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  1. Stev

    Hey Guys

    Welcome Tyler enjoy your stay
  2. Stev

    about trusted cheats

    Yes right. It seems you need to buy at least some cheat. Otherwise could be hard to get trusted
  3. Stev

    about trusted cheats

    I dont think you need to buy a cheat before but you have to earn your trusted rank.
  4. Stev

    Good bye!

    Good bye Julian. Best wishes
  5. Stev

    Hey everyone

    i like the "no raging" cheeser Welome, have fun and enjoy
  6. Name: Steven Location: Saarland, Germany What you do(work/school..): Start a new IT apprenticeship next week Age: 24 Languages: German, English Online for x hours a day: Around 5-6h Experience with our products: used CSGO , SoT , EFT, pubg(for 1 day) Relevant experience: Had my own Teamspeak server with 40 members and was Co Admin on a Ark Server Why you think you would be good for this position: Really love the community and want to support them if I have the opportunity Anything else: I Dont know how time consuming my new Job will be, but it should be no problem to be online plenty of hours to do the Job