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  1. Welocme to HustlerEFT Shop! My Discord: hustlereft IM ALWAYS ONLINE What can i do:✅ Any Quests✅ Leveling✅ Farm money on your account✅ Any map carry✅ Rubles✅ Items Loot/Gear runs: Lab run = $5 Lighthouse = $5 Full case of ANY ammo - HustlerEFT#0771 Meta guns/gear - HustlerEFT#0771 You can request ANY kind of service/map! Just message me to discord! Our rubles prices: 1.000.000 RUB = $1.5 10.000.000 RUB = $15 20.000.000 RUB = $30 30.000.000 RUB = $45 40.000.000 RUB = $60 50.000.000 RUB = $70 100.000.000 RUB = $100 You can order more amounts than suggested above! All Lab Keys + extra SICC case = Price variable Any Tarkov Keys, Cases, Guns, AMMO etc... on request! Payment method - PayPal or BTC My Discord: HustlerEFT#0771 Proofs : https://imgur.com/a/iOqIKsi
  2. ESCAPE FROM TARKOV CARRY, ROUBLES, XP BOOST, TASK GRIND, unbeatable prices for more info. We’re giving you the Escape From Tarkov experience , minus the grind for gamers that work long shifts or just don’t have the time to play and level up. prices starting as low as 1$ and up we save the endless hours and stress of dying and not finding what your in search of to just simply get you what you need now add ANON# 2468 on discord
  3. WTS 62lvl acc + kappa + mailRU/CIS version (you need VPN for launcher if you not from CIS region, or upgrade version to worldwide)Stash value: 273 594 336Inside stash: 3 nade cases, 6 THICC item cases, 5 THICC weapon cases, 4 regular item cases, 1 regular weapon case, 21 AMMO box, 3 money cases, 3 junk cases, 3 magazine cases.Thicc cases filled with top-tier equipment:https://prnt.sc/y2hUbptyeNFwhttps://prnt.sc/YYKILWH5gIZxhttps://prnt.sc/lFs5oRgMKVFqhttps://prnt.sc/jGcYdcXORHYmhttps://prnt.sc/mL_q9Ps4ltPEhttps://prnt.sc/hQg0Bdy075PKThicc weapon cases:https://prnt.sc/b1d8zp1C9KbRhttps://prnt.sc/AbIB8_q8Ay-wSmall cases:https://prnt.sc/fNqoQC2pZYsdhttps://prnt.sc/r8Hw8xoHrmdG2 junk cases with gpu/btc:https://prnt.sc/U9YUcHh-gYYe1 junk case are for flea-sellings3 nade cases:https://prnt.sc/QoIGmEY-b_Maammo:8k 7.62 BP1.5k m61600 m9932.1k m622k m803.7k BS3.7k Igolnik3k ss1902.7k ss1932.5k SPP2.5k .45 AP6k 855a11.5k 995Keycards:3 card holders, yellow, violet, green, blue, black keycardsAll keysets for all mapsElite strength, 30+ endurance, Elite metabolism.60m+ roubles, 80k+ dollars.Hideout: all maxed, except lvl 3 btc farm and solar panel. Payment: wmz/payoneer/ebayAsk direct questions here: xianfiro#3071
  4. Welcome to GooDMan 1M = 2.45$EFT Market Delivery 10 minutes How to: After your payment, I`ll give you items using in-raid drop which you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. All fees will be covered by me. You must be 10+ lvl in-game for our deal.If you do not have level 10, we will find a way out. Our special offers: Bring a friend get 5% discount Our prices: 1.000.000 RUB = 2.45$ SICC Case = ~$ Red Rebel Ice pick = ~$ THICC Weapon Case = ~$ THICC Items Case = ~$ Red Lab Keycard = ~$ All Lab Keys + extra SICC = ~$ ❤All ITEMS and all KEYS are in stock, just write me❤ Lowered prices for large currency orders: 5.000.000 RUB = 12.2$‏‏‎ 10.000.000 RUB = 24.5$‏‏‎ 20.000.000 RUB = 48$ 30.000.000 RUB = 72$ 40.000.000 RUB = 95$ 50.000.000 RUB = 120$ 100.000.000 RUB = 240$ ❤Lab carries or any location❤ I help to complete all the quests. But basically it's a laboratory for making money. 1 raid = 3$ each 3 raids and more = 2$ each ❤Carry you through any map and bring you all loot you can find. You'll be given biggest backpack!❤ XP Boost or Quests No cheats or bots used. ✅50k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)✅= ~8$ ✅100k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)✅= ~15$ ✅Regarding the price of completing quests, write in private messages, they depend on the complexity of the quest✅ We will need to know your login detaiils and email security code to start the process. Also, if you need additional services, such as boost your account or completing quests, DM ME Payment method - PayPal Terms of Service: 1.PayPal payments must be sent as Friends & Family! 2.All purchases are final and refunds will not be issued. My Discord: GooDMan#5541
