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  1. There is no way of knowing this unless you login and play on a new account. Typical they dont hwid on the first ban but it has happend before that someone got hwid banned on the first ban. So sadly there only 1 way for you to check this and its to get a new account and play, if your not banned within 24 hours your good to go.
  2. did you start the game? if you read the guides you would know that and if you did start the game and nothing happen then you read the guides and the troubelshooting guide and ofc followed the steps in it.
  3. They wew send in a PM from Chod when you first got an active sub. https://chods-cheats.com/guides/nongame/
  4. How much money did @Spi13 pay you to single him out
  5. There isent much to update on, so it would juts be a copy/paste and no need to flood with copy/paste posts each month. Our coders are hard at work getting our cheats working and staying safe, but as we cant go into any details about what they are doing the post would again just be a copy paste. Will the monthly news post return? it might if there's something to post about, sadly at this point there isent alot of new info that haven't been posted on here or on discord.
  6. Chod is still working on it, there is no ETA as it will take as long as it has to for it to be safe.
  7. once done cheating, restart your pc or the hv will keep running.
  8. Forum is not for support, make a support ticket.
  9. Xpi

    Future plans?

    we are a registrated company and so are most providers, you cant have an payment system without useing real life info so its quite easy to sue if they want to.
  10. As you can read in our FAQ, lost time is compensated once the cheat is back up, if its not done automatic make a ticket(once its back online)
  11. if the game updates then yes the cheat most likely have to get updated aswell and regarding compensation you can read about it in our FAQ.
  12. make sure your keybinds are all default, and when you start to do a gen just hold down left mouse key and the cheat will do the perfect skill cheack each time.
  13. Xpi

    Private server ban

    well a dev/game ban is not the same as a server ban, and if it was your first most likely your not hwid banned + getting a new hdd should clearn a hwid ban as they mostly ban hdd's But if you were to get banned from Server X and on the same pc made a new account and joined that server again you would be banned quite fast for ban evasion as the new account would be linked to the banned account, if that makes sense.
  14. Xpi

    Private server ban

    Lets take em 1 at a time Server admins can install a plugin that will log the steamid/ip/hwid, and this plugin can then crosscheck if any of them has a ban on them, so it might not seem automatic but in most cases it is, its just not checking all the time and steam has a max connection it can search pr hour so ban evasions can take a few hours to kick in. If you buy a new dayz account on your gf pc, and then login to your own pc where you used the old acc, the new account will be flagged and most likely get banned. Now that said, if you make a real clean of your pc and dont login the any banned accounts so that after you make the new account on your gf pc and only login with this new account on your own pc(its importent you have never logged any other steam acc in on this windows install) theres a good chance it wont get banned(but there is a chance depending on what they logged) The best way is to make the new acc on your gf pc, then install windows fresh on your own pc, get a vpn/new ip´ you should be good to go. A hwid spoofer will make it ever more safe but might not be a requirement. Regarding your router question, this is more tricky to answere as it depends on your isp, some isp assign a ip to your model thats build in the wall of your house and you cant just change that, and other assign the ip to the router, i would contact your isp and ask them if getting a new router would get you a new ip, if not you should look into a good stable vpn, you can get a stable vpn for around 10$ a month at most. dont worry about dynamic ip's as its less and less used externaly, most isp that tell you that you have an dynamic ip its really only dynapic in the server cluster your connected to (within the isp's server farm) and not an external dynamic ip, so the ip the game server see is static even when your ip has changed, this is why a vpn is the best way to change your ip. hope this helps.
  15. All our cheats work on Both Amd and Intel.