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  1. Well its taken a while, we had a whole overhaul of some of our core components as they were getting a bit tired and outdated and causing some sporadic bans with some games. But its worth the wait as we now have a secure and stable platform from which to move forwards. We can't say too much about this new technology at the moment, but we are quietly confident that it will allow is to deliver some really big cheats for some of your most beloved games in the near future. For now, we are very pleased to tell you that we have brought our DayZ cheat back online and our Hunt: Showdown cheat. Both cheats have been getting some ugprades during their down-time, including full mod support for DayZ including breaching charge, keycards, and all the popular mods. Hunt has had a performance overhaul, now making the aimbot even more accurate, though we are improving that even more. We really want to thank you for your patience, it has been a long time since we were able to offer these cheats but if you're reading this it means you stuck around and it will hopefully be worth the wait. Future plans As I already alluded to, we are now in a position to start seriously looking at taking on some of the big games. No names yet but you'll want what we'll have to offer. P.S. All subs for DayZ and Hunt were fully compensated
  2. Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide, with millions of players spending countless hours exploring virtual worlds, battling against other players, and completing quests. However, some players look for ways to gain an unfair advantage by using cheats or hacks to manipulate the game's mechanics. To counter this, game developers have implemented anti-cheat systems to prevent such behavior. Modern anti-cheat systems use sophisticated techniques to detect and prevent cheating. These systems work by analyzing the game's code, identifying patterns of behavior that suggest cheating, and taking appropriate action. While these systems are effective, they are not perfect, and game hackers have found ways to bypass them. One of the most significant technical difficulties facing game hackers is the use of encryption and obfuscation techniques by game developers. Encryption and obfuscation are techniques used to make the game's code more difficult to read and understand. This makes it harder for hackers to reverse engineer the game's code and find vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Another difficulty facing game hackers is the use of server-side validation. In some games, critical game data, such as health points and in-game currency, is stored on the server rather than the client-side. This makes it difficult for hackers to manipulate this data, as any changes made on the client-side will be rejected by the server. In addition, game developers have also implemented behavior-based anti-cheat systems that analyze player behavior to detect cheating. These systems monitor a player's mouse movements, keystrokes, and other inputs to identify abnormal behavior that may indicate cheating. This makes it more difficult for hackers to use automated tools to cheat, as these tools may trigger the anti-cheat system. Another difficulty facing game hackers is the use of machine learning algorithms by anti-cheat systems. Machine learning algorithms analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns of behavior that may indicate cheating. These algorithms are continually learning, making them more effective at detecting cheating over time. This makes it harder for hackers to develop cheats that can evade the anti-cheat system. Despite these challenges, game hackers continue to find ways to bypass anti-cheat systems. One of the most common techniques used by hackers is code injection, which involves injecting code into the game's memory to manipulate game data or bypass anti-cheat measures. This technique is challenging to detect and prevent, as it can be done without modifying the game's code. Another technique used by hackers is the use of virtual machines or sandboxes to run the game in a controlled environment, allowing them to modify the game's code without being detected by the anti-cheat system. In conclusion, game hackers face numerous technical difficulties when attempting to bypass modern anti-cheat systems. These systems use sophisticated techniques, such as encryption, server-side validation, behavior-based analysis, and machine learning algorithms, to detect and prevent cheating. While these systems are not perfect, they are continually improving, making it more challenging for hackers to bypass them. As such, game developers must continue to invest in anti-cheat technology to maintain the integrity of their games and provide a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.
  3. Thanks for your message. Whilst @Fearyis right, if there is enough interest we might bring out a V2 USB, new design, but might take pre-orders because they can take a while to sell. Would this be of interest to you?
  4. We have something very big coming soon.
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a detailed and enjoyable review. Its really nice to see how much our work is valued p.s. I fixed some of the ESP bugs I noticed in your video in today's update! No idea how I didn't notice them before!
  6. Chod

    rust wipe

    Amazing ❤️
  7. Due to unforseen circumstances we have made the choice to cease supporting Apex Legends and BF2042. This wasn't an easy choice to make but its in the interest in our continued operation that we've come to this decision. All subs will expire naturally so you will get everything you've paid for. Thanks for all our Apex and BF subscribers for sticking around
  8. That hoodie looks great! Its members like you who make what we do worthwhile, thank you for sharing and thank you for being a devoted member of this community ❤️
  9. That's very noble of you to say so, especially publicly, and of course I welcome your apology humbly. Regarding your other comments, I have taken them on board, with others, and will act accordingly in line with the values core to the business.
  10. That's not very nice. As I said, I stand by my staff as they stand by me. We are united and share the same values, if you feel like Feary is an asshole I can only presume he treated you like one; a sentiment I share in all honesty.
