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  1. They might have had a different policy back in those days.
  2. I can only speak for the non-existent link between a ban on DayZ resulting in issue with Arma. Can't tell for the other BE protected games.
  3. This information is incorrect, a ban on DayZ is not shared with arma.
  4. Crookzie

    DayZ Cheese

    Thanks for the very detailed review!
  5. Crookzie

    Cheats work on VM?

    Haven't tested, so can't confirm if it's functional / not.
  6. Crookzie

    Cheats work on VM?

    As an addition, item names are displayed also on modded servers, however the filters are only designed for vanilla items. So modded items will not be filtered and will always be displayed on your esp (if you enable item ESP).
  7. Playing with your main account is never a good idea when cheating. Unless you are willing to take the risk, so it's up to you!
  8. This information is now available if you click on the store
  9. Try this function: GetWindowThreadProcessId( );
  10. It depends on how you like at it, I like to make cheats in general, regardless of the game To each his own!
  11. What is different on this game regarding cheating compared to all other games that makes it "kinda stupid"?
  12. Could you PM me on here? Let's see if everything is setup the right way
  13. maybe 3d Pinball then? I suck at that game, and nope got no time
  14. Crookzie

    Pretty good!

    Reading this makes me smile, thanks for putting so much effort into the review