  5. Welcome to patch 0.12 ADD ME IN DISCORD: thetarkplug#8448 i am 50+ level pmc, all quests completed, if u need some help in game add New customers receive 5% bonus on their first purchase Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname ITEM ID ITEM NAME PRICE RUBLES 001 1 000 000 RUB $1,49 002 5 000 000 RUB $7,45 003 10 000 000 RUB $14,90 004 15 000 000 RUB $22,35 005 20 000 000 RUB $29,80 006 25 000 000 RUB $37,25 007 30 000 000 RUB $43,99 008 35 000 000 RUB $52,15 009 40 000 000 RUB $57,99 010 45 000 000 RUB $67,05 011 50 000 000 RUB $69,99 USD 012 10000 USD $1,64 013 20000 USD $3,28 014 30000 USD $4,92 015 40000 USD $6,56 016 50000 USD $8,20 017 100000 USD $16,39 EUR 018 10000 EUR $1,79 019 20000 EUR $3,58 020 30000 EUR $5,36 021 40000 EUR $7,15 022 50000 EUR $8,94 023 100000 EUR $17,88 CASES: 024 Small S I C C case $5,22 025 THICC Item Case $22,35 026 THICC Weapon Case $7,45 027 Weapon Case $2,98 028 Items Case (ICase) $2,98 029 Magazine case $1,49 030 Meds case $1,49 031 Money case $1,49 032 Lucky Scav Junkbox $2,98 033 Mr. Holodilnick thermobag $1,49 034 Keytool $1,49 035 Dogtag case $1,49 036 Documents case $1,49 037 Ammo case $1,49 OTHER 038 Virtex programmable processor $1,49 039 VIDEOCARD $0,49 040 Ledx $2,49 041 VPX Flash Storage Module $1,49 042 Secure Flash drive $0,75 043 BITCOIN $0,30 AMMOS 044 1000 x 7.62x39 mm BP $1,49 045 1000 x 5.45x39 mm BS $1,49 046 1000 x 5.56x45 mm M995 $1,49 047 1000 x 5.45x39 mm 7N39 "Igolnik" $1,49 048 1000 x 7.62x51 mm M61 $1,49 049 1000 x 7.62x51 mm M62 $1,49 LAB CARDS / KEYS 050 Lab. RED Keycard $29,80 051 Lab. VIOLET Keycard $7,45 052 Lab. BLUE Keycard $7,45 053 Lab. GREEN Keycard $1,49 054 Lab. Black Keycard $1,49 055 Lab. Yellow Keycard $1,49 056 Lab. key. Arsenal storage room $1,49 057 Lab. key. Manager office $1,49 058 Lab. key. Testing area (Weapon) $1,49 059 ALL LAB ACCES + Small S I C C case $53,64 060 10 x LAB ACCES PASS $2,98 SHORELINE KEYS 061 Office 104 West wing key $1,49 062 Office 112 West wing key $1,49 063 West wing room 203 key $1,49 064 West wing room 205 key $1,49 065 West wing room 207 key $1,49 066 West wing room 216 key $1,49 067 West wing room 218 key $1,49 068 West wing room 219 key $1,49 069 West wing room 220 key $1,49 070 West wing room 221 key $1,49 071 West wing room 222 key $1,49 072 West wing room 301 key $1,49 073 West wing room 303 key $1,49 074 West wing room 306 key $1,49 075 West wing room 309 key $1,49 076 West wing room 323 key $1,49 077 West wing room 325 key $1,49 078 Office 107 East wing key $1,49 079 East wing room 205 key $1,49 080 East wing room 206 key $1,49 081 East wing room 209 key $1,49 082 East wing room 213 key $1,49 083 East wing room 216 key $1,49 084 East wing room 222 key $1,49 085 East wing room 226 key $1,49 086 East wing room 306 key $1,49 087 East wing room 308 key $1,49 088 East wing room 310 key $1,49 089 East wing room 313 key $1,49 090 East wing room 314 key $1,49 091 East wing room 316 key $1,49 092 East wing room 322 key $1,49 093 East wing room 328 key $1,49 094 ALL SHORELINE KEYS x 3 keytool $49,17 RESERVE KEYS 094 RB-BK key $1,49 095 RB-VO key $1,49 096 RB-AO key $1,49 097 RB-OB key $1,49 098 RB-TB key $1,49 099 RB-AK key $1,49 100 RB-AM key $1,49 101 RB-OP key $1,49 102 RB-MP11 key $1,49 103 RB-MP12 key $1,49 104 RB-MP13 key $1,49 105 RB-MP21 key $1,49 106 RB-MP22 key $1,49 107 RB-PSP1 key $1,49 108 RB-PSV1 key $1,49 109 RB-PP key $1,49 110 RB-ORB1 key $1,49 111 RB-ORB2 key $1,49 112 RB-ORB3 key $1,49 113 RB-KORL key $1,49 114 RB-KPRL key $1,49 115 RB-GN key $1,49 116 RB-SMP key $1,49 117 RB-KSM key $1,49 118 RB-PSV2 key $1,49 119 Key RB-PSP2 $1,49 120 RB-ST key $1,49 121 RB-RS key $1,49 122 RB-RH key $1,49 123 ALL RESERVE KEYS 2 x keytool $43,21 OTHER 124 IcePeak $4,47 125 T-7 Thermal Goggles $7,45 ADD ME IN DISCORD: thetarkplug#8448 have a good day and raids your tarkplug ❤️
