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  1. Thank you for the review! Unfortunately i had to remove the videos as discussing other providers is not allowed. If you have any suggestions you can add them here: https://chodscheats.nolt.io/
  2. Well if the guy who you sold the account to got banned it shouldnt affect you. Only way to find out is to buy the game again and give it a try
  3. Hey, unfortunately the csgo cheat got discontinued and we have no plans to make a new one as the csgo cheat market is oversaturated.
  4. Hey, as of right now there is no triggerbot. You can find all features on the store!
  5. Thank you for the review!
  6. Where is the DBD installation and cheating guide?

  7. Can you add support payments for bitcoin and other crypto?

  8. If everything goes as planned (it never does) you wont lose a single frame.
  9. I'm just randomly replying to your comment
  10. Faceless


    Hey, thank you for the review! I've redirected your suggestions and critique to the coder and he will take a look soon!
  11. Some cheats might go fully invite only and some might just have an invite only version, next to a public one. Right now dbd will definitely have a public version.