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  1. 1. Diabotical 2. Diabotical uses an engine written from scratch, the "Glitch Engine". 3. It's a new quake style arena FPS game. There aren't many promising games that are being developed in this genre. It's a pretty complex game with its movement mechanics and fast gameplay. Perhaps this could be a nice new market to enter since I didn't see another provider for this game just yet.
  2. Thanks for the review buddy!
  3. If I'm not mistaken, they don't offer 6 month or year plans, but just the monthly subscription. Also, there are only seasonal discounts (summer, winter etc) or for other special days.
  4. Dexter, Julianeph, rated or any other reseller. Just PM any of them and they'll sort you out
  5. Nope, not at this time and I don't think chod is planning to.
  6. Nice one Gerald buddy, I like the domination!
  7. Nice giveaway buddy, gl to all participating! I'll take some RL cheese 😬
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  10. Hahaha love the void feature Well done buddy!
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  13. Don't really care that much about overpaid whiners in a boring sport.