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  1. Good to hear but where is the rainbow faceless? WHERE IS THE RAINBOW??
  2. @JoeTasakov Hello buddy! Sorry for the long wait, AliPay usually takes more time to verify. You should be all set by now!
  3. Sorry for beeing late guys! The winner is @Sellier! Gz to him and thanks for joining to everyone else. Please send me a PM to let me know what cheat you want.
  4. Welcome to my giveaway! (totally not copied from the Faceless one)There will be 1 winners this time. I will randomly choose him/her in 3 days! (30.03.2019)The winner will get:(insert fire emoji)1x Cheat subscription of your choice for 1 month (insert fire emoji)(Not included: VIP cheats, CS:GO with stream proofing / EAC support)To be part of the giveaway you have to react to the post. (don't forget to write which cheat you want!)The winner will receive the subscription in form of a key which can be redeemed at any time via this link: https://chods-cheats.com/resellers/?do=activate Thanks to faceless because he agreed to let me copy and paste his format
  5. Bump ? Cool video tho, I can't belive I missed that!
  6. Hello there, I created a 3 months invoice for you. You can check it here: https://chods-cheats.com/clients/orders/
  7. Probably Desync. Use your aimbot next time
  8. Hello guys, I'm the middle man. Please add me on Discord Oxyde#0001 or send a PM when both of you are online.
  9. Sorry guys for the delay on this giveaway, I have been very busy those days. Please @Blossom send me a PM with the game you would like to recive! Thanks to everyone for joining this giveaway!
  10. This giveaway will end on 30/09/2018 Hi guys, since @CantThinkOfName is a BIG NOOB and he can't even pick a name I decided to start this Giveaway where everyone can join. To win this giveaway you need to comment with a possible username for our big noob moderator CTON. (The username CanThinkOfName is NOT allowed and you can only post ONE username. If you post more than one, only the first one will be valid for the giveaway) The name that HE will like the most will win 1 Month of any cheat you like (VIP NOT included).
  11. Not yet. Our coder is working on it. Once it get updated, all the users will get the lost days added back to the sub so you don't waste a single penny of your money!
  12. Hello there, Please follow this guide: than check out this other one: If you still have issues, create a support ticket. Regards, Oxyde.
  13. Glade you are back again! We got some nice security updates
  14. R5s is not in our plans and probably will never be. Please stop bumping old threads.
  15. Question has been answered. //close
  16. Hello there, Thanks a lot for this renview! Please everyone keep in mind that most of the miscellaneous features are now gone due to security reason and we have no idea if they will come back or not. Glade you like the cheat Regards, Oxyde.
  17. Hello, I'd like to have 6 months of cs:go stream proof because I want to be shroud 2.0 thanks.
  18. Chod can fix almost everything Just give him some time. Good progress were made!
  19. Cheating it's always a risk. However our software got detected only 2 times, early November 2017 and now. Chod has been working hard those days and he made some improvements. Let's just wait until he fix everything. We apologize for your bad experience, you really had bad timing there