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Found 10 results

  1. Looking to purchase an EOD edition Escape from Tarkov, North America. Will pay the going price. We will use a trusted middle man from this website Thanks Stare
  2. Hello, am looking for cheap standard EfT account, we can discuss price in Pm´s. If you are interested, hit me up with message.
  3. INTER's Currency Shop - Stock 100M currently Roubles: $0.75 per mil USD: $1 per 10,000 Euros: $1.20 per 10,000 (Bulk discount if user is trusted) Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/c321696c49e65b8301292e57dc8ae854 You can contact me here or at Discord ID: #Vlad2Suff4460 I am new to the Currency scene so I am very aware that potential customers would prefer to use a middleman. As I also have no reputation yet, I'll also be willing to go first. (Paypal Only)
  4. Selling EFT rubles cheap 1million for 1.1 dollar !!! DM ME ON DISCORD SupremeLeader#9709
  5. hi friends i'm looking for a cheat for dayz you know where i can find it ?
  6. Hey Community, this is my way to say thank you for the dev's of the cheat. A short but specific review. First of all; the cheat is awesome. Works perfect and got no ban. At least i play since 01/01/2018 with the cheat. ESP: -The boxes are clear to see. No problems, laggs or deformity of the boxes. - Player ESP works clearly perfect. U see the enemy's and the direction the look at if you use "Skeleton". - Item ESP, with the new update, now works really good. You see the loot inside cases, bodies when you just look at it. So you know if something good or usefull is in it. Aimbot: First, i don't often use it, but i used it for this review. Plus, u can choose where the aimbot should aim at. If Head, Neck, Stormach or Legs. You can choose which Field of View it have and the speed from player to player. works perfect. Contra, i missed a configurable button for the aim if i don't be blind. No-Recoil, No-Breath and No-Sway are the things i used the most. You got every person at every range. Works with no doubt. BUT i have the feeling "Instakill" or now "Super Bullet" don't work. It only works in offline games in my cases. Anyone too? Should be fixed, would be very nice. Misc's: The most time i only use "Unlimited Stamina" or if i play solo "Speedhack". Both works perfect. No-Clip/ Fly mode works, but at least still buggy. Sometimes you got teleported back where you start to use it. I dunno if this is normal. But for me no problem. -Skyhack works, i dunno if other people can see it, but for me it works. -LSD Mode. I dunno what it do, in my game nothing change, haha -Night Vision is awesome. Such a better look at night as with NVG. -Fast Sprint i also don't see any changes, or i don't get it how to use, haha. *NOTE* Maybe you should change the distance between the Loot if you use "Loot to me". Most scavs or dead bodies can't get searched. That's it. I will make a new review, when i got behind every note. Hope it help a lot of you to make your choice to buy it. I can definitely recommend it. Thank you for reading and your welcome. Thanks to Chod's-Cheats. Cheers.
