing with the "aimbot" feature and seems like legal to other players is a situation that only ''very experienced'' players can do. + if you are a user like me and want ''these features'' added HS Cheat on the future Click Here and vote for "RoadMap" + IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION "Learn to empathize and respect the work done" when posting a complaint message against managers / devolopers on the forums. You may think that hundreds of software developers work in the security teams of the big games. - Let's consider the number of people working on ChodCheats software team. - - (We dont know how many people are, it is normal that they do not explain this for ''security reasons'') - But, we can easily understand that corporate companies have fewer employees than their employees. So before I start complaining why these features are still not added to the cheat, It is necessary to congratulate the developers for the cheats they have made "Undetected" for so long. I hope the article I wrote was useful. Best Regards, coenZy
  2. today they released a new update. since then the cheat seems no longer working. after about 60 seconds in the game menu the game closes closes immediately without any error. please fix it guys 😎
  3. I am using Chods Paladins for about 2 years now on and off. Never got a ban even i am raging from time to time. ESP and other visuals always have been working great. The aimbot is really good but if you have fov set too high it snaps from time to time. The setup for fist use is very simple if you just follow the troubleshooting guide and punch in some cmd commends! Recently 06/2022 they added silent aim, it brings the aimbot to another level! Also the price got lowered last month If your looking for save and cheap option to hack on paladins i deffinetly recommend Chods Cheats! But ofc cheats always involves a risk Also Chods Cheats provides really good support and compensation if the cheat is down for a day. (you just get your time back) ❤️Chods-Cheats❤️
  4. so recently SCUM is getting more players and making a comeback. there is more player base now. and many is looking for hacks for it. it have the same anticheat as DEADSIDE. is there any chance maybe u guys consider to make a great hack for it. like ur the best to do those stuff :p-
  5. So i started with chods like 2 years ago when i used eft hack. I used it alot and never got banned. Still got the same account. Now deadside played almost everday with all the Things in the hack. And no ban or anything if u follow what chods recomend. I want just to thank you from all my heart and for the great job ur doing for keeping os hacking and safe ???❤
  6. Why are cheats so damn expensive, like £70 a month, im at home playing tarkov all day, how much money could i have, but seriously are they worth the money and does anyone know why theyre so expensive?
  7. Pubg mobile hack I need esp hack
  8. ✅HEY GUYS me and my friend sell SPOOFER for games like fortinite,rainbow six,pubg and others, if anyone needs tell me on discord Pankeac#8131✅ I sell Kedira Spoofer
  9. Hey guys today I just want to share my thoughts and skills with you guys, because lately (and not) (not even just here (mostly) ) I saw people complaining about getting banned on several games while using farely and really good cheating services like for example Chod's. I think there are mostly ways how we can make sure that we lower the chances of detection + the number of reports while playing with cheats. I've decided to go through every single (Almost XD) game, Chod's cheats support with its client and help those out a little bit who have troubles being legit, hiding cheats, and not getting banned easily. Here we go.: The first game is CS:GO, Im CSGO Its farely easy to hide your cheats if you got used to it. A lots of cheaters only use chams or only aim assist so in for example Overwatch reviews its relatively very hard to tell if the person is cheating or not, because he doesn't even know where the enemy is; because he doesn't use walls. You can also adjust you aim assist + there are options like only "human confirgurated" triggerbot, so its a trigger, but fairly human. + You can configurate it according to your skill level so don't set it to like a global would react in silver obviusly, go a little easy on them jesus. Also, if you happen to do use walls how I do, sometimes you gotta understand that you MUST pretend that you just DON'T know where they are.. Are you talking about literarry rpetending dumb and killing yourself? well, exacly... Sometimes when ur peeking a corner and he is in a really dumb position what you normally NEVER EVER WOULD check, then just DON'T..? Really, you may die, but you wont get banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Next up we have a game here that a lots of Chod's users intrested in, its Escape from tarkov. Yep a game, where sometimes its even as hard to play legit with cheats, if ur not using litteral ragebot. Its hard if you have bad weapons compared to someone who is richly geard, but still, just don't use the normal "RAGE" options and you should be normally good to go. What im saying is is limit your aimlocking, DON'T even try noclip and magic bullet, [ because you're just going to get more reports,] actually you can't report players so... Yea still, I belive devs do watch people so.. I f they have like a really high kill or escape rate and stuff... so be careful.. and maybe even the devs will manual ban you, if you won't get banned normally by anticheat, just because you're constantly NOCLIPPING XD... Anyways, try to act legit, you can even turn off aimbot if you're good enough. I personally