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  1. Thank you for everyone who participated and created this story!
  2. Yeah that would be awesome. I would deffo buy one
  3. Faceless you rich or something? Im here broke af
  4. Hello Jason, We have no plans yet for that but if we did it would of been invite only. Regards
  5. Zenaku


    Hmm glow! i might want that in my name.
  6. Great Video Blub! Welcome to the team Kind Regards
  7. The bullet prediction is good at close to medium range. Not very accurate at a far distance
  8. correct you will need to do the following FAQ to get the PUBG "trick"
  9. We appreciate the kind words Kind Regards
  10. I'd love to get 6 months for EFT as well if it's possible ? Amazing review buddy! Thanks you so much for the effort and time spent on it. If you enjoyed so much our community it's because there're people like you in it. Thanks to you and to everyone who help this great community growing each day. You guys are the best! Regards, Zenaku. (not copy and paste btw)
  11. You need to have an active sub to Join the discord
  12. Zenaku


    Hello, The cheat is being updated now as we speak by Chod. It will be ready by the end of today Regards
  13. Thank you, Our staff team appreciates your kind words Regards
  14. Why couldnt people do this when i was a customer and not staff :(
  15. Zenaku


    you are the bigget pot head i know and i know allot
  16. +rep but i carry him instead i should be the one getting paid :kappa: :P
  17. another giveaway? guys chill. Ill take some free money if you guys want 431