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Welcome to Chod's Cheats! Whether you're looking for a powerful CSGO cheat, the best undetected Escape from Tarkov cheats or maybe a cheat for one of our other games such as Ring of Elysium -- look no further, we've got you covered. Our customers are always surprised when they use our online game cheats at the premium standard to which we produce them, with stunning visuals, a high quality mouse-driven GUI and a cloud-based config service; not to mention deadly and unique features that cannot be found in other game hacks. So don't waste any more time and get the Chod's Cheats upgrade today, we welcome all new customers.

Recent Product Reviews

  • Realm Royale Cheat
    working very well waiting for aimbot to come whit more settings like silent aim or button to activate and deactive aimbot and some setting to make it lock on target slower   note: they’re all in except silent aim (the button thing got removed whit new update  
    By Jonzki,
  • Escape from Tarkov Cheat
    Alles super, für die Deutschen Wechselkurs ist bei ca 1,11 €, dato der Cheat kostet ca 21 Euro, rechnet PayPal selber um.   Alles was man braucht, unkompliziert und Support sofort zur Stelle, im großen und ganzen sein Geld wert     German Reviev
    By captainunterhose,

  • Unique Builds

    Unique Builds

    Our build server runs 24 hours a day and produces unique and mutated cheat builds twice per hour. Your loader will always update itself and will never have the same footprint for more than 30 minutes no matter what. This means that anti-cheats will not be able to fingerprint the software on your system and ensure your safety -- something we take very seriously.

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  • Stream Proof Visuals

    Stream Proof Visuals

    With our proprietry rendering engine you can play games while livestreaming with all visuals turned on, including chams. No other vendor is able to offer you 100% visually undetectable chams, ESP, wallhack and full GUI. Not only are our visuals stream proof, they will also never be seen on screenshots. This truly is a unique and premium feature. For a full list of compatible streaming software please click here.

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  • 24 Hours Support

    24/7 Support

    We're on hand 24 hours a day to offer technical support to our customers. If you have a query - night or day - you can submit a support ticket, post in the forums, or talk directly with users and staff in the shoutbox to get answers to your questions. Full email support is also available if you'd prefer not to use the website or it is inaccessible.

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  • Connected Experience

    Connected Experience

    Truly innovative features never seen before in game hacking such as in-game chatbox, online stats system, server browser, cloud-based configs, and config sharing system make Chod's Cheats the most unique and immersive cheating experience available. With monthly competitions, and the hall of fame, you can try and be the best cheater on the site.

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