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  1. it can as the hv is still running but not active so a driver can conflict and bsod your pc.
  2. all our cheats works with Intel and Amd, aslong as your cpu support virtualization.
  3. Xpi

    HWID Spoofer

    We dont currently offer a spoofer, its planned for the future but as allways no ETA. If you need one now, you will have to find one on your own, and remember our rules as we dont allow ppl discussing other providers so please dont ask for ppl to post links for them etc etc.
  4. its disabled while we look into a few ppl getting banned. if it was gone it would no longer be on the list or store.
  5. they cant see what you see, but if you look at players through walls and such they might notice and call you out on it. But they cannot see the esp or anything like that when spectating you, so if you play like normal they will never know.
  6. https://chods-cheats.com/faq/
  7. We dont currently have a csgo and not sure it will ever come back. The marked is just to small for the amount of csgo cheats out there.
  8. an invoice is not the same as an auto renewl, its just a QOL so you know your sub is about to run out and if u dont pay it yourself your sub runs out.
  9. Read our FAQ, as its listed in there how we do compensations.
  10. we dont allow the sale of cracked account here, so most likely you didnt see them for sale here or it was removed for this reason.
  11. Hello and welcome to our community! We are currently working on EFT but as BE is active targeting Chod's its not an easy task. Our coders are still working on it and it will be re-released again in the future but there is never any ETA when it comes to releases of any of our cheats.
  12. We are not planning an eft radar hack anytime soon, they are detectedble and 99% of them have been detected and gets detected on a daily basic. we are working on our own eft hack and thats the focus when it comes to eft.
  13. The cheat is safe, there is really not a degree of safety, either its safe or its not. We care alot about your account and your safety, so when a new update is out we dont just update and release the cheat, we test it first to make sure its safe before we let our customer use it again, so you dont have the risk of getting banned if we missed something. eac typical hwid ban on the 3rd ban, so if you have never been banned in hunt you should not really fear a hwid ban if you get banned. If you however get hwid banned, there is only 2 options to bypass it. 1) get a working spoofe
  14. You can see all the features it comes with on the store page.