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Found 22 results

  1. Archie's Carry Service / Rouble Shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Carry: $4 / £2.80 Five Carries: $19 / £13.40 Ten Carries: $37 / £26.10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extras -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Autounlocker (all doors unlocked for you) : 3$ / £2.15 per raid This can include red keycard room on labs (currently 90 million roubles on the market!) If purchasing 2 or more carries, you ca
  2. In my opinion cheating on games or something else is not weakness.Usually people says,''you cheating on games because youre trash,mad and weak....''.I dont aggre that at all.....In my opinion, cheating is creativity.Because it means you dont accept something ''in that way''...You want to make your own way, your own path and your own rule.Youre cheating, because you dont wanna obey some stupid rules just because ''they want it''.They say,''but thats unfair''.And I asked them this question....Its unfair, just because I dont agree the way you see things?Because I am happy,and I can.Youre the one
  3. Apex Legends [Looking for Players with HACK] My rank is Diamond 2, boys, wanna find any users with anyhack for playin together (your rank must be platina 2 or MORE) Add me in DIscord: Myers#0766 :)
  4. me and @Mcdonaldsguy ran into on apex today. here are some highlights. enjoy
  5. ✅HEY GUYS me and my friend sell SPOOFER for games like fortinite,rainbow six,pubg and others, if anyone needs tell me on discord Pankeac#8131✅ I sell Kedira Spoofer
  6. My testimonial is not a review but a testimonial for all the newcomers that have just stumbled amongst the chod's cheats community. I can proudly say that the community here is one of the most welcoming and helpful communities that you will find that will provide you with cheats, the staff is very helpful and kind and anything the staff can't answer or isn't around to answer the community will do their best to assist you. If you stumbled in here thinking that the community may not be the best or sceptical because we aren't that huge of a community or maybe you're just here for the cheats but w
  7. Escape From Tarkov | Chod's Cheats Hi guys, This is the second video I made for chods cheats. Go give it some love if u enjoyed the video. Also feedback is always extremly welcome so leave me here or on youtube a comment! - I am using a cheat from Chod's Cheats. They are a great hacking community with lots of diffrent cheats. This particular one is for the game "Escape From Tarkov". Click HERE for the video. Youtube video Davidofftd Links: Chod's Cheats - My profile - Thread - ht
  8. dmNK 😈 2 weeks ago I bought the cheat .. I'll give you my impressions!😈 Aimbot - 9,5/10 With recent updates, the aimbot has been superb. However, it sometimes has trouble hitting heads, but only in moments where often objects in the way are not recognized as an object. Instantkill sometimes works for me, but for me thats not something that has something to do with the Aimbot, so it´s still 9,5 Points! Unlimited Ammo doesn't work with weapons with no ammo, but to be honest you dont need that, because the Aimbot is so accurate that 2.3 Shots are always enough!
  9. I want to make a purchase and try it out really bad but I don't want to be locked into the automatic renewal at ALL! I've used many other cheats before and usually I just like to jump between them because all have their own ups and downs. I just don't want to be stuck paying for Chod's when I'm not using it that's all. =/
  10. I'd like to say thank you to Chod and the team, I cam from ********** and the difference is massive. The aimbot is smoother and the esp is way more clear, less cluttered. The only thing I could suggest that was really nice with ********** was open all doors.
  11. anyone else not able to pick stuff up after using the loot to me option? wont let me grab anything
  12. One question, the client to manage the cheats will be able to download it when I buy a cheat?
  13. Video had some rendering issues but not worried about. Just threw this together quickly before my cheats expire so excuse the poor quality. If I do end up getting a second subscription ill make a good one with a bunch of visual effects and syncing kills with the music. This was just me messing around with my video editor. To those who want to use this config follow me on the forums the features are on here
  14. Escape From Tarkov | Chod's Cheats Hi viewer, I made this video for Chod's Cheats. They are a great hacking community with lots of diffrent cheats. This particular one is for the game "Escape From Tarkov". Click HERE for the video. Youtube video Davidofftd Links: Chod's Cheats - My profile - Thread - My Youtube Channel -
  15. Hey I am really wanting to get this EFT cheat is there any way some one could give me a step by step instruction as to what I need to do before I buy to setup my pc and how the cheat works pls and thanks :D
  16. Across the wide base of the video gaming community the most toxic people are the people who don't cheat but recently the cheating community is becoming more and more toxic, even to the point that some cheaters are exposing fellow cheaters, calling out legit cheaters and trying to get them banned and hopping on to accusations saying someone is cheating whether they are or not. I love the gaming community, cheating or not so I just wanted to make a PSA asking for at least our family, the chod's cheats family to not be the type of people that I mentioned above. Keep it wholesome and fun, t
  17. Soo ok thanks to dexter for the last reportbot action but here is another1 who just was full blatant. Did not give a single shit (+ he is russian) just look at the chat what he is spamming Steam id = =
  18. whenever i have the usb open and click on the setup it says CLOSE steam even though my steam is closed
  19. after i buy how long until i get my cheats?
  20. Lynx


    <Name:George> <Age:14> <Language:English> <How Long Have You Been Cheating For:2/3 years in csgo.>