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  1. Sea of thieves was really fun to cheat in because having ship esp means you are almost always doing combat. Usually the game can get stale because you cant find players, but with a cheat its really fun. I like to play aggressive and steal other people's hard-earned treasure. It is a pirate gane afterall.
  2. Well does your new cpu support virtualization?
  3. Chod's puts safety first so you dont get banned. That comes at the cost of occasional update periods. Remember these cheats are currently open to the public which makes it easier for anti-cheats to update and patch methods for bypassing.
  4. Realm royale is protected by EAC which just got a major update to security, they are working on it.
  5. yes, security above all. Love the stance the team has here. ☺️
  6. Bobwhisker

    help !

    What do you mean by turn off your bios?
  7. I haven't tried out the Hunt cheat yet but I used paladins and Realm royale cheat which are both protected by EAC and I never got banned, Chod's makes the best cheats I've used.
  8. I know the cheat is currently down and im not really that good but if anyone wants to play let me know. Thanks