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  1. As I have probably said in over 8 posts now I too would love to see CS:GO come back. It was a great cheat that resulted in lots of laughs and fun with myself and friends. And considering that there are thousands of cheaters in that game it helps level the playing field.
  2. Glad to hear your enjoying the product! Also seeing that your new, Welcome to Chod's Cheats! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself, @dabomb123or a staff member for assistance!
  3. Well said @makemeawesome! As I have stated before, the best way to get some quality cheese for Tarkov is to be patient. I have been around multiple providers and can honestly say that Chod's is the only one I have ever actually stayed with. Good community, excellent staff and secure high quality cheats for a price that won't force me to re-mortgage my house. Have patience, it will come.
  4. The One Guy

    The best

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Chods and that your stay has been great! Enjoy your continued stay!
  5. Welcome back! As you probably noticed Chod's has changed a lot and added much. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. The One Guy

    Squad Review

    Thanks for the review! Reviews like your is what makes good changes to Chod's! ❤️
  7. I believe it was discontinued. It may or may not come back in the future.
  8. Glad your enjoying Chod's Cheats! I am also glad you included some suggestions, those are what keeps Chods improving!
  9. The One Guy

    Nice hacK!

    I'm glad to hear your enjoying Chod's! I am also sorry to hear you don't enjoy the game, it's recommended you at least play a game for several hours before buying one of chods products in the event you don't enjoy playing the game. Now I don't want to get your hopes up and definitely do not take my word for it, but they might offer you a single one time subscription switch to another game if your lucky. I believe Squad's product price is higher then some of the others so they might let you switch to one of those if you ask. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your continued stay at Chod's Cheats.
  10. Holy shit that's some serious toxicity, good read lmao. Seems like you have definitely had your fun with Chod's
  11. Generally I cheat in games that I have already dumped a good deal of time and money into. After playing a game for over 200-700 hours it get's boring and I cannot keep on top of all the new tricks and metas that come out because, I actually have a life unlike some kids, which means I cannot stay competitive. Thankfully Chod's lets me continue to enjoy these games.
  12. Thanks for the review! It's good to see these, especially from the recently released products from Chod's! Helps gather more users and newer individuals who are interested!
  13. The One Guy

    Any media?

    The new Squad product was recently released by Chod's cheats. It's been out for around a week or two I believe. Since it is incredibly new, little content and reviews have been released about it. So unfortunately it is hard for new customers to make their choice. Personally I can attest to the standard Chod's Cheats uses as a member for over 2 years with hundreds of in-game hours using their products over 3 different games. So if your looking for high quality - high security cheats, Chod's is the place for you.
  14. Thanks for the reply Faceless, After reading I can't help but come to agreement that you are absolutely correct, a yearly subscription would create more problems them solve. Especially with the evolving anti-cheat battle between developers and gold standard anti-cheat services as you mentioned. Again thanks for clarifying!
  15. That would be pretty cool, and depending on the discount I might be willing to pay honestly. But for now as my main man dabomb123 said there is not any plans that I know of for this.