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  1. Hello, Yes, press "Insert", click on "Console" and type in the console: "watermark 0". Kind Regards, Rated.
  2. Rated


    @Pisolo Create a Support Ticket.
  3. Hello, I am searching for a High Level - EFT Account, preferably having all traders at the max level. If you have anything to offer, add me on Discord. Discord ID: Rated#7307 Kind Regards, Rated.
  4. @Wiise1869 You are very welcome! Enjoy your stay! Kind Regards, Rated. //closed
  5. @jakmate1 Hello, I am interested. Please contact me via. Discord. Discord: Rated#7307 Kind Regards, Rated.
  6. @harley You are very welcome, enjoy! Kind Regards, Rated. //closed
  7. @harley Hello, Depends, usually a few minutes, depending on how fast you are. Negative, no ban waves. All of our features are undetected by their anti-cheat, we don't add detected features. It will also depend on your playstyle, you could get manually banned as well. Kind Regards, Rated.
  8. Hello, If you are planning on making a quick sale I would recommend lowering your price, It's way too high, speaking from my own experience with account selling. Reminders. Level: 0-34 (14$) Good Games: CS:GO (15$) | ArmA 3 (15$) | Black Ops 3 (6$) | PUBG (10$). Kind Regards, Rated.
  9. @MakeTarkovGreatAgain I would assume it works, I haven't noticed any complaints about it. Kind Regards, Rated.
  10. Hello, He's talking about another provider, not us, he didn't get banned because of us. Well, by that being said, I am pretty sure he didn't get banned because of us, that was purely his own fault. Also, we never recommend cheating on your main account, especially with 300$ worth of skins, that is purely his own fault by doing so. Kind Regards, Rated. //thread closed.
  11. @MakeTarkovGreatAgain Hello, Yes, features that are listed on the Store page are up-to-date. Click here to view the features. Kind Regards, Rated.
  12. @bestrox Hello, Once you decided which product to purchase, click on "Add to cart", once you did that you will be redirected to the "Billing Information" tab, make sure you enter the correct/real billing information, otherwise you will be unable to proceed, after that, click on "Continue to Order Review". Once you did that, select "PayPal" and click on "Place Order And Pay". Pictures: 1. https://i.imgur.com/G6rxyJu.png 2. https://i.imgur.com/qfHKwuW.png 3. https://i.imgur.com/DBvQjk6.png Kind Regards, Rated.
  13. @HappyCustomer Hello, Welcome to Chod's, enjoy your stay! Kind Regards, Rated.
  14. Correct, right here. Thread: **thread has not been updated since quite some time, note that there are many more options and services for different platforms** Contact me via. Discord. Rated#7307 Kind Regards, Rated.
  15. Rated


    @Flowless Hello, Can you please link us your Steam Profile? (please make sure it's on "public") Kind Regards, Rated.
  16. I am interested, that is my starting price. (some account sellers are selling Bo4 for about 5-7$)
  17. That's why I said, "counter-offer", at least tell us your starting price instead, makes it easier, right? Also your 800 games are spam games, to get your games count up. You have a few decent games, such as Rust.
  18. Because It's an used steam-account. Otherwise I can go and purchase myself up to Level 175.