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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a detailed and enjoyable review. Its really nice to see how much our work is valued p.s. I fixed some of the ESP bugs I noticed in your video in today's update! No idea how I didn't notice them before!
  2. Chod

    rust wipe

    Amazing ❤️
  3. Due to unforseen circumstances we have made the choice to cease supporting Apex Legends and BF2042. This wasn't an easy choice to make but its in the interest in our continued operation that we've come to this decision. All subs will expire naturally so you will get everything you've paid for. Thanks for all our Apex and BF subscribers for sticking around
  4. That hoodie looks great! Its members like you who make what we do worthwhile, thank you for sharing and thank you for being a devoted member of this community ❤️
  5. That's very noble of you to say so, especially publicly, and of course I welcome your apology humbly. Regarding your other comments, I have taken them on board, with others, and will act accordingly in line with the values core to the business.
  6. That's not very nice. As I said, I stand by my staff as they stand by me. We are united and share the same values, if you feel like Feary is an asshole I can only presume he treated you like one; a sentiment I share in all honesty.
  7. In light of the recent troubles concerning Easy Anti Cheat, I thought it would be best that I address the issue personally, having read some of the disturbing comments circulating about us. If I can address those primarily: Stuff like this just makes me sad. For our own customers to accuse us of being lazy and unfaithful just hurts. I personally sign on to the computer between 8.30 and 9.30 every day, and I work until 5pm, at which point I put my kids to bed, then I will continue working until 9 or 10pm the majority of nights. There are of course ongoing issues regarding EAC that we are obviously aware of and working on, they have been extremely offensive lately, and while we have successfully mitigated several attacks, one remains that is hard to fix. We will, of course, succeed...its just a matter of time. The staff that I employ do an amazing job, they know that in order to protect the user's gaming account from getting banned above all else, we must follow a protocol. I stand by my team 100%. I do not apologise for any of the steps we take, if you want some backyard devs to take your money and care less when you get banned, feel free to leave. Here, we know that preventing the ban to begin with is the key to a successful reputation, and we will continue to provide our service on this basis. Addressing @charlesalvarez046 directly, you have only been a customer of ours since January 22nd. We *always* give back any time lost, it just doesn't get added on until we reinstate the product (otherwise how can we know how much time to add on?). I want to personally say welcome to the Chod's Cheats club, regardless of down-time, updates, and everything else, we know that above all else the customer should get what they pay for, and we will stick by that motto until the end. Stick with us folks, things are getting tough right now, we are constantly battling on, our silence means we have our heads down and are working day and night to get things going again. But I will give you more updates going forwards as I know its important for you to know where we are at. Some good news, finally. Hunt now has a full engine aimbot, no sway, and no recoil. It will be added in the forthcoming update once the EAC issues are behind us. Let me tell you, its incredibly strong...better than the Chinese crap floating around. This does not conclude our Hunt updates, as a big ESP overhaul will be coming soon too. Again, thanks for your patience. We are succeeding, we will prevail. Chod
  8. We'd like to welcome you all into the new year. We're feeling optimistic about 2021, but honestly, it can't be any worse than 2020! Its been tough for so many of us, but here at Chod's Cheats we are feeling confident about the year ahead, and we'd love you to stick around to see what we have planned come to fruition..! Some updates first of all... Dead by Daylight is now up and running again on the Windows Store version of the game, this means that our DirectX 12 renderer is fully complete and optimised. This also means we can easily start supporting other DirectX 12 games with our internal framework. An increasing number of games are switching to DX12, so with this upgrade we will also be ready to switch over at the flick of a switch, with no down-time for you, the customer. Hunt: Showdown and Rogue Company are still under investigation as to why we had some bans, but we are learning more each day and expect to have an update soon. Future plans Most of the cheats are quite stable now and require little maintenance, thanks to our unique dynamic update systems. This means that we are focussing on what can really drive things forward, rather than getting bogged down with game updates. One of the key things we want to focus on is increasing our understanding of anti-cheats, specifically BattlEye and EasyAntiCheat. We expect this to be a long road, but we are willing to make the large time investment to gain the insight we need to hopefully beat both anti-cheats once and for all. Regarding new cheats, we plan to add cheats for CoD: Warzone and Cold War in the future. But we will be limiting the amount we add this year and would instead like to focus on improving the overall quality of our current line-up. To conclude We thank you for your continued support this year, especially if you're enduring hardship. Chod's Cheats turns 8 years old today, we couldn't have come this far without all of your help and support. I'd especially like to thank the dedicated staff @Xpi @WannaBeCarry, the head moderator @Feary, our lead coder and general all round great guy@Don Coderleone, and of course the wonderful @Faceless. Without you all, this site would cease to function and I am forever grateful for everything you do. Let's make 2021 an amazing year, whatever you decide to do. Have a great New Year's Eve and see you on the other side. Kindest Regards, Chod.
