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  1. Is there any way I can get invited to the discord already? I feel like i have a few things i can offer to help with future cheat development. 

  2. Dexter

    NEW 2080

    you should wait some months until the price gets down.
  3. Dexter

    Chod's USB

    thanks for the review
  4. you should never cheat on your main. If you want to cheat on a tournament i would suggest you to get a 50-100 euro account with some coins and wins. Its not worth it to risk your main account with that value.
  5. Dexter

    Read Before You Buy!

    thanks for the detailed review
  6. can you please allow my purchase to go through, it says it is awaiting admin approval 

  7. I want to buy the csgo cheat but I don't know how it works. I will purchase the cheat if I can get some what idea of how to set it up. Thank you and have a good day

  8. Dexter

    EFT Cheese Review

    thanks for the review.
  9. Dexter

    Waste of time and money....

    im sorry for your bad experience but we only do that to keep our customers safe. We will add a compensation to all accounts once its back up.
  10. vac bans are delayed and often not more than 2 months
  11. if the cheat gets detected you will receive a vac ban.
  12. not a good idea. Just get a cheap second prime account and you don't have to worry.
  13. Dexter

    The only game I cheese...

    thanks for the review
  14. Dexter

    From a noobs perspective...

    thanks for the review

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