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Found 75 results

  1. I will sell any item for you, in any quantity.There are many reviews.Price is negotiatedCommunication only in my discord bud'gotov#0632 and telegram @comingforyou22
  2. Welcome to GooDMan 1M = 2.45$EFT Market Delivery 10 minutes How to: After your payment, I`ll give you items using in-raid drop which you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. All fees will be covered by me. You must be 10+ lvl in-game for our deal.If you do not have level 10, we will find a way out. Our special offers: Bring a friend get 5% discount Our prices: 1.000.000 RUB = 2.45$ SICC Case = ~$ Red Rebel Ice pick = ~$ THICC Weapon Case = ~$ THICC Items Case = ~$ Red Lab Keycard = ~$ All Lab Keys + extra SICC = ~$ ❤All ITEMS and all KEYS are in stock, just write me❤ Lowered prices for large currency orders: 5.000.000 RUB = 12.2$‏‏‎ 10.000.000 RUB = 24.5$‏‏‎ 20.000.000 RUB = 48$ 30.000.000 RUB = 72$ 40.000.000 RUB = 95$ 50.000.000 RUB = 120$ 100.000.000 RUB = 240$ ❤Lab carries or any location❤ I help to complete all the quests. But basically it's a laboratory for making money. 1 raid = 3$ each 3 raids and more = 2$ each ❤Carry you through any map and bring you all loot you can find. You'll be given biggest backpack!❤ XP Boost or Quests No cheats or bots used. ✅50k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)✅= ~8$ ✅100k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)✅= ~15$ ✅Regarding the price of completing quests, write in private messages, they depend on the complexity of the quest✅ We will need to know your login detaiils and email security code to start the process. Also, if you need additional services, such as boost your account or completing quests, DM ME Payment method - PayPal Terms of Service: 1.PayPal payments must be sent as Friends & Family! 2.All purchases are final and refunds will not be issued. My Discord: GooDMan#5541
  3. Приватные читы от Chods-Cheats.Com || Помощь в покупке! || By Mar1k Продажа приватных читов от Chods-Cheats.Com в России и Украине по адекватной цене, быстрая активация сразу после вашей покупки, инструкции и хорошая техническая поддержка. Более подробную информацию о каждом чите вы можете найти по данной ссылке или если у вас остались вопросы по читам, функциям или оплате, то пишите лично мне по контактом в конце сообщения. Cпособи оплаты: - Онлайн оплата через сервис (Что принимают?) - Онлайн оплата через сервис Robokassa.Ru (Что принимают?) - Сбербанк Онлайн напрямую на мою карту. - Перевод на карту банка Тинькофф. - Для жителей России и Украины через VK Деньги в диалоге со мной- WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги и QIWI напрямую на мой счет.- Steam Wallet и скины\вещи из игры CS:GO, Dota 2 и другие. Самые дешевые способы оплаты это напрямую на мой Вебмани, Киви, Яндекс.Деньги, Тинькофф и через СберБанк на мою карту или же просто на карту через VK.Деньги. Через стим, скинами игр или сервис присутствует комиссия. Есть вопросы или нужна помощь в выборе чита? Если вы не нашли нужный вам чит, то пишите сюда: • Skype Login: live:mar1khacks [Нажмите! Добавить Меня в Skype OnLine!] • ICQ UIN: 7049195 • Profile: [Нажмите! Написать [В]контакте OnLine!] • FaceBook.Com Profile: [Нажмите! Написать Мне в FaceBook OnLine!] • YouTube Channel: [Нажмите! Посмотреть Мой Официальный канал!] • Discord Contact: Mar1k#1993 • Telegram messenger number: +380969064108 or login: Mar1kHack • Наш новостной канал в Telegramm: Mar1kHacks [Нажмите! Подписаться прямо сейчас!] • WhatsApp messenger number: +380969064108 • Viber messenger nubmer: +380969064108 • E-Mail: [Нажмите! Написать Мне на E-Mail OnLine!] • Мобильный Телефон: +380969064108 [Нажмите! Позвонить Мне с помощью Skype OnLine!]
