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  1. Приватные читы от Chods-Cheats.Com || Помощь в покупке! || By Mar1k Продажа приватных читов от Chods-Cheats.Com в России и Украине по адекватной цене, быстрая активация сразу после вашей покупки, инструкции и хорошая техническая поддержка. Более подробную информацию о каждом чите вы можете найти по данной ссылке или если у вас остались вопросы по читам, функциям или оплате, то пишите лично мне по контактом в конце сообщения. Cпособи оплаты: - Онлайн оплата через сервис (Что принимают?) - Онлайн оплата через сервис Robokassa.Ru (Что принимают?) - Сбе
  2. Fast leveling 1-10 lvl! + loot + merchants! High quality, safe! Price 18$ Fast leveling 1-20 lvl! + loot + merchants! High quality, safe! Price 48$ It is also possible to complete any quests and pumping to any level! For any questions contact me Discord: time2win#1477
  3. hello i was using eft chod cheat a very long time ago but as we all know there is no eta on when they will be avaible again. Is there any way that chod will make a Radar type of cheat for eft ? for sure will be the best provider as always if they will do it .
  4. Welcome to GooDMan 1M = 2.45$EFT Market Delivery 10 minutes How to: After your payment, I`ll give you items using in-raid drop which you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. All fees will be covered by me. You must be 10+ lvl in-game for our deal.If you do not have level 10, we will find a way out. Our special offers: Bring a friend get 5% discount Our prices: 1.000.000 RUB = 2.45$ SICC Case = ~$ Red Rebel Ice pick = ~$ THICC Weapon Case = ~$ THICC Items Case = ~$ Red Lab Keycard = ~$ All Lab Keys + extra SICC = ~$ ❤All ITEMS and all
  5. Welcome to patch 0.12 ADD ME IN DISCORD: thetarkplug#8448 i am 50+ level pmc, all quests completed, if u need some help in game add New customers receive 5% bonus on their first purchase Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname ITEM ID ITEM NAME PRICE RUBLES 001 1 000 000 RUB $1,49 002 5 000 000 RUB $7,45 003 10 000 000 RUB $14,90
  6. Hello, here you can find any accounts for Escape From Tarkov. After purchase, you get full access to your account, as well as an email address for it. On sale there are clean accounts (0.0 hours), temporary accounts (1-30 days lifitime), also filled main accounts (20-70lvl)- EOD, KAPPA, Full hideout... Prices: - (CIS) EFT Standard Edition Account - $27 *You need VPN just to login into launcher. - Temporary account - price start from $14 - Accounts with Kappa secure container - price start from $240 (Some main EU/CIS accounts. For more information, hit me in Di
  7. i know im not supposed to mention other cheats/cheat providers but sadly chod cheats are falling behind. why is it that chods EFT cheat has basically been down for a year it seems like, yet there are so many other cheat providers that have EFT cheats. I remember that once battle state games added battle eye the EFT cheat went down and has stayed down for the most part. i used another cheat and no ban everything is fine (battle eye sucks) so im not sure what is taking so long for chod to get EFT back up and running. Chod had the best EFT cheat hands down and it was for an amazing price. $20ish
  8. Roubles 1M = 5$ If you need something special(keys, cases, wallets) write me in discord about it!!! I have almost anything just write me) I have a lot of feedback from buyers and I can confirm it!!! If you need very much money ill make you discount!!! ___________________________ mail- Discord- PRO1004nDRUha#8079
  9. I will sell any item for you, in any quantity.There are many reviews.Price is negotiatedCommunication only in my discord bud'gotov#0632 and telegram @comingforyou22
  10. Welcome to my store! I sell quest items, roubles and many more items that will satisfy your needs! Currently selling: 1.000.000 Roubles - 0.49 USD 10.000.000 Roubles - 4.99 USD 20.000.000 Roubles - 9.99 USD 30.000.000 Roubles - 14.99 USD 40.000.000 Roubles - 19.99 USD 50.000.000 Roubles - 24.99 USD Red Keycard - 19.99 USD Anything else that you need Discord: Yolocaust#4491 Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname.
  11. I will sell you any amount of any money, possibly in partsI can provide reviews in a discordPrice is negotiatedCommunication only in my discord bud'gotov#0632 and telegram @comingforyou22
  12. Covid-19 Special Prices New price for today 0.84 USD PER MILLION New price for today 0.69 GBP PER MILLION Hello welcome to my shop, I am selling EFT rubles for as little as £0.60 per million rubles or $0.74(subject to going rate). I am the safest trader on here. Repeat customers will receive 10% off your purchase. I can do items if you want but I do prefer to just do rubles as it's cheaper for both of us. If you do want a specific item the cost will be the same as the rubles so if said item costs 5 million rubles the price will be £3.00 or $3.70 if the ite
  13. Currently selling EFT roubles for as little as £1.00 per 1 million Will do other items as well if need but its cheaper for both of us if you just order roubles, in this case it is 1.00 x (cost of item in millions) to calculate the price of any item. Message Me on Discord for more information or for any questions you have: xItsArchie#8334 Deliveries done quickly, usually within 30 mins if contacted 5pm-10pm UK Time but done all day on weekends. Can use Chod's Cheats Middleman if you'd like, I personally don't mind but no refunds.
  14. Welcome to Buyanov EFT Market Lowered Prices for couple of days! How it works: After your payment I`ll give you items using in-raid drop whick you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. All fees will be covered by me. Our prices: 1.000.000 RUB = 1.69$ Red Lab Keycard = 31$ SICC Case = 5$ All Lab Keys + SICC for free = 55$ Our special offers: Every new customer gets a 10% extra rubles to his FIRST order. There are special prices for large currency orders: 10.
  15. Hello there. All money farmed by hands, no dupe/cheat/hacks, only live "grab-fight-and-go" playstyle. Price 1 million = 2$ Each 2 million - free wallet Each 8 millions - free doc case 10% Discount for each 10 mill bought, to 30% max. Trade via flea If you have any questions - add me on discord xianfiro#3071 Current working time: from 5 AM GMT to 6-7 PM GMT. If you can't catch me in that time - PM into discord, we will solve this fast.
  16. Hello fellow buyers! I want to sell my Escape From Tarkov - Edge of Darkness account because I have no use for it, Using Middleman ONLY. The account is clear of cheesing history, never cheesed on it. PM me and I will respond as soon as possible! Thanks.
  17. Hey I was just wondering if there was an update on an ETA for EFT, if this isnt allowed im sorry
  18. I happened to but the cheat just a few days before it went down. Very unlucky I know 😧 . I heard that in this case I should recieve the next cheat for free for a month but I have heard nothing about the EFT cheat in months. Is it coming?
  19. Selling my EFT standard edition account for $35 USD, possible to negotiate. It has not been banned at all. BTW you can add me on discord to discuss if you want at Casey#2995
  20. Is Win10 actually crucial for the cheese to work or will it work in Win7 too?
  21. Hi all, It was a warm welcome for me within the community, within the first hours I learned about the use of the word cheese. Therefore I am a noob to the whole hacking genre as I had no clue what you all were talking about. However I am loving every minute of it. Too bad though, my luck ran out pretty soon as the cheat went down 3 days after my ourchase. But I have faith in the masters work of art. Thank you all for being so welcome of newcomers. Greetings, D