only use Walls... Im still good to go... Manual dev checks can't even really tell, because Im mostly trying to loot on big maps instead of killing many players + 0 Aimbot, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... Its hard to tell cheats Anyways, BF1!! Its a good game, and there is nothing really to be afraid of exept if the cheat is not fully secured (like right now) Then wait until the Chod's client says.: UNDETECTED.. so you know IT IS really is safe. Anyways, don't use instakill, any weird fully obvius stuff that literrary breaking the game mechanics itself. And then you should be good to go even with pretty obvius aimbot... Too many players, devs only manual ban those have have extremely HIGH SCORE!! So you should be avare of that.. You shouldn't go above 100 kills.. Thats like really suspicius, you're either REALLY good, or just..? Cheating? Maybe if the game is really long and like 2+ ppl already have 100+ kills then go ahead, but still, remember to keep it legit. COD WW2! Pretty easy to pretend legit, because you have the option for a human aimbot, that is fairly good enough to trick players into thinking that you're just GOOD. Don't go rage, You can use WH, but adjust your aimbot wisely. If its not like a ragely very stickly aimlock, you're again, goop to go. If you're really good, then turn off your aimbots dude you don't need them In any other game if you follow these steps, you should be good to go relatively. As soon as I'll be able to use Chod's cheats in other games like PUBG AND H1Z1 AND RUST, Then I promise to wirte a part 2 of this topic (tutorial) thingy only helping players in those games. Should be much time. Anyways, if this topic is in a wrong section, I would like to ask the admins / mods, to feel free to move it anywhere. I hope I was helpful enough and I hope I could've helped you learn something today. Have a good time hacking and rekting noobs and remember to have a smurf if you're afraid to ever lose your main acc, because big ban waves do happen, and well... yea, cheating is always was and will be risky. Anyways, have a good day, Im signing out ;D <3 PS.: Im using Chod's cheats since October, november, (I belive) And still I haven't even been banned once even though I use 3 cheats at once. PHPBIRD3
  10. Hey, who would like to see a Fortnite Hack? I think it could be great :-) Has Battle-Eye as protection, so i think it would be invite only?
  11. Hey im PhpBird3Im here to reviewThe Escape From TarkovI'll do my review based on the following, and I'll try to make it compact as I can so everyone can decide easily whether to buy it or not.AIMBOT: 8/10 Pretty nice, I don't really know what to say, Don't really tried it cuz I don't wanna risk ban, so I only use ESP. but still I'll APPROVE it VISUALS: 8/10 Very nice visuals, pretty old stylish, I don't mind it, maybe others will. Working prefectly, even for far distances. Loose points because for example it says Generic instead of dead body, I guess prob cuz its reading it and writing it from the game code right away. but I don't really care, got used to it. Worked perfectly I'll APPROVEBANABLE?: 6/10 Heard some poeple getting banned,After new update I don't really hear anything I haven't been banned with 1 day of ESP only pretty legit cheating. Pretty good i'll defenietly APPROVEOTHER: 4/10Not really many much more customization, I don't really mind it, but others will, so it lowers the score a bit, I don't care about it so i'll have to APPROVE it how it is.GAMEPLAY: 8/10Really enjoyable. Not too much experience, but already gets much points cuz there aren't many tarkov cheats out there, I was really looking forward to try one. Finally. It was pretty nice. Gained much loot. Fun. Loved it. Keep up good work Chod's team! APPROVED ! FUN: 9/10Very Nice! Simply amaizing! Loved to play with it. Fun, always good, finally a pretty perfect cheat for tarkov if we looking at it on a basic level. I 100% APPROVEOVERALL: 8/10I APPROVE THE CHEAT. Should You Buy It? Yes, defenietly, if you like eft. BEATS: ANY OTHER ESCAPE FROM TARKOV CHEAT OUT THERE. Yes. Pretty much thats all I have to say. Was a really fun experience. Already gets a lots of points in my eye, because there are literarry no other real escape from tarkov cheats out there. Really enjoyed playing with it, keep up good work Chod's Team!!! Im looking forward to write a review soon on the COD WW2 Cheat aswell! And Im also REALLY looking forward to test all of the chod's cheats aswell, I defenietly would If I would get invited ! Until then, keep up good work, stay tuned for my reviews and have a nice day. I was PhpBird3, and im flyin away
  12. ARMA 3 Services (Professional Money Service Cheap) =====================I sell money on life servers. Before I start, I check if the server is running and if it is possible to get the money.I am a trustworthy person. When you contact me I reply quickly and I do the order quickly.No risk of ban. Unless the admins of the server look at your money and suspect something, be still reasonable=====================PRICES :• 1 million : 1 dollar• 2 millions : 2 dollars• 3 millions : 3 dollars• 4 millions : 4 dollars• 5 millions : 5 dollars • 10 millions : 7 dollars • 20 millions : 10 dollars (only PayPal)=====================My services are fast and well done ToS: You go first. Refunds will only be given if the money is not given in full or an incorrect amount is given any please ask before purchase if you have a question. This Method cannot be Patched. Contact Info: Discord: dVn Ras Khalifa#1211 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dVnRaska/ Forum private message
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