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  1. Hello, Yes, press "Insert", click on "Console" and type in the console: "watermark 0". Kind Regards, Rated.
  2. Rated


    @Pisolo Create a Support Ticket.
  3. Hello, I am searching for a High Level - EFT Account, preferably having all traders at the max level. If you have anything to offer, add me on Discord. Discord ID: Rated#7307 Kind Regards, Rated.
  4. @Wiise1869 You are very welcome! Enjoy your stay! Kind Regards, Rated. //closed
  5. @jakmate1 Hello, I am interested. Please contact me via. Discord. Discord: Rated#7307 Kind Regards, Rated.
  6. @harley You are very welcome, enjoy! Kind Regards, Rated. //closed
  7. @harley Hello, Depends, usually a few minutes, depending on how fast you are. Negative, no ban waves. All of our features are undetected by their anti-cheat, we don't add detected features. It will also depend on your playstyle, you could get manually banned as well. Kind Regards, Rated.
  8. Hello, If you are planning on making a quick sale I would recommend lowering your price, It's way too high, speaking from my own experience with account selling. Reminders. Level: 0-34 (14$) Good Games: CS:GO (15$) | ArmA 3 (15$) | Black Ops 3 (6$) | PUBG (10$). Kind Regards, Rated.
  9. @MakeTarkovGreatAgain I would assume it works, I haven't noticed any complaints about it. Kind Regards, Rated.
  10. Hello, He's talking about another provider, not us, he didn't get banned because of us. Well, by that being said, I am pretty sure he didn't get banned because of us, that was purely his own fault. Also, we never recommend cheating on your main account, especially with 300$ worth of skins, that is purely his own fault by doing so. Kind Regards, Rated. //thread closed.
  11. @MakeTarkovGreatAgain Hello, Yes, features that are listed on the Store page are up-to-date. Click here to view the features. Kind Regards, Rated.