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Found 9 results

  1. The topics I will criticize in this article are; Requirements / Inject Stage / Player ESP / Zombie ESP / Loot ESP / World Requirements (10 / 10) 64bit Windows 10 (BUILD 1809 - 20H2) - Easily downloadable content from the Windows site as an ISO file. USB - With the advancement of technology in 2020, USBs are no longer "luxury" items, but a product that can be easily accessed by an average person. Virtualization ON - A feature that helps your processor to run the trick in the background (I guess I'm not an expert on this subject, but mo
  2. As stated in title this is my detailed and honest review about the cheats provided by Chod's Cheats for Hunt: Showdown. Introduction: I will start by mentioning that I have been using this website for nearly two years now and have easily amassed over 1,500 hours of cheat use over 4 different games. I have written a review for both CS:GO and EFT and hope to provide a solid point of reference for anyone considering a purchase of cheats from this website. How Credible is this Review? To reinforce the review I will give you a small breakdown: -Over 2
  3. Esp 9/10 The esp work great just the visibility check doesn't work always and it goes through bushes. Aimbot 6/10 The aimbot works but not always it sometimes aims above enemies. Speedhack 10/10 Works great i had no problems with it yet but i am not using it very often because i dont rage hack. Misc 10/10 Everything in misc works great and is great !! Overall 9/10 I can only suggest this cheat its also the only cheat for squad i could find thats not invite only or private.
  4. Dead by daylight cheat. English In my opinion it is a great hack, it is fun, useful and safe. It clearly depends on how you use it, if you want to enjoy safety or risk with the most risky tricks. In order not to make this very long, I will leave its pros and cons with a score of 1 to 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ESP: 10 Automatic Perfect Skillcheck: 10 Get Max. Bloodpoints: 8 Speedhack (Adjustable): 9 Teleport to nearest Player: 9 Ghost Mode ( NoClip +
  5. First off read the reqs to use this before you drop money, its not hard and you only have yourself to blame if you can't. Would you buy a boat if you had nowhere to dock it? In an effort to not repeat the millions of other testimonies with crazy scores and be more constructive, I need to get out of the way that this is *probably* (I cant be 100% certain after all) the best publicly available EFT cheese out there. However the best advice I can give you is know what you want out of this. I was more interested in learning the game through using this (spawn patterns, scav behavior, loo
  6. Hello, I have been a member for little over a year now and it's now time to write a review on how I perceive this service. During my time here almost everyone is nice and friendly. The staff has grown quite a bit since I was here and are the most wonderful people I have ever meet using this type of service. This is gonna be a long review so buckle in and thanks for reading. Let's start with the Escape From Tarkov (EFT) service. Requirements 64bit Windows 10 Almost the majority of people have this architecture. 10/10 DEP set to de
  7. So here's my Cheat Review on the hard discussed Paladins cheat. Below you can see all champs / how it worked with them. It will be updated trough time. Good >7 OK 4-6 Bad <4 Aimbot 7/10 The aimbot is good. You are able choose your aim speed, and the fov. I used this as an small aim assist (FOV 5), it is a bit laggy but it does it's job. It's sad to not see aim-prediction, smoothness and vischeck. Now there's a huge problem with the aimbot, if you lock onto someone, and another enemy walks by the other one, the aimbot might lock on the other one.
  8. Used a bunch of providers in the last couples months and so far Chod's Cheats provides the best hack around with the most options and best features. I very much enjoy using the EFT hack for things like going into any door I want, allowing me to either explore or finish all the quests. Or getting smooth kills with no sway or recoil allowing me to make tons of money leaving raids with tons of guns. The GUI is amazing and very smooth and the cheat is worth the money. Best cheat around. Keep up the great work!
  9. I bought the cheat 2 days ago and can confindently vouch for the cheatbto any one. This cheat seems to be completly undetected and constantly updated. For a game that doesnt have much popularity hacking wise, i was astonished to see the cheat is constantly being updated and improved. The cheat was updated today for the new update/wipe, and is also being updated again tomorrow to update more feautures. If anyone is skeptical about this cheat or this website, just know i have been cheating in many games and have used cheats from various sources but i have never been this impressed by a cheat.