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  1. sadly not everyone agrees but we wont change as our loyal customers knows this and stay with us for the good and the bad times knowing we really do put security first! Glad you guys agree that security is what matters over anything else.
  2. our discord is only for active subs, when a cheat is down your time do run out and thus the bot will remove you from fiscord, we do this to protect our users as we have had none paying customers leak user info and names to ac and game companies and thus getting them banned. and you dont have to be on discord to get any news as all updates gets posted on our website before they are posted on discord, so you dont miss any info at all. once your lost time is compensated your free to join discord again.
  3. we dont offer a spoofer no, you need to find your own working spoofer if you need one.
  4. it is undetected currently, your friend is misinformed.
  5. things change, anticheats change and thus its becomes harder to keep a cheat safe and it takes more time so ofc the price goes up.
  6. Pick me PICK ME, i never win anything! QQsadface
  7. if it says outdated its clearly not ud and safe in the current state as its outdated ie needs to be updated.
  8. nothing wrong in asking , its why we have a forum so we can talk abou things like this. the issue in deadside is on the list to be fixed in the future but ue4 wont allow psilent sadly.(if i remembe correctly)
  9. that is sooo wrong its sad to see ppl think this still, psilent client side(some client side will still lock to spectators but not you) wont show to a spectator but they can see your xhair isent on target but your hitting with every bullet and for dev's/ac's its easy to see in the log that your hitting even when your not on target. sure psilent or silent aimbot whatever you prefere is great if the ppl specating you are dumb but anyone with a tiny bit of knowhow about the game will know whats up and as faceless said alot of games psilent wont even work in so its not just "make psile
  10. Hello, Read and follow our Startup Guide:
  11. not if its a hwid ban. if you got hwid clapped you have to get new hardware or get a spoofer.
  12. if you are 110% sure you never had the games open(this included eft's launcher) while you had a cheat injected(if if you closed down the game you cheated in the cheat is still injected) in that case you should contact the game devs and ask them why you got banned.
  13. the only way you could get banned is if you didnt follow what we suggest ie. restart your pc before goinging into any other games. if you did do so then you either had the client open or had another cheat running/open while playing the games you got banned in, if none of this is the case i would contact the game devs as how would they ban you if you had nothing running while the game was running.
  14. ill join in on this as arent we all nerds? Case: Phanteks Eclipse P350X Mobo: Asus Rog Strix Z390 Cpu: Intel i9-9900k @ 5ghz Aio: Corsair Hydro H150i Ram: Corsair Vengeance rgb pro 32gb 3200mhz Gpu: Asus Rog Strix Rtx 2080 TI Psu: Corsair GS 800 80+ gold M.2: Corsair Force MP600 1gb. Storage: 12TB NAS Monitor: Asus Rog Swift PG279Q 1440p 165Hz x2 Keyboard: ASUS ROG Strix Flare Mouse: ASUS ROG CHAKRAM Core Headset: Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless
  15. A spoofer will only spoofer your hwid untill you restart your pc, so you have to use it again after a restart/shut down of your pc.