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Found 15 results

  1. Someone is cyberharassing me and I believe they are a member of the discord here. They've been harassing my girlfriend on twitter and I don't have many options. Their screen names (that I know of) have been obiwanstoney, stono, and Mad Hopkins. If anyone can help me, please respond.
  2. I bought an account from an account marketplace a while back and the person that used it before me was hacking. So I got banned even though I never hacked. I really do like the game and was wondering what I need to do to play like nothing ever happened. I ordered a new SSD to replace my drives. And I’m going to reinstall windows, I haven’t been able to find an answer to wether or not BE IP bans or not so I just want to know if I need to contact my ISP to change my IP or not. Thanks.
  3. The rogue company aimbot works? I try to use it but it does not work, it does not activate and nothing happens when I change the assigned key. The ESP does work perfectly for me, except that it does not mention the names of the players, it only says "Player"
  4. why the aimbot hot key does not work? And when will it be implemented again? Could you implement the Fov of the aimbot? thanks for reading my questions <3
  5. Hi! I just recently got into learning some coding and so on, it is really fun if you like it and you have some goals you want to achieve. But here comes the main question. If i want to make cheats/hacks and so on, what do i need to learn? there are so many programing softwares and so on.. for example: C++ C# Java Git PHP Ruby Python and there is many more im sure that i cant remember ^^
  6. Seabass

    PC upgrade

    Do any of you gentlemen know much about building computers? I think I need a new cpu as I’m getting bottlenecks (I believe) So my question would be can I just straight up swap the cpu or will I need a new MB and ram too? I have a ryzen 5 at the moment paired with a 1080ti so I’m pretty sure the problem is the cpu. I’d like a ryzen 7 but as stated not sure if I can just straight swap. Any help would be appreciated ??
  7. i open the client from the USB and it gets to the point where it says 'successfuly connected to authentication server' and then it just closes. i've tried running it in compatability mode like the problems and solutions thread says. i've closed everything in the tray, idk what to do. this is as far as it gets then it just closes and nothing happens
  8. This is a Video to help anyone who doesn't have a USB or want's to find out how to use the cheat without needing a USB
  9. Hello I'm interested in your USB, but I'd like to explain what HWID really is. I know it's HW ID. What does it have to do? What is good for? It will help me. Overall, somebody could explain it to me. And what's your USB good for? Save storage space and HWID unlocker. I'm sorry for my English I'm not very good at it.
  10. Hey guys what's up? I was looking for some hack off scape from tarkov, but i don't find where i can download, someone can help me please?
  11. Hello, I'm a new member here... (Pardon me if there would be any Grammar mistakes during this thread). I would like to know how the anti-cheat of EFT (Escape From Tarkov) works because so far I've not been banned from using it for a day and with obvious settings too. (FOV 1.03 and Aimbot Speed 1.83 withSuper bullet on, and no recoil, no sway, no spread and it still snaps). I tried to do hatchet runs and purposely die by players and see if there is a way to report the player. but I couldn't find a way to report any... So I figured maybe the anti-cheat tracks unusual actions such as speed hacks aim locks and such...? And one more thing... Does Escape From Tarkov ban HWID? and IP Address all together? because I've been using a VPN but I have purchased the game in January 2018. Without a VPN, and I heard they ban the IP and HWID that was firstly registered and bought from, and if so, How can I evade the BAN? because eventually, I will be going to get banned. Thank you for reading.
  12. how does pausing and un-pausing subscriptions work?
  13. I have been denied access too the h1z1 cheat, i accidentally read it wrong, i only thought you needed to be a member for 3 months, but now looking at it again you also need an active subscription. I am wondering if i buy another cheat will for instance the csgo cheat will i be able to also buy the h1z1 cheat. sorry if i cant it was an honest mistake, thank you for reading
  14. Hi my names Rick Sanchez i'm currently 70 years old and my home of origin is Earth dimension c-132. I'm currently in the market for a new Morty who is as eager as i am when it comes to going on new adventures and exploring new lands. P.S. *whispers* i'm pickle rick bitch
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