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Undetected Rogue Company Cheats

We are proud to offer you a rogue company cheat with long undetected times since we spent a lot of time developing a fitting bypass for it. While other providers struggle with easy anticheat, we are atleast 2 steps ahead of it and we continue to improve to give you the best safety out there!

What should you look for when buying a Rogue Company cheat?

There are many red flags that you can easily find while looking for an undetected rogue company hack. You should ask yourself the following questions. Does the provider you want to buy from show any reviews of previous customers? Do they have a website or are they just selling through discord or telegram? Are they known on other websites? Do they have a trustpilot page? How long have they been in business? Do they care about their customers?

Luckily we can offer proof of all that and have a strong community behind us! We've been in business for many years and our coders are very experienced. Our business is legally registered and we always help you if you have any issues!

What kind of features are possible in Rogue Company hacks?

Since a lot is done server-side in rogue company, feature possibilities are limited. We made the most out of these limitations and can offer you everything you need to take advantage over the enemy team! Our ESP options let you see their visibility, health, name and more! This is very important so you do not get pushed from behind. You always know what your opponents are doing and can react to their moves easily. To improve your aim, we offer a steady and strong aimbot which ofcourse is fully customizable as well. You can adjust the smoothness, which bones should get prioritized and if it should ignore downed or friendly players. You can ofcourse also change the FOV in which it should start aiming and has a visibility check to avoid you snapping at players through walls. With the right settings you can either play super legit or rage!

Still unsure?

If you're still feeling unsure about whether to invest in a Rogue Company cheat, then let us reassure you. With your subscription from Chod's Cheats, you will get:

  • Unlimited 24/7/365 ticket support for no extra charge
  • 1 free HWID reset each month (for unlimited resets please purchase our HWID unlocker)
  • Access to our Customer forums not accessible to regular mambers
  • The satisfaction of being a Chod's Cheats member and knowledge you are in safe hands

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