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  1. Yes most likely as there have been no other reports yet.
  2. So far it only looks like a banwave from reports etc. There have only been 5 banreports.
  3. We did not receive any payment. Make sure nothing is blocking the site.
  4. it doesnt matter if the game updates or not. A detection can happen any time. Usually with smaller patches our cheat auto updates.
  5. That is not available at the moment and we are not sure if it will be again!
  6. The cheat still works, no issues reported.
  7. Hey, its not out yet!
  8. You dont need a hwid reset, you need a hwid spoofer which we do not offer currently.
  9. Youll have to contact a reseller for that.
  10. It's updated already. You can always check the cheat updates section if you have a sub, other then that just the normal cheat status page.
  11. There will most likely be no lifetime options in the future, sorry.
  12. Hey, its currently outdated because of the big patch that came out today.
  13. We are working on it. Unfortunately there is no eta yet.
  14. If you buy the dbd cheat you will get access to both versions. The main version is the steam one.
  15. Please make sure to post in the correct section next time. The price has not been decided yet!
  16. Bad timing my friend.
  17. Hey, the rust cheat stock is currently limited. There is no eta on when new subs can be bought!
  18. Hey, yes it does.
  19. We cannot be sure, but usually it makes no sense to do ip bans.
  20. You can see the cheat status on the cheat status page.