  9. That is entirely the problem. The fact that its so easy to make a cheat means literally anybody and everybody has made their own p2c and flooded the market.
  10. This is something we have talked about a lot amongst the staff. The problem as we see it is that the CS:GO cheat market is just completely saturated. There are some very good cheats out there, and some very bad too; and athough we are confident that we could produce something good, we have to ask whether its worth the immense time it would take us to be able to offer all the features required to be considered "worthy". Specifically, all the HvH features now are so complicated and time consuming to perfect that it doesn't make much sense for us to put a lot of time into something when there are already dozens of cheats out there already. We wouldn't really make a dent in the already thriving CS:GO cheat marketplace and therefore, for the time being at least, the CS:GO cheat will probably not return.
  11. Places: 1

    Applicants: 1

    We are looking for a talented cheat developer to join our growing team, to add new and exciting cheats to our line-up, develop and research features, and be part of an exciting community. The right candidate should: Have a minimum of 4 years as a C++ developer (sorry, .net developers don't need to apply) Have experience with cheat development in some form Have strong reverse engineering skills (IDA/x64_dbg/WinDbg/etc) A portfolio of work to show on request Have experience working within a team and meeting deadlines Be friendly, approachable, and eager to learn Be a minimum of 18 years old Be a member for minimum 1 year Preferable, but not required: Higher education in a computer technology field (ideally software development related), e.g. a college/university degree or equivalent Real life industry experience for at least 2 years This is a paid position. Please reply with your details, if you wish to submit your CV/resume then upload as an attachment. Good luck
  12. Please note we will be moving to a new a new server over the course of the next 48 hours so there will be some downtime. We will try and keep this to a minimum but expect some disruptions. Apologies in advance, see you on the other side.
  13. Thanks for the comment. I might write a blog about that at some point.
  14. The old version of the framework was first developed in 2016, and at the time seemed like the best project I had written so far in terms of flexibility, reusability and certainly from a design point-of-view. However, over the years it got chopped and changed so much that it became a bombsite of code; it worked, but was not pleasant to work with. One thing in particular that became apparent over time, was that developing cheats with the old framework was quite time consuming. This was because when creating the layout for a menu, all the element creation had to be done manually line-by-line by the cheat developer. In some cases, this could take up hundreds and hundres of lines of code, adding both bloat and creating a messy project. So someting I wanted to address in the new framework (its called V5 btw) is the time it takes to create a GUI... Enter the GUI Studio... This new tool allows a developer to create a menu in real-time using an graphical user interface, save it to a GUI Document, then load it into the program in one line of code. Here's a short video demonstrating the studio: There are a lot of elements missing currently, but you can see the basic creation of a window, two text boxes and a button. The studio allows for the easy parenting of an element to any other element, and correctly handles relative positions. It also features drag snapping for easily aligning objects along a axis. Once the GUI document is exported, it gets converted into an XML document that looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <document> <meta version="100" /> <element name="Window_0"> <type>V5Interop.Window</type> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidden>false</hidden> <position_x>187</position_x> <position_y>158</position_y> <size_x>400</size_x> <size_y>210</size_y> <parent /> <backgroundcolour>34,35,43,255</backgroundcolour> <label>Please Login</label> </element> <element name="tbUsername"> <type>V5Interop.TextBox</type> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidden>false</hidden> <position_x>46</position_x> <position_y>25</position_y> <size_x>300</size_x> <size_y>20</size_y> <parent>Window_0</parent> <label>Username</label> </element> <element