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  1. Hey, avast premium should work just fine if you turn everything off as shown in the guides. And whats BM?
  2. Hey, yes 1909 is fine if you have all additional updates for it installed.
  3. Hey, which key are you using?
  4. @Faceless

    I keep blue screening on dead side any recommendations

  5. Hey, no cheat is 100% safe and you should never use any cheat on your main if you are not ready to get banned. The aimbot is in and works, yes.
  6. Hey, this website is english only!
  7. I am used to Ethereum payments. Currently I don't see this part of the payment. Can you help me. Or I will pay usdt to your wallet address .

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Faceless


      you will have to buy from a reseller for crypto payments:


    3. phamduchai


      Yes, can you now send me a USDT address for me to pay for my order? Ethereum Remittance fees are currently quite expensive !

    4. phamduchai


      Haven't received a response from you yet?

  8. Hey, make sure to switch to the singapore server when it connected successfully. Also make sure to post in the correct section next time.
  9. You will have to turn all features off. Its explained in the startup guide which you should read.
  10. Hey, we only offer monthly subs!