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  1. Youll have to contact a reseller:
  2. So only bloodpoints related offerings are not unlocked?
  3. How are you doing it? Sometimes you have to create a kill your friends match and go back to get it working properly.
  4. Thank you for the review. Please make sure to follow our rules and don't discuss other providers, thanks!
  5. What unlocker specifically? They are all only temporary.
  6. I dont see any patches for the game.
  7. Hey, if you have suggestions you can post them here: https://chods-cheats.com/ideas/categories/
  8. Thank you for the review.
  9. Hey, unfortunately no eta yet.
  10. The bsod on exit is "normal" at the moment. If your other pc bsods when the cheat injects make sure to follow the troubleshooting guide.
  11. Hey, please post your feedback here:
  12. just go to the store and buy
  13. Thank you for the review! ❤️
  14. Faceless

    RC Tester

    Places: 3

    Applicants: 12

    We are looking for longtime testers for all of our cheats! What we are looking for specifically: At least 18 years old Speak fluent English Experience with our products Enough time to do the job Dedication Professionalism Teamwork What you have to do: Test any of our cheat if needed Getting the games by yourself (If you show us that you are serious about it we might get accounts for you) Testing every feature, writing down issue and bugs and reporting them to us in an organized way Provide a selfie with yourself and your ID for verification What you will get: Free access to the cheats you tested A special role on the forum and in discord