name="tbPassword"> <type>V5Interop.TextBox</type> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidden>false</hidden> <position_x>46</position_x> <position_y>64</position_y> <size_x>300</size_x> <size_y>20</size_y> <parent>Window_0</parent> <label>Password</label> </element> <element name="Button_0"> <type>V5Interop.Button</type> <enabled>true</enabled> <hidden>false</hidden> <position_x>267</position_x> <position_y>144</position_y> <size_x>100</size_x> <size_y>20</size_y> <parent>Window_0</parent> <fontsize>12</fontsize> <label>Login</label> </element> </document> The beauty of this system is that if a developer wants to change how the menu system works for their cheat, they can adjust it with the studio, save to XML, then upload to the server. No changes are required to the code for the GUI to be changed. Some of you may be thinking "This looks a lot like OSH GUI". Well, you're not entirely wrong. I was so impressed with the designer from OSH GUI that I wanted to replicate its ease of use and the properties panel. Gladly though, that's the extend of the similarities. While OSH uses a secondary managed renderer for displaying the elements, what we did was to pipe our D3D11 renderer through to the managed canvas, thereby only needing one renderer. One of the hurdles we had to overcome was the pathway of managed -> unmanaged code. One option would be to pInvoke everything we needed, but this would have been a huge task as the V5 Framework is quite extensive. Instead, we created an CLR interop library that acts as a middle man. For example, let's look at the code that creates a text box. Firstly in our managed front end we issue the CreateUITextBox call to the interop library: And the interop part: In the interop library, we perform the necessary conversion from the label to wchar_t*, then we issue the CreateElement call to the native back-end. CreateElement returns a pointer to a V5::TextBox, given a parent element, a initial position, and a label. Using this pointer, we create a managed TextBox object, and give it a reference to the native pointer. The managed TextBox simply acts as a wrapper around the native pointer so we can still use OOP on the text box from managed code. After this, we add the managed text box to the _items List and return it. The native back end of course keeps its own list of created elements, but that's not important. That's pretty much it, all the coder has to do on their end is one line of code: V5::gGuiManager.LoadDocument(L"Gui\\Login.xml", this); Where this can either be an existing gui Element to parent all the objects to, or null. I hope you enjoyed this one, next time the wait shouldn't be as long. If there's something in particular you'd like me to cover, please reply and let me know.
  15. Today I had planned to implement some more of the missing features into Tarkov, and did eventually end up achieving that, but ended up spending far too long doing smaller jobs. The first thing on my list was to implement loot esp into Tarkov. Simple enough, as it was mostly a case of copying the code from the old cheat into the new one and fixing up the differences. Well, for the most part this was true, except I made a stupid typo in the vector class that took me over 2 hours to diagnose. Embarassing that it took me so long to spot it, but there you go. After fixing this small but significant problem the loot ESP and snap lines were working correctly: Something else that had been annoying me is the font renderer. If you look back to a post I made in September, the text is not looking great. The font is squashed together, the outline is really bad. And generally its not pleasant to look at. So to fix this, I fixed the spacing between characters by adjusting the amount of alpha that a pixel must emit before it is considered "the edge" of the glyph. Next up the outline, for this I changed the font pre-generator so that it doesn't smooth the outline, creating that kind of patchy outline you can see above. The results looked like this: Whilst I was making changes to the font system I also found a bug that once fixed, improved text rendering speeds by about 4x, the effects were immediately noticeable and the ESP is silky smooth now. That's it for today, more soon...