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  1. The aimbot doesn't work for me and I don't know why... I agree on some things, good review
  2. The rogue company aimbot works? I try to use it but it does not work, it does not activate and nothing happens when I change the assigned key. The ESP does work perfectly for me, except that it does not mention the names of the players, it only says "Player"
  3. Sr_hacks1


    What ETA means?
  4. As you should understand, using a hack always carries a chance of being banned for cheating. Although you can lower the risk using the cheats correctly, as it would be Using only the ESP or lowering the FOV of the aim a lot, increasing the smoothness to the maximum or minimum that seems legitimate. The point of the hack is that you look like a legitimate player, if you go around using everything super obvious, the BAN will be faster. My recommendation is to look for a configuration that seems legitimate or that suits your way of playing, and obviously DO NOT
  5. Can add the Mouse3 and Mouse4 to the Aimkey?
  6. Could they sell a hack for sea of thieves from you? It does not have much security and there are already many hacks, but they are complicated or have ugly interfaces. I am more interested in having a Dig Spot ESP They could sell it well.
  7. Forces to activate the hack when you want, so you can play without aim until the moment you need it, makes it easier to use and improves the imitation of a real player.
  8. Many players are pretty good and they almost never fail, if you still don't feel safe ... just press space and fail once. The skill check hack is not a big problem, don't worry
  9. I would like to know if they can or are interested in designing a software for ARK: Survival Evolve. The problem is that I have seen some others but they are not designed for your anti-cheat system. Battle Eye I would like to know if you could offer it, could sell it quite expensive and I would pay for it. I hope you have read my proposal and it has interested you, thank you for your attention.
  10. Dead by daylight cheat. English In my opinion it is a great hack, it is fun, useful and safe. It clearly depends on how you use it, if you want to enjoy safety or risk with the most risky tricks. In order not to make this very long, I will leave its pros and cons with a score of 1 to 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: 10 Get Max. Bloodpoints: 8 Speedhack (Adjustable): 9 Teleport to nearest Player: 9 Ghost Mode ( NoClip +
  11. Thank you very much ❤️
  12. why the aimbot hot key does not work? And when will it be implemented again? Could you implement the Fov of the aimbot? thanks for reading my questions <3