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  1. Exacly ! Thanks for the + Info, Really good advice! ;D
  2. Thanks for the + Info Im correcting it.
  3. Hey guys today I just want to share my thoughts and skills with you guys, because lately (and not) (not even just here (mostly) ) I saw people complaining about getting banned on several games while using farely and really good cheating services like for example Chod's. I think there are mostly ways how we can make sure that we lower the chances of detection + the number of reports while playing with cheats. I've decided to go through every single (Almost XD) game, Chod's cheats support with its client and help those out a little bit who have troubles being legit, hiding cheats, and no
  4. Good Morning People!

  5. Good Morning People!

  6. Be active on discord, On the forums, Contribute to Chod's cheats. Write cheat reviews, make good, intresting posts. Be nice and patient. And You'll get there <3 Have a nice day.
  7. Hey! Thats my full 900 Video Stream song playlist. Its public btw. I only put in my fav songs over the last 9 years lmao feel free to check it out there a lot... like im getting close to 1000 really close 1000 individual songs over the years lmao from all styles
  8. I would defenietly do that Already mined with 2 pcs on nicehash