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  1. Game: RustEngine: UnityAC: Easy Anti-cheat Reason: People would pay very well for just ESP(at least me) ..... You could add some things as Aimbot and Raging stuff, but this game is played twice as more than Dead by Daylight so if there is a remote chance of an injector i would 100% buy it, a lot of players look for cheats like this but every single cheat is always above 70$ to 150$ each month.
  2. My experience as a survivor main, I never used it on killer because i don't find it as fun as playing legit as a killer. -ESP: first days were not worked well... but now its completely functional and you can turn on an off every single entity like Lockers and chests which i don't use Miscs: -Insta heal: if you use it for raging the killer he will DC 80% of the times(you can use it to play legit too, i normally wait 20 seconds before insta healing) -SpeedFood: I would use it for raging mostly... works well but i don't use it much. -Ho