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  • Q: Do you have unique builds?

    A: Yes, we have a dedicated build server running 24 hours a day. Twice per hour it pulls the latest code, rebuilds it, mutates and encrypts it then pushes it out to the deployment server. What this process does is produce a program that never has the same digital footprint for more than 30 minutes, rendering the majority of anti-cheat scans useless. If you already have the program downloaded to your computer it will update to the latest unique build each time you run it.

    Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: We will only offer a refund if you're having technical issues getting the program to run on your computer and we are unable to resolve it for you. If you get banned or decide you don't like it we will not offer a refund -- however, we will deal this case-by-case. (Vip cheats are not included)

    If you get banned we can also offer a subscription switch once or pause your subscription.

    We also offer a sub switch if a cheat is down for a very long time (2 months+).

    Q: Why Invite Only? How do i get invited to the VIP cheats?

    A: We have made a new policy that our VIP cheats are invite only due to security breach and to keep our cheat safe for our premium users.
    To get invited you will need to:

    Be active on forums
    Be active on discord
    Contribute to Chods-Cheats


    Q: How long does it take to get activated?

    A: Usually instantly. Our payment processing is automatic and you should only generally experience a delay if its a problem with the payment provider.
    Except if our verification system has deemed your transaction for manual review, then a staff member has to check the payment manually and you should check the support for open tickets.


    Q: How many computers can I use the cheats on?

    A: The software is locked to one computer at a time, but you are allowed one free hardware changes per month. If you need to change computers more than once per month you can purchase extra HWID resets from the store for a small fee. If only one item of hardware has changed and your location is the same your HWID will be automatically reset, however if more than one hardware item has changed or your location has changed then you will need to have your new HWID reset verified by a member of staff. Currently the only way around this is by buying one of our hardware unlocked usb sticks.

    Q: Are your cheats internal or external?

    A: We have internal and external cheats.

    Q: Can I be a beta tester?

    A: When we fix a bug or add a new feature it goes into the release candidate branch for closed testing before being made live. If you'd like to be part of this testing group then please email us at [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd like to become a beta tester.

    Q: Do you have a referrals scheme?

    A: Yes, for each person you refer who becomes one of our customers, we will give you 10% commission. If you refer a lot of users you may qualify for our high-tier commission of 20%. To visit the referrals page where you can get a personalized link and a banner click here.

    Q: Do you compensate service downtimes ?

    A: Yes, we compensate the lost time once our service is back up. (Only for 24h+ downtimes)

    This is automatically but only works when your subscription is still active.

    If it expired just create a support ticket but wait until it works again.

    The HWID Spoofer is only a bonus.
    You won't get compensated if the Spoofer does not work properly or if its disabled.

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