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  1. Faceless

    Squad Questions

    It was external a while ago, yes.
  2. Faceless

    Squad Questions

    Hey, squad is internal!
  3. Hey, please check your support ticket.
  4. the public version of the cheat is not available yet.
  5. Hey, still available. We have guides to set up everything and you can download the client in the member area after purchasing!
  6. This is not a hwid spoofer. It just unlocks your hwid to use our cheats on any pc.
  7. Faceless

    Vip member

    This is not the right way to get reputation. This is also not the right forum section. Begging for likes will exclude you from the vip selection permanently. /Moved to off-topic and closed
  8. If you want a license key you have to contact a reseller:
  9. can i buy 1 month dead by daylight with giropay?

  10. By people reacting to your posts!
  11. Hey, you have to include your billing details as your ip address will get compared to your billing address and if it does not fit your payment will get flagged for manual review and denied.
  12. Hey can i get a invite to the discord 

  13. There is no menu yet!