  4. Welcome to my store! I sell quest items, roubles and many more items that will satisfy your needs! Currently selling: 1.000.000 Roubles - 0.49 USD 10.000.000 Roubles - 4.99 USD 20.000.000 Roubles - 9.99 USD 30.000.000 Roubles - 14.99 USD 40.000.000 Roubles - 19.99 USD 50.000.000 Roubles - 24.99 USD Red Keycard - 19.99 USD Anything else that you need Discord: Yolocaust#4491 Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname. Feedback:
  5. I will sell you any amount of any money, possibly in partsI can provide reviews in a discordPrice is negotiatedCommunication only in my discord bud'gotov#0632 and telegram @comingforyou22
  6. Covid-19 Special Prices New price for today 0.84 USD PER MILLION New price for today 0.69 GBP PER MILLION Hello welcome to my shop, I am selling EFT rubles for as little as £0.60 per million rubles or $0.74(subject to going rate). I am the safest trader on here. Repeat customers will receive 10% off your purchase. I can do items if you want but I do prefer to just do rubles as it's cheaper for both of us. If you do want a specific item the cost will be the same as the rubles so if said item costs 5 million rubles the price will be £3.00 or $3.70 if the item costs 10 million rubles then it's £6.00 or $7.40 Any taxes you have to pay for trades will be covered at no extra charge. *£ = GBP *$ = USD If spending over £60 or $74 I will throw in an extra 10% of roubles so £60 will get you 110 million rubles. If you want to refer a friend anything they buy you will receive 10% of what they got, If they get 50 million you get 5 million. You don't need to have purchased from me to refer anybody, Just have them tell me your name and make sure you add me if you're going to refer somebody! 250 Million rubles currently available Instant delivery upon payment. Open for business 7 days a week. Don't be caught out from anybody imitating to be me, Message me directly if you see anybody doing so or let the other sites admins/mods know referring this page. I only sell on chods-cheats see me anywhere else then its fake. Thanks for visiting my page, Take care protect yourself, protect others. 👌 Add me on discord Gibswal#3252
  7. Roubles 1M = 0.70$ If you need something special(keys, cases, wallets) write me in discord about it!!! I have almost anything just write me) I have a lot of feedback from buyers and I can confirm it!!! If you need very much money ill make you discount!!! ___________________________ mail- Discord- PRO1004nDRUha#8079
  8. Welcome to patch 0.12 ADD ME IN DISCORD: thetarkplug#8448 i am 50+ level pmc, all quests completed, if u need some help in game add New customers receive 5% bonus on their first purchase Reffer me to a friend and receive 10% of their purchase! They just have to tell me your nickname ITEM ID ITEM NAME PRICE RUBLES 001 1 000 000 RUB $1,49 002 5 000 000 RUB $7,45 003 10 000 000 RUB $14,90 004 15 000 000 RUB $22,35 005 20 000 000 RUB $29,80 006 25 000 000 RUB $37,25 007 30 000 000 RUB $43,99 008 35 000 000 RUB $52,15 009 40 000 000 RUB $57,99 010 45 000 000 RUB $67,05 011 50 000 000 RUB $69,99 USD 012 10000 USD $1,64 013 20000 USD $3,28 014 30000 USD $4,92 015 40000 USD $6,56 016 50000 USD $8,20 017 100000 USD $16,39 EUR 018 10000 EUR $1,79 019 20000 EUR $3,58 020 30000 EUR $5,36 021 40000 EUR $7,15 022 50000 EUR $8,94 023 100000 EUR $17,88 CASES: 024 Small S I C C case $5,22 025 THICC Item Case $22,35 026 THICC Weapon Case $7,45 027 Weapon Case $2,98 028 Items Case (ICase) $2,98 029 Magazine case $1,49 030 Meds case $1,49 031 Money case $1,49 032 Lucky Scav Junkbox $2,98 033 Mr. Holodilnick thermobag $1,49 034 Keytool $1,49 035 Dogtag case $1,49 036 Documents case $1,49 037 Ammo case $1,49 OTHER 038 Virtex programmable processor $1,49 039 VIDEOCARD $0,49 040 Ledx $2,49 