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?✅||Cheat Giveaway by Faceless||✅?


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Hey community, welcome to my monthly giveaway!

There will be 3 winners. I will randomly choose them in 5 days! (08.04.18)

Each winner will get:
?? 1x Cheat subscription of your choice for one month ??
(Not included cheats: H1Z1, PUBG, Rust,GTAV, CS:GO with Stream proofing / EAC support)

To be part of the giveaway you have to comment below◀  ( don't forget to write which cheat you want ;) )

Each winner will receive the subscription in form of a key which can be redeemed at any time via this link: https://chods-cheats.com/resellers/?do=activate

Good luck! (:

The giveaway is over!

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38 minutes ago, LewisUK said:

Wow, you are pretty dang awesome.  Are you a reseller or are you just rolling in the dough?  haha nice!  love you man.
I would like my EFT cheat extended if I win =)  Good luck everyone!

I'm not a reseller i just do it for fun (:
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