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  1. We've been requested to make a cheat for this game, but before we do I'd like to know if there is sufficient interest in it. Thanks
  2. Chod

    Member Panel Updated

    Fixed a bug where supporters couldn't access the HWID reset area Fixed a bug that wasn't properly counting HWID resets and consequently allowing unlimited resets per month. Each user has one free reset each month but can purchase more if required.
  3. Chod

    Streamdeck Update Part 2

    This is incredible, I love it and your dedication ❤️
  4. Chod

    Now welcoming supporters!

    We are pleased to announce we are welcoming official Chod's Cheats Supporters! By becoming a supporter, you not only gain a lot of perks that other members cannot receive, you also help us to mould the future of the site by having direct communication with the site leaders and developers. What perks do I get? Early access to cheats (lowered price) - You will be able to get access to our cheats that are currently in development, before anybody else has access at a discounted price. 10% discount code - For as long as you remain a supporter, you will be able to get 10% off all cheats (excluding VIP) Special forum name style - You will get a unique glowing name (see below) Highlighted posts - Your forum posts will be a different colour to other users' posts, making your remarks stand out from the crowd. Name change 1 time per month - Each month you will have the ability to change your name on the site. Special forum banner - As with customer, donator group, etc. you will get a unique forum group banner for supporters only. Access to supporter giveaways - From time-to-time we will be giving away freebies, these could be cheats, game keys, or even some hardware...! Access to the supporter forum - You will be able to access a private forum area that only staff and supporters can access. Special discord rank and channel access - You will be given a supporter rank in discord as well as having access to the private supporter discord. How does it look? How much does it cost? It costs £5 per month, you can cancel it at any time but will lose the perks. How do I get it? Head on over to the subscriptions area to become one of our official Supporters! The Supporter package does NOT grant you access to the cheats! You still have to buy them on the Store.
  5. Chod

    T-shirt Giveaway by Digitul

    Thanks for contributing so generously
  6. Chod

    Review First Impression

    The radar follows the same rules as the esp, so if you want something to not appear in the radar it must also not appear on the screen.
  7. Chod

    Review First Impression

    It sounds like you injected the cheat twice, that's the only possible way you would have two radar windows and would explain the visual bugs you mentioned.
  8. Chod

    Chod's Cheats Flash Drive

    Sorry to hear you're not satisfied. Firstly regarding the extras, as it was a giveaway it was unclear whether the coupon and free license key should have gone to you or the original purchaser - normally these would both have been sent in the package. I know that you are going to get the license and coupon now if you didn't already so I can only apologise about that. The speed of the USB is quite a shame, ultimately the speeds we quote are taken from the manufacturer who say they don't guarantee these figures because sometimes they use different hardware. If after some more testing you're still not seeing the speeds you'd like I can send you a replacement if you would be kind enough to send the original back to me (contact me in a ticket about this). Its odd that you're the only one getting these speeds, from what it sounds like its an isolated occurrence so maybe you got a bad one..
  9. Chod

    My Very Own USB

    Loving the photoshoot
  10. Thank you for the kind words. A very well written testimonial indeed :)
  11. Chod

    Chod´s Cheats Coffee Cup!

    Amazing, I love it!
  12. Chod


    Thanks for the detailed review
  13. Chod

    Trolling streamer xD

    That's actually a really interesting find, good job. Maybe we can use this somehow in the cheat...
  14. Chod

    ChodsCheat Banners

    Looking great. One small nitpick: It's "Chod's Cheats", not "Chods Cheats" :)

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