  11. In light of the recent troubles concerning Easy Anti Cheat, I thought it would be best that I address the issue personally, having read some of the disturbing comments circulating about us. If I can address those primarily: Stuff like this just makes me sad. For our own customers to accuse us of being lazy and unfaithful just hurts. I personally sign on to the computer between 8.30 and 9.30 every day, and I work until 5pm, at which point I put my kids to bed, then I will continue working until 9 or 10pm the majority of nights. There are of course ongoing issues regarding EAC that we are obviously aware of and working on, they have been extremely offensive lately, and while we have successfully mitigated several attacks, one remains that is hard to fix. We will, of course, succeed...its just a matter of time. The staff that I employ do an amazing job, they know that in order to protect the user's gaming account from getting banned above all else, we must follow a protocol. I stand by my team 100%. I do not apologise for any of the steps we take, if you want some backyard devs to take your money and care less when you get banned, feel free to leave. Here, we know that preventing the ban to begin with is the key to a successful reputation, and we will continue to provide our service on this basis. Addressing @charlesalvarez046 directly, you have only been a customer of ours since January 22nd. We *always* give back any time lost, it just doesn't get added on until we reinstate the product (otherwise how can we know how much time to add on?). I want to personally say welcome to the Chod's Cheats club, regardless of down-time, updates, and everything else, we know that above all else the customer should get what they pay for, and we will stick by that motto until the end. Stick with us folks, things are getting tough right now, we are constantly battling on, our silence means we have our heads down and are working day and night to get things going again. But I will give you more updates going forwards as I know its important for you to know where we are at. Some good news, finally. Hunt now has a full engine aimbot, no sway, and no recoil. It will be added in the forthcoming update once the EAC issues are behind us. Let me tell you, its incredibly strong...better than the Chinese crap floating around. This does not conclude our Hunt updates, as a big ESP overhaul will be coming soon too. Again, thanks for your patience. We are succeeding, we will prevail. Chod
  12. We'd like to welcome you all into the new year. We're feeling optimistic about 2021, but honestly, it can't be any worse than 2020! Its been tough for so many of us, but here at Chod's Cheats we are feeling confident about the year ahead, and we'd love you to stick around to see what we have planned come to fruition..! Some updates first of all... Dead by Daylight is now up and running again on the Windows Store version of the game, this means that our DirectX 12 renderer is fully complete and optimised. This also means we can easily start supporting other DirectX 12 games with our internal framework. An increasing number of games are switching to DX12, so with this upgrade we will also be ready to switch over at the flick of a switch, with no down-time for you, the customer. Hunt: Showdown and Rogue Company are still under investigation as to why we had some bans, but we are learning more each day and expect to have an update soon. Future plans Most of the cheats are quite stable now and require little maintenance, thanks to our unique dynamic update systems. This means that we are focussing on what can really drive things forward, rather than getting bogged down with game updates. One of the key things we want to focus on is increasing our understanding of anti-cheats, specifically BattlEye and EasyAntiCheat. We expect this to be a long road, but we are willing to make the large time investment to gain the insight we need to hopefully beat both anti-cheats once and for all. Regarding new cheats, we plan to add cheats for CoD: Warzone and Cold War in the future. But we will be limiting the amount we add this year and would instead like to focus on improving the overall quality of our current line-up. To conclude We thank you for your continued support this year, especially if you're enduring hardship. Chod's Cheats turns 8 years old today, we couldn't have come this far without all of your help and support. I'd especially like to thank the dedicated staff @Xpi @WannaBeCarry, the head moderator @Feary, our lead coder and general all round great guy@Don Coderleone, and of course the wonderful @Faceless. Without you all, this site would cease to function and I am forever grateful for everything you do. Let's make 2021 an amazing year, whatever you decide to do. Have a great New Year's Eve and see you on the other side. Kindest Regards, Chod.
  13. That is entirely the problem. The fact that its so easy to make a cheat means literally anybody and everybody has made their own p2c and flooded the market.
  14. This is something we have talked about a lot amongst the staff. The problem as we see it is that the CS:GO cheat market is just completely saturated. There are some very good cheats out there, and some very bad too; and athough we are confident that we could produce something good, we have to ask whether its worth the immense time it would take us to be able to offer all the features required to be considered "worthy". Specifically, all the HvH features now are so complicated and time consuming to perfect that it doesn't make much sense for us to put a lot of time into something when there are already dozens of cheats out there already. We wouldn't really make a dent in the already thriving CS:GO cheat marketplace and therefore, for the time being at least, the CS:GO cheat will probably not return.
  15. Thanks for the comment. I might write a blog about that at some point.
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