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  1. Chod made a good job to be save. When you play so legit as possible than you can be save. But you will be never 100% save. I used chode since 6 month. Only one ban after the 0.9 Patch
  2. I used 2 eft accounts one is band one works fine, Without being a new computer. Therefore I think there is no hardware ban.
  3. Dn87

    Hello everyone

    Welcome here dude
  4. Best decision to take chod for eft
  5. It's looks so funny walk around of you and you don't die :)
  6. With this cheat my Plaing is much better even if the the cheat is off
  7. So now I have the hack for a month and I have to say it's awesome. so many possibilities of adjustment, only 2 players who f****d themselves and said they would report me I only play with aim and I have to say that's enough for me sometimes I use esp but not so often only when the packages are low and I no longer see anyone then I check scav or player
  8. 5x Icases with m4 and 2x Icases with rsass
  9. Hi ich wollte hier einfach mal den Anfang machen und bissel was schreiben. Ich heiße David und bin aktuell nur in tarkov unterwegs. Wenn ihr mal jemand zum spielen sucht fragt mich hier einfach. Kânnt mir gerne eine Anfrage senden. Auf empfehlung mal bissel überarbeitet den Beitrag dank dir @Faceless