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  1. That is entirely the problem. The fact that its so easy to make a cheat means literally anybody and everybody has made their own p2c and flooded the market.
  2. This is something we have talked about a lot amongst the staff. The problem as we see it is that the CS:GO cheat market is just completely saturated. There are some very good cheats out there, and some very bad too; and athough we are confident that we could produce something good, we have to ask whether its worth the immense time it would take us to be able to offer all the features required to be considered "worthy". Specifically, all the HvH features now are so complicated and time consuming to perfect that it doesn't make much sense for us to put a lot of time into something when there are
  3. Places: 1

    Applicants: 1

    We are looking for a talented cheat developer to join our growing team, to add new and exciting cheats to our line-up, develop and research features, and be part of an exciting community. The right candidate should: Have minimum 4 years as a C++ developer (sorry, .net developers need not apply) Have experience with cheat development in some form Have strong reverse engineering skills (IDA/x64_dbg/WinDbg etc) A portfolio of work to show on request Have experience working within a team and meeting deadlines Be friendly, approachable, and eager to learn Be a minimum of 18 years old Be a member for minimum 1 year Preferable, but not required: Higher education in a computer technology field (ideally software development related), e.g. a college/university degree or equivalent Real life industry experience for at least 2 years This is a paid position. Please reply with your details, if you wish to submit your CV/resume then upload as an attachment. Good luck
  4. Please note we will be moving to a new a new server over the course of the next 48 hours so there will be some downtime. We will try and keep this to a minimum but expect some disruptions. Apologies in advance, see you on the other side.
  5. Thanks for the comment. I might write a blog about that at some point.
  6. The old version of the framework was first developed in 2016, and at the time seemed like the best project I had written so far in terms of flexibility, reusability and certainly from a design point-of-view. However, over the years it got chopped and changed so much that it became a bombsite of code; it worked, but was not pleasant to work with. One thing in particular that became apparent over time, was that developing cheats with the old framework was quite time consuming. This was because when creating the layout for a menu, all the element creation had to be done manually line-
  7. Today I had planned to implement some more of the missing features into Tarkov, and did eventually end up achieving that, but ended up spending far too long doing smaller jobs. The first thing on my list was to implement loot esp into Tarkov. Simple enough, as it was mostly a case of copying the code from the old cheat into the new one and fixing up the differences. Well, for the most part this was true, except I made a stupid typo in the vector class that took me over 2 hours to diagnose. Embarassing that it took me so long to spot it, but there you go.
  8. Chod

    Welcome to the DevBlog!

    I've been wanting to start a devblog for some time, and in hindsight I wish I had started it months ago when I first started working on the new framework, but I suppose its not too late. Anyway, the point of this is to give you some insight into how I do things from a coding perspective, show you what I am working on currently, and some previews of things to come. What with all the changes happening currently it seems like it would also be a good way to keep you all engaged and interested in the new cheats when they are finally ready. So, please follow this blog, I will keeping po
  9. Yes, Apex and DayZ are already well underway. More to follow also
  10. You guys are exactly right. Tarkov has been our biggest income for some time, and yes we could rush something and get it out as quickly as possible to start making money again, but this has got to be right. I care 100% about the quality of my products, even too much sometimes, I spend a lot of times on small details, because I want it to be perfect. Money is less important than a happy customer, and ultimately the latter leads to the former anyway so its in our interest to make things well. That being said I don't expect to release a perfect product, there will be issues, it already needs opti
  11. Little ESP preview (remember, still likely to change a lot)
  12. We haven't forgotten about you just yet Early tease btw, expect a lot to change.
  13. No, we aren't after your money. The store is closed currently anyway (except csgo and apex)
  14. Just a little teaser, but here's what our Rust chams look like. Only cheat in the world to have full engine glow chams!
  15. Of course, there are always set backs. But we fix and carry on until we reach the goal.