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  1. Thanks for the review buddy!
  2. Dexter, Julianeph, rated or any other reseller. Just PM any of them and they'll sort you out
  3. Please create a support ticket.
  4. Dr. Snif


    Nope, not at this time and I don't think chod is planning to.
  5. Nice one Gerald buddy, I like the domination!
  6. Nice giveaway buddy, gl to all participating! I'll take some RL cheese 😬
  7. Thanks for the nice review buddy!
  8. Dr. Snif

    Hey guys

    Welcome buddy, enjoy your stay!
  9. Hahaha love the void feature Well done buddy!
  10. Dr. Snif

    What Should I Post

    The big question is, did he ever make a yt channel with some vids?
  11. Thanks for the review
  12. Dr. Snif


    Welcome Zoofie and enjoy your stay!
  13. Don't really care that much about overpaid whiners in a boring sport.
  14. Haha first time ever I win something with such a contest Thanks @mrsnper I appreciate it!