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  1. Xpi


    yall should join our discord and use it to find more like minded players
  2. We dont currently offer a CS:GO cheat, it might come back in the future.
  3. it means its outdated and needs to be updated. There has been an update and the cheat is no longer working untill we update it.
  4. Thanks you for the review! Our coders will allways keep working on our cheats so if they find a way to make it more smooth, it will be in
  5. ty for the review! About the vis check, its due to how the game is made and what it sees as an object. metal bars are made a solit objects, so the vis checks cant see the player as they are behind a solid object, sadly nothing our coder can do about that, you can still lock on to that player and kill him if you untick vis check. The reason the aimbot sometimes doink above players is the prediction, if the player changes stance just as you shoot it will try and predict it and if the player then at that moment changes stance again the prediction is off, its a common issue w
  6. Xpi

    Question about EAC

    we dont release any cheat without testing it for weeks and making sure its safe.
  7. Make a ticket as we cant do anything about invoices here.
  8. There is no ETa as to when its comming or what price it will be yet. Your just gonna have to wait and see when it comes out.
  9. all features are listen on the store page and it gets updated whenever new features gets added.
  10. It is safe to use currently, we will never leave the status as undetected if its not safe currently. We update it after every game update or if there is any change to the ac we will take it down untill we are sure its safe again. Iam sure others will post and say they are safe if you dont want to belive me.
  11. The aimbot is on point, but as there is no, no recoil/sway it wont stay on target after the first bullet. If you know how to control the recoil it will hit 10/10 bullets Its still early and more features will come over time.
  12. If you had a EFT sub when it went down, your gonna get your lost time compensated when it comes back as a public cheat. There might be a Private version of EFT at some point that has other features and that version you wont be getting unless you qualify for it and buy the private version.
  13. its abit random, but in most cases hwid bans happens on the 3rd ban(it can happen on the first ban though) Some games dont hwid, but most do.
  14. we have a nice community here, all questions are welcome and our lovely members love to help new members, its one of the things that makes Chod's an amazing community! ❤️ There is sometimes a bad seed in the mix, but we try to take care of that quickly as we don't want another hateful cheese site, there are plenty of them out there already.