  7. Hey Im PhpBird3You probably know me for my reviews.I've been here for a while and I've decided to make a little giveaway.So It's really nothing you guys are intrested in but, I'll try because its actually could be useful for hacking, so I guess why not?Maybe some of you are doing some minecraft hacking and other stuff like that; well here's a little help for you:Im going to giveaway 45 Minecraft Alt Accounts!So If you think about it, its actually something... maybe just not that many people are intrested.I got these accounts a pretty while ago, but never used any of them, so I just can't give much information about them.Anyways all acounts are Non-Full Access - Minecraft Accounts.I belive all 45 of them.. Yep, and they all been purchused from https://superalts.com/ .PLEASE NOTE:Just because they are "non-full access" you can still use them in EVERY Multiplayer Minecraft server!!! You just can't change the name, email etc...I belive this is pretty useful for.. minecraft hackers?Anyways.HOW TO ENTER:Step 1: Like the post. If you didn't like it, and you would get picked, I'll reroll. muhahahah.Step 2: Comment down something and DO NOT comment twice! Because I'll roll a number. From the top to the bottom your reply have a certain number. If it gets rolled, you won.Step 3: If you won, I'll send you a text file via all the 45 accounts. - Enjoy.Legit:1: I'll use good old Random.org to roll the winner number.2: Here's a censored screenshot from the accounts: The text file contains every account's Email + Passoword (IG)Additional info:I'll roll the giveaway this week, I don't know when I'll be able to be online and roll it + I'll wait until a certain amount of Likes + replies this post will get, so there will be enough "players" to be 1. worth the roll 2. everyone will have some chance not just like 50/50 or 25/25/25/25. Whats 100% is:The accounts real, never been used.I'll defenietly roll the giveaway this week.Im thirsty.I'll write more nice reviewsI wanna get invited. Chod plzHave a nice day and good luck! <3PhpBird3
  8. Hey im PhpBird3Im here to reviewThe Escape From TarkovI'll do my review based on the following, and I'll try to make it compact as I can so everyone can decide easily whether to buy it or not.AIMBOT: 8/10 Pretty nice, I don't really know what to say, Don't really tried it cuz I don't wanna risk ban, so I only use ESP. but still I'll APPROVE it VISUALS: 8/10 Very nice visuals, pretty old stylish, I don't mind it, maybe others will. Working prefectly, even for far distances. Loose points because for example it says Generic instead of dead body, I guess prob cuz its reading it and writing it from the game code right away. but I don't really care, got used to it. Worked perfectly I'll APPROVEBANABLE?: 6/10 Heard some poeple getting banned,After new update I don't really hear anything I haven't been banned with 1 day of ESP only pretty legit cheating. Pretty good i'll defenietly APPROVEOTHER: 4/10Not really many much more customization, I don't really mind it, but others will, so it lowers the score a bit, I don't care about it so i'll have to APPROVE it how it is.GAMEPLAY: 8/10Really enjoyable. Not too much experience, but already gets much points cuz there aren't many tarkov cheats out there, I was really looking forward to try one. Finally. It was pretty nice. Gained much loot. Fun. Loved it. Keep up good work Chod's team! APPROVED ! FUN: 9/10Very Nice! Simply amaizing! Loved to play with it. Fun, always good, finally a pretty perfect cheat for tarkov if we looking at it on a basic level. I 100% APPROVEOVERALL: 8/10I APPROVE THE CHEAT. Should You Buy It? Yes, defenietly, if you like eft. BEATS: ANY OTHER ESCAPE FROM TARKOV CHEAT OUT THERE. Yes. Pretty much thats all I have to say. Was a really fun experience. Already gets a lots of points in my eye, because there are literarry no other real escape from tarkov cheats out there. Really enjoyed playing with it, keep up good work Chod's Team!!! Im looking forward to write a review soon on the COD WW2 Cheat aswell! And Im also REALLY looking forward to test all of the chod's cheats aswell, I defenietly would If I would get invited ! Until then, keep up good work, stay tuned for my reviews and have a nice day. I was PhpBird3, and im flyin away
  9. ARMA 3 Services (Professional Money Service Cheap) =====================I sell money on life servers. Before I start, I check if the server is running and if it is possible to get the money.I am a trustworthy person. When you contact me I reply quickly and I do the order quickly.No risk of ban. Unless the admins of the server look at your money and suspect something, be still reasonable=====================PRICES :• 1 million : 1 dollar• 2 millions : 2 dollars• 3 millions : 3 dollars• 4 millions : 4 dollars• 5 millions : 5 dollars • 10 millions : 7 dollars • 20 millions : 10 dollars (only PayPal)=====================My services are fast and well done ToS: You go first. Refunds will only be given if the money is not given in full or an incorrect amount is given any please ask before purchase if you have a question. This Method cannot be Patched. Contact Info: Discord: dVn Ras Khalifa#1211 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dVnRaska/ Forum private message
  10. Buying 20 in total. Make me your offers. It only needs to have CSGO on the account but I will also need full access to the email that the account is saved under to move the account across.
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