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  1. This post is in violation of rule number 19 Don't ask for ETA's. (ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival) of the general rules post (April 6, 2018) by Administrator Faceless: -Read the rules, they do not give eta. But Faceless had this to say on the matter in the latest news post "This means that the cheats that are currently outdated will stay like that for several weeks. ". So take from that what you will.
  2. Bobwhisker

    help !

    What do you mean by turn off your bios?
  3. I haven't tried out the Hunt cheat yet but I used paladins and Realm royale cheat which are both protected by EAC and I never got banned, Chod's makes the best cheats I've used.
  4. I know the cheat is currently down and im not really that good but if anyone wants to play let me know. Thanks
  5. Nice to meet you Tourin, unfortunately i dont play Sea of Thieves any more. Wishing you well
  6. Click on the tab at the top that says store. If you are on mobile the store button may be bugged, at least it is for me. On mobile i have to view the site in desktop version.
  7. Lol quite trippy. Thanks for the video. I was looking at getting the cheat before it went outdated.
  8. It is insane the quality of customer service offered here at chod's, a website which sells cheats. I have been a member since last November and in that time span I have seen nothing but goodwill from this company's devoted staff and developers. Chod's willingness to put the safety of customers over profit is something so refreshing to see these days, a company which you can actually feel cares for their customers. I don't want this post to sound too much like an advertisement but more-so a message to the Chod's staff and developers that we DO see and are greatful for the passion you put into t