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  1. it is listed on the store page what windows versions it works with.
  2. my first cheat was for half-life, and then cs beta 0.2, and on it went. cheating is like a drug, once you start its not easy to get clean 😜 but back then there was no ac so cheating was super easy, i allso remember the NVIDIA wallhack driver for cs 1.x(cant remember what beta they released the first driver for), all of a sudden everyone wanted a nvidia gpu, was hella fun 😄
  3. you only have 2 options, get new hardware or get a working spoofer.
  4. its unknown as its unknown if the changes we made are safe, sofar it looks like its good to go but as i said its unknown. use at your own risk or wait for the status to change. if it was detected it would say detected and not unknown, we dont hide detection.
  5. that is impossible to say as there are 1000's of mods for dayz and if one of them use an overlay or has created new items that is not based on the base game, items might not show as we can only show what the game is telling us is there and sadly we cannot spend 10000's of hours adding each item, from every single mod to the esp. best way to know is to try and if its not working pick another server that has mods that are supported, we have added alot of custom items from mods but we cannot add all items.
  6. there are alot of places you can find the info you seek, google is your friend in this case and start looking at different hacking forums. the amount of info you need to build a safe cheat is massive and dont expect to find 1 place that holds all the info, and dont expect all info to be public as public info would allso allow ac devs to revers a possible bypass or feature and so on. you can even start on youtube as there are alot of tutorials on memory scan and simple cheats, and then just build from there.
  7. there will be no issue using dzsa launcher. its impossible to say if any mods will effect ban rate as there are 1000's of mods and no way anyone knows what they all do.
  8. Xpi

    dead side

    Thank you for the review, i do have to comment on your points as they arent 100% correct. 1) nothing to do with the aimbot, its working 100% as it should and it cannot be improved, the game has really bad hit reg and there is no no recoil nor is there prediction currently, again not the aimbot's fault as its doing what its suppose to do. 2) blame the game devs for having all items in russian, nothing we can do about that. 3) features come and go and you dont buy a cheat due to features as its easy to make features that arent safe, so your really buying it for the security, some features gets patched and its not like flipping a switch to get it back or find a new way it is alot of work. the price is based on of how good security it needs not what features it has. 4) what others have is not relevant as they might have found a way that is not possible in our cheat and as i said features gets patched all the time and you dont pay for features you pay for security, our coders could add in all the old features in a sec but it would only result in the loss of your account, it takes time to make new features and sometimes just as a feature is ready to be released it gets patched, you might not see everything but we do work on it alot and try to improve it but its not that easy.
  9. Xpi

    Squad review

    make a feature suggestion and explaine what it does and it might just make it in.
  10. its not a safety feature, its just something to due with how its injecting. nothing to worry about and it will get fixed at some point, but its not important as its not doing anything and as you have to restart anyway after you stop playing its not really an isssue. and it really dosent matter what your "other" cheats are doing or not as 2 cheats are not the same and they are not made the same way,so comparing them is impossible in terms of how and what happens before and after an injection, is like comparing a car with a plane as both are transportation.
  11. its working just fine, reinstall your game if that aint working make a ticket as its working fine for everyone else.
  12. iam sure if you look under your caps you would find the answer. and it case you dont know how to turn caps off no it does not mean that.
  13. there is not, it is however not rocket science and you can simply try the features out and see what they do if the name itself isent a dead giveaway.
  14. If you get banned, make a ban report in the correct section with the correct info. If you wanted your sub changed to one of our other cheats, make a ticket after you have filled out a ban report.
  15. if you have had a sub to it in the past you will need to renew that sub from Store > manage purchases
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