041 VPX Flash Storage Module $1,49 042 Secure Flash drive $0,75 043 BITCOIN $0,30 AMMOS 044 1000 x 7.62x39 mm BP $1,49 045 1000 x 5.45x39 mm BS $1,49 046 1000 x 5.56x45 mm M995 $1,49 047 1000 x 5.45x39 mm 7N39 "Igolnik" $1,49 048 1000 x 7.62x51 mm M61 $1,49 049 1000 x 7.62x51 mm M62 $1,49 LAB CARDS / KEYS 050 Lab. RED Keycard $29,80 051 Lab. VIOLET Keycard $7,45 052 Lab. BLUE Keycard $7,45 053 Lab. GREEN Keycard $1,49 054 Lab. Black Keycard $1,49 055 Lab. Yellow Keycard $1,49 056 Lab. key. Arsenal storage room $1,49 057 Lab. key. Manager office $1,49 058 Lab. key. Testing area (Weapon) $1,49 059 ALL LAB ACCES + Small S I C C case $53,64 060 10 x LAB ACCES PASS $2,98 SHORELINE KEYS 061 Office 104 West wing key $1,49 062 Office 112 West wing key $1,49 063 West wing room 203 key $1,49 064 West wing room 205 key $1,49 065 West wing room 207 key $1,49 066 West wing room 216 key $1,49 067 West wing room 218 key $1,49 068 West wing room 219 key $1,49 069 West wing room 220 key $1,49 070 West wing room 221 key $1,49 071 West wing room 222 key $1,49 072 West wing room 301 key $1,49 073 West wing room 303 key $1,49 074 West wing room 306 key $1,49 075 West wing room 309 key $1,49 076 West wing room 323 key $1,49 077 West wing room 325 key $1,49 078 Office 107 East wing key $1,49 079 East wing room 205 key $1,49 080 East wing room 206 key $1,49 081 East wing room 209 key $1,49 082 East wing room 213 key $1,49 083 East wing room 216 key $1,49 084 East wing room 222 key $1,49 085 East wing room 226 key $1,49 086 East wing room 306 key $1,49 087 East wing room 308 key $1,49 088 East wing room 310 key $1,49 089 East wing room 313 key $1,49 090 East wing room 314 key $1,49 091 East wing room 316 key $1,49 092 East wing room 322 key $1,49 093 East wing room 328 key $1,49 094 ALL SHORELINE KEYS x 3 keytool $49,17 RESERVE KEYS 094 RB-BK key $1,49 095 RB-VO key $1,49 096 RB-AO key $1,49 097 RB-OB key $1,49 098 RB-TB key $1,49 099 RB-AK key $1,49 100 RB-AM key $1,49 101 RB-OP key $1,49 102 RB-MP11 key $1,49 103 RB-MP12 key $1,49 104 RB-MP13 key $1,49 105 RB-MP21 key $1,49 106 RB-MP22 key $1,49 107 RB-PSP1 key $1,49 108 RB-PSV1 key $1,49 109 RB-PP key $1,49 110 RB-ORB1 key $1,49 111 RB-ORB2 key $1,49 112 RB-ORB3 key $1,49 113 RB-KORL key $1,49 114 RB-KPRL key $1,49 115 RB-GN key $1,49 116 RB-SMP key $1,49 117 RB-KSM key $1,49 118 RB-PSV2 key $1,49 119 Key RB-PSP2 $1,49 120 RB-ST key $1,49 121 RB-RS key $1,49 122 RB-RH key $1,49 123 ALL RESERVE KEYS 2 x keytool $43,21 OTHER 124 IcePeak $4,47 125 T-7 Thermal Goggles $7,45 ADD ME IN DISCORD: thetarkplug#8448 have a good day and raids your tarkplug ❤️
  9. Currently selling EFT roubles for as little as £1.00 per 1 million Will do other items as well if need but its cheaper for both of us if you just order roubles, in this case it is 1.00 x (cost of item in millions) to calculate the price of any item. Message Me on Discord for more information or for any questions you have: xItsArchie#8334 Deliveries done quickly, usually within 30 mins if contacted 5pm-10pm UK Time but done all day on weekends. Can use Chod's Cheats Middleman if you'd like, I personally don't mind but no refunds. Discounts are available for returning buyers, message me on discord for more information. Also to see proof of having the items message me there too. Note: No containers for sale as it's currently not possible. Preferred payment method: Online Amazon gift cards but I will occasionally do paypal through friends/family. Feedback: More feedback is available if you contact me on discord from other sites I sell on. NOTE: There is someone pretending to be me on other sites with the discord tag xItsArchie#9099, he has scammed users recently and I take no responsibility if you fall for it, please do not contact me about it.
