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Found 12 results

  1. Received my USB. Thank you looks great. Davidofftd
  2. hey & greetz from Germany.. I wanted to get chods.. but wanted to know if there is a discount for new customers. thx and a happy new Year .. ..12 Days later ^^
  3. Hello, and thanks for looking at my review! Today I will be giving my feedback on the Cheat for Escape From Tarkov. Overall, I would rate the cheat 8.5/10. Player ESP/Loot ESP [9/10] The loot ESP works just fine, along with the Player ESP. Someones the Skeletons glitch out, but that doesn't really bother me. Loot ESP can be a disaster if you don't make a filter, which is what I did after a couple of really bad runs on Interchange. AutoUnlock [9/10] The auto unlocker works pretty well! It takes a second to unlock, but that doesn't matter. I've pulled about 5 Kiba Runs with no problems, besides players. I would recommend bringing an Attack 2 / Pilgrim or TriZip if your planning to run to Kiba because there's a lot of shit in Kiba. Marked Room was fun, I now have 2 Keytools so I don't have bags full of keys now! Thanks, Chods for adding this wonderful feature in. Aimbot [6/10] I've been having trouble with the Aimbot lately when it locks onto someone. Usually, it will lock onto the player, but I've been having errors where the Aimbot flies far LEFT of the target and makes it almost impossible for me to shoot them with it, to the point to where I'm not running with it in anymore. The no sway, and all the other stuff works fine, but I don't use auto shoot. Skyhack [8/10] The Skyhack works really well when needed, like when I run Factory at night, I've been swiping a lot of night vision goggles lately, so my stash is filled with cash! OVERALL I would rate Chods Cheats an 8/10 because of the errors with the aimbot. The 8.5/10 might change depending on how the AutoUnlock works when the cheat is back up. Thanks for reading my review, feel free to leave comments and other stuff. :]
  4. Hello im Tom from Germany (°^°)/ I looked at many...many cheat sites... i mean like aaaaa lot of cheat sites. .. and I have to say YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! 1. YOU GUYS HAVE SUCH A USER FRIENDLY SITE! it looks awsome! easy to maneuver around ! 2. YOUR CHEAT MENU ! HOLLY SHIT! ITS SO GOOD! again very very user friendly. and they layout i love it! 3. The main thing. the cheats/hacks. ...the quallity of youre cheats/hacks is just urgh wonderfull! updates.! almost never detected or not even once ! you make shure we are 110% save from getting banned. 4. support... and community! .. the support and how much u care about youre costumers to use the cheats/hacks save is great! hack might be detected? ...let us put it down to be shure. ..and give u the time back you could not use it ! (had many sites that dont do that ..)..really happy to found this site.. 5. Selection. thats the only negativ thing i have to say.. but i cant blame you guys rly for that . you guys dont have much cheats but the ones u have are like the highest quallity you can have ! Better quality than quantity! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR BEING SO AWESOME ! KEEP CALM AND CHEAT ON
  5. Escape From Tarkov | Chod's Cheats Hi guys, This is the second video I made for chods cheats. Go give it some love if u enjoyed the video. Also feedback is always extremly welcome so leave me here or on youtube a comment! - I am using a cheat from Chod's Cheats. They are a great hacking community with lots of diffrent cheats. This particular one is for the game "Escape From Tarkov". Click HERE for the video. Youtube video Davidofftd Links: Chod's Cheats - My profile - Thread - My Youtube Channel -
  6. I saw someone posted a wallpaper , so sense im a designer i did this cause i was bored.. hope yah use it.
  7. Updated to banner for safe use xx. Davidofftd.
  8. Escape From Tarkov | Chod's Cheats Hi viewer, I made this video for Chod's Cheats. They are a great hacking community with lots of diffrent cheats. This particular one is for the game "Escape From Tarkov". Click HERE for the video. Youtube video Davidofftd Links: Chod's Cheats - My profile - Thread - My Youtube Channel -
  9. I installed Microsoft Silverlight but still the option is showing you have to install Silverlight to use this content why I'm getting ?
  10. Welcome to the first addition to my new legit hacking series; Unranked To Global Elite! In this series I will be using Chod's Cheats (the greatest cheat there is) to attempt to get to The Global Elite rank. I know I played quite obvious against some pretty low skilled players, but I wanted rack up the kills to make a more interesting video. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy it and please give me some criticism and feedback as it will definitely help me improve future videos.
  11. 200+ ping on the US servers? Not a problem with Chod's Cheats
  12. Ez 1v1 vs Edging Iwebz user