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  1. I think this would be a fantastic idea, hopefully something like this could be implemented.
  2. He is not posting a bug, he is posting an idea.
  3. As you know Chod, I love testing out almost all of your available cheats. Bring it on brother!
  4. Riothead

    1 Word story

    I want to see how far we as a community can take this. The rules are simple. We have to create a story using only 1 word per a response to create a story. The story can go in any direction of your choice. This is more so of an experiment.
  5. When I was using the Chod's, on the latest update, I wasn't experiencing any Lag/FPS drop.
  6. True but he stated that he would get VIP, unless I'm understanding this incorrectly.
  7. You are talking about @Rated, he helped me out. Highly represent.
  8. I can highly represent @Dexter. He is an amazing individual and won't fail to come through with his transactions.