  10. I've got a handful of CIS region keys for Escape From Tarkov. I am selling them for $20 each. I accept paypal or cryptocurrency and I do not go first. I might have EOD keys at some point so PM me if you are interested in that but I usually don't have any on hand. PM on discord to purchase: suweeside#7647
  11. Welcome to Buyanov EFT Market Lowered Prices for couple of days! How it works: After your payment I`ll give you items using in-raid drop whick you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. All fees will be covered by me. Our prices: 1.000.000 RUB = 1.69$ Red Lab Keycard = 31$ SICC Case = 5$ All Lab Keys + SICC for free = 55$ Our special offers: Every new customer gets a 10% extra rubles to his FIRST order. There are special prices for large currency orders: 10.000.000 RUB = 17$ 20.000.000 RUB = 30$ 30.000.000 RUB = 42$ 40.000.000 RUB = 56$ 50.000.000 RUB = 70$ 100.000.000 RUB = 140$ Payment method - PayPal or BTC Terms of Service: 1.PayPal payments must be sent as Friends & Family! 2.All purchases are final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. My Discord: TheRealHardy#1337 Feel free to ask me a link to my other threads with tons of feedback! // From Tarkov with love //
  12. Hello there. All money farmed by hands, no dupe/cheat/hacks, only live "grab-fight-and-go" playstyle. Price 1 million = 2$ Each 2 million - free wallet Each 8 millions - free doc case 10% Discount for each 10 mill bought, to 30% max. Trade via flea If you have any questions - add me on discord xianfiro#3071 Current working time: from 5 AM GMT to 6-7 PM GMT. If you can't catch me in that time - PM into discord, we will solve this fast.
  13. Hello fellow buyers! I want to sell my Escape From Tarkov - Edge of Darkness account because I have no use for it, Using Middleman ONLY. The account is clear of cheesing history, never cheesed on it. PM me and I will respond as soon as possible! Thanks.
  14. Hey I was just wondering if there was an update on an ETA for EFT, if this isnt allowed im sorry
  15. I happened to but the cheat just a few days before it went down. Very unlucky I know 😧 . I heard that in this case I should recieve the next cheat for free for a month but I have heard nothing about the EFT cheat in months. Is it coming?
  16. Selling my EFT standard edition account for $35 USD, possible to negotiate. It has not been banned at all. BTW you can add me on discord to discuss if you want at Casey#2995
  17. Is Win10 actually crucial for the cheese to work or will it work in Win7 too?
  18. Hi all, It was a warm welcome for me within the community, within the first hours I learned about the use of the word cheese. Therefore I am a noob to the whole hacking genre as I had no clue what you all were talking about. However I am loving every minute of it. Too bad though, my luck ran out pretty soon as the cheat went down 3 days after my ourchase. But I have faith in the masters work of art. Thank you all for being so welcome of newcomers. Greetings, D
  19. Hey there, I'm new to the site and am also new to cheating in general, and was looking for some answers regarding Escape From Tarkov and it's Anti-Cheat system. I know almost all of the "good" players are using ESP. I wanted to know how likely is it for me to get caught if I was using ESP only on Tarkov if I use Chod's Cheats? Thank you for your time.
  20. Hello chod community, Im hami as you can tell and im trying to put together and execute a giveaway for tarkov. Limited to in game items but I wanted feed back on possible items. Items so I have to give away far: -Keys --Lab keys --Marked room key -Roubles --2m+ (if anyone is willing to help out) -Usd --2k+ (if anyone is willing to help out) -Weapons --M4's --SA-58's --Event Weapons --Hk's --MP7's --RPK's -Bitcoins -Cases --Items case --Weapons case I'm giving away the items above but anyone is welcome to donate items and claim credit on the giveaway post when it happens. Anyone wanting to donate items please contact me via discord (Hameeh#4386) and we can set up a trade day and you will also get credit on the giveaway post! Thank you all for reading and the give away will be scheduled to START on March 22nd. Have a great day, and as always happy cheesing post key: keys- blue weapons- purple money- green rare items- yellow