  6. Hello everyone, I haven't been around in a while since getting HWID banned on tarky a few months ago. I did some research back then on how I could gain access back to tarky again but didn't find any forsure info on which parts i need to change to remove my HWID banned parts. Im hoping that maybe someone has some legit guidance on which parts I need to replace that are mostly likely HWID by BE? With the new cards coming out, I could dump my 2080ti for a new series card if that is something they HWID. But I don't know what other parts I would need to change beside my drives to cleanse my PC of HWID banned parts? Also, is there actually any HWID spoofers available that work? Please dont name them, unless they are chods ? but if you know that there is one out there please give me a wink so I can do some more searching
  7. Hey want to sell my Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness account £82 PayPal only please Komrada#8690 on discord
  8. Hi! 100 USD Selling an EOD account as i dont longer play. The Region for the account is Europe. After purchase email change is required. Using middleman for security!
  9. Why are cheats so damn expensive, like £70 a month, im at home playing tarkov all day, how much money could i have, but seriously are they worth the money and does anyone know why theyre so expensive?
  10. Cheap Escape from Tarkov EU Accounts Standard Edition Region: EU Price: £25 / 31$ / 28 EUR Edge of Darkness Edition Region: EU Price: £65 / 79$ / 74 EUR Payment Paypal (friends and family) Amazon eGiftCard BTC Notes Email and Password can be changed at any time All accounts have 0 hrs playtime never been logged into except on website. If you already have an account on the website without the game, I can use that account to give you your edition of the game. Left Behind and Prepare for Escape Editions of the game are available if you contact me. EU Region accounts can be played anywhere in the world. Comes with email access. If you have any questions or would like to purchase an account xItsArchie#8334 on discord OR https://discord.gg/AvN99vq (Join the server and react to the message)
  11. We buy and sell rubles currently, no quest items or other in-game items. Because of this specialty, we can offer the absolute best prices. Below is an overview of our prices. We keep our prices very simple and easy to understand, a flat rate of .95 USD per 1 Million Rubles, if you order 50MIL or more its .90$ per MIL and if you order 100MIL or more its .85$ per MIL. https://discord.gg/9HYPUxz We accept Paypal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, specifics on how to pay and receive your money are detailed in our discord. Join the discord below to see complete details and to purchase your rubles! - Head to the #how-to-use-the-ticket-bot channel. - React to the panel with the given reaction.A ticket will open, here, specify the following. - The amount you are looking to purchase - The method you are looking to use (Paypal, BTC or ETH) - Any specific questions you may have regarding the process - A response will be given in a timely manner regarding any specifics that may be brought up and the completion of your purchase. We are also very interested in buying Rubles, if you are looking to sell what you have, no matter how you have gained it, PM us here and we will talk business.
  12. Welcome to my store! I sell quest items, roubles and many more items that will satisfy your needs! Currently selling: 1.000.000 Roubles - 0.49 USD 10.000.000 Roubles - 4.99 USD 20.000.000 Roubles - 9.99 USD 30.000.000 Roubles - 14.99 USD 40.000.000 Roubles - 19.99 USD 50.000.000 Roubles - 24.99 USD Red Keycard - 19.99 USD Anything else that you need Discord: Yolocaust#4491 Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname. Feedback:
  13. Hey guys. I’m new to this site and was looking for get some questions answered. first question - is there a duscord for this website?
