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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, My aimbot doesnt work really well on range. The red crosshair on the enemies head is just not on the head. Its way off. On mid and close range, the first few shots really go on the head but the following aren't. Can someone tell me their settings? Thank you so much, Blitzinator Edit: I solved it. You need to deactivate the preaim!
  2. Hey there, I saw that there was no media for deadside yet and figured I could do it. I used intros/outros provided by other users, as well as a couple pictures, so thanks to them! It's currently processed at 1080p60 but it will be 4k60fps sometime soon! Thanks for the great software and community to the coders, admins, mods and other active members. Hopefully this is my first contribution of many.
  3. So i started with chods like 2 years ago when i used eft hack. I used it alot and never got banned. Still got the same account. Now deadside played almost everday with all the Things in the hack. And no ban or anything if u follow what chods recomend. I want just to thank you from all my heart and for the great job ur doing for keeping os hacking and safe 😍😍😍❤
  4. Is aimbot working? In product page its crossed out
  5. why the aimbot hot key does not work? And when will it be implemented again? Could you implement the Fov of the aimbot? thanks for reading my questions <3
  6. I have an issue with Apex Aimbot, and am just curious if I am doing something wrong? Or if the aimbot just needs some tweaking? When I target one player and begin firing the aimbot switches targets after about 3 rounds. It will target someone behind him all the way across the map (and until the cheat gets updated, i cant change that). So is it possible that I have the recoil compensation too high? or is it just a targeting issue?
  7. After one month I decided make a honest review so here we go: Interface: Very well designed and user friendly, my only complaint is custom loot filter overlays main menu and you might click on main menu. Overall 9.5/10 Miscellaneous Options: Especially Long Arm and No Visor is pretty useful. Sky hack and Night Vision are cool features. Loot through walls doesn't work sometimes, and doors you close open immediately. Overall 9/10 Aimbot: Ok I'll be honest, most of the time it bugs you out, doesn't shoot exactly at the head or which part you choose. When you arrange the aimbot range, i
  8. I'd like to say thank you to Chod and the team, I cam from ********** and the difference is massive. The aimbot is smoother and the esp is way more clear, less cluttered. The only thing I could suggest that was really nice with ********** was open all doors.
  9. Update May 11: Undetected. Update Feb 20: Still no ban. Use with confidence (but also common sense) Full disclosure: I have been using this cheat and a competitors for the past few weeks, these are my experiences. I will not be naming the competitor because it's rude and probably breaks a forum rule. I have not been offered anything by either company to post this review. If you want the TLDR, scroll down and read the customer service portion, it's the most important part of this review. Some brief info on my PC: GPU: 1080 ASUS ROG STRIX CPU: RYZEN 1700X Memory 32 gig
  10. Soo ok thanks to dexter for the last reportbot action but here is another1 who just was full blatant. Did not give a single shit (+ he is russian) just look at the chat what he is spamming Steam id = =
  11. Hello, I am new to this forum and I just placed a order for a subscription and paid via bitcoin, I was wondering how long it took before VIP status was given?
  12. i paid this morning at 3 am, its 12 pm so whats up ? did you just took my money with no intention to give me acces member panel? hi, i paid this morning, when i will be able to play? hi, im sorry i paid this morning, and now i have lot of time to spam forum cause you take your time to give me acces members panel.
  13. Can anybody explain me how to set up and use the aimbot? It always removes the "activated" tick and the Aimbot is not targetting players. My shots are just hitting where my crosshair is.