  14. Looking to sell my PFE tarkov account my reason for sale is i actually hate the game its just to slow paced for me middleman will be used no matter the rep count and all will be delt with through the forum i only accept GBP and will accept paypal and or NBT payments. i would also accept CS:GO items how ever overpay would be included i am OPEN to offers so just reply with them i will not respond to dm's ive never used cheese or anything that would warrant a ban on the account not much playtime on it so its clean in that aspect. Some things i have in my account are in the screenshots below https://gyazo.com/c3d7b030333f5f91202d7660a3741a64 https://gyazo.com/5d7424f808591b0d1287c8beb27dd2a7 https://gyazo.com/6972e72374cd285823b38a94fd60c9f0 https://gyazo.com/dc0194362fbd93a86f63f8bb33cce3bb
  15. Im looking for a cheap account that goes for around 20-40 dollars both eod and standard I just got banned today and I have already contacted the support team about a ban appeal bc I remember not cheating at all in my account. But knowing Tarkov they will prob say no so safe to say that Im going to buy a new account. im mainly looking for EOD but if no one has one for sale standard will do. willing to pay a bit extra for christmas gift and such.
  16. Hello there. All money farmed by hands, no dupe/cheat/hacks, only live "grab-fight-and-go" playstyle. Price 1 million = 2$ Each 2 million - free wallet Each 8 millions - free doc case 10% Discount for each 10 mill bought, to 30% max. Trade via flea If you have any questions - add me on discord xianfiro#3071 Current working time: from 5 AM GMT to 6-7 PM GMT. If you can't catch me in that time - PM into discord, we will solve this fast.
  17. Rubles 1 Million = 1.25 USD 5 Million = 5 USD 10 Million = 8 USD 20 Million = 127 USD Money is saved by buying in bulk! --- Limited Amount - Buy Quickly Contact Discord: redrocket09#8253 Accept BTC & PP Proof because I'm new https://i.imgur.com/IZ0iWIQ.jpg
  18. Hello i want to sell my Escape From Tarkov edge of darkness account. Payment paypal only asking 70euro (77us) pm me on discord : OrangeJesus#0913 safe middleman available
  19. EU Tarkov account for sale.
  20. Selling my THICC items case. Private message me if interested. Price of case is 60 USD
  21. ! ATTENTION ! Chod is NOT a code man, he is in fact : An American CIA agent. How do I know? Well, let me tell you bro. 1. escape from tarkov is Russian, you see, the Russian government Is evil in the eyes of the U.S. !!! 2. If the U.S. is to really be prepared against a Russian cyber attack, the ONLY way to this is by stealing the kremlin THROUGH escape from tarkov!!! An anonymous source has leaked info, about a C.I.A. scientific electromagnetic computer agent hacker weapon man male , his real name is not known, however his fellow CIA agents refer to him as "Chod". That's right, you read that correctly, Chod. But that's not the whole story. Not only is Chod, (the individuals existence itself being classified) a highly secretive agent, but a MASTER of deception. His colleagues, have reported an alleged Agent Chod clone. But not just one, multiple, although mass hysteria ensued across the globe of "Chod clones", the man himself used this chaos as a way to manipulate the ultra large CIA computer screen teleporter. In just a few minutes, massive human hands were reported to have grabbed the entirety of the kremlin, and sucked back into a giant floating USB stick. I know this may have been shocking to learn of, but the reason Agent Chod, ( known colloquially as just "Chod" ) has a MASSIVE USB stick still connected to his computer, is because the CIA used cloning technology ( the same one that cloned the Other chods ) to biogenetically clone the usb/kremlin stick. Although we do not know the whereabouts of the many other CIA held USB sticks, we know (according to an anonymous source) that Chod still has one on his super big ass gaming rig. To all of you who are reading this, please, keep in mind that Agent Chod, although looked upon as an ordinary being, holds great power within his USB/kremlin stick.
  22. give me a price and what account type i want to use MM Service
  23. So, when tarkov updates for those of us who have cheats will they be available with the new patch, will cheating be possible still, also for the downtime that cheats dont work with 0.12 are we going to be compensated for that period of time. Thank you for your time
  24. Per 1 000 000 RUB = 2 USD Buy 20m get free money case! PM FAST FOR CHEAPEST CASH Have fun playing everyone! Discord: misterniceguy#6321
  25. This is my personal escape from tarkov account witch has the limited edition escape from darkness edition no bans. I also have a code for escape from tarkov standard edition message me with offers for either the account or cd key
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