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  1. Exacly ! Thanks for the + Info, Really good advice! ;D
  2. Thanks for the + Info Im correcting it.
  3. Hey guys today I just want to share my thoughts and skills with you guys, because lately (and not) (not even just here (mostly) ) I saw people complaining about getting banned on several games while using farely and really good cheating services like for example Chod's. I think there are mostly ways how we can make sure that we lower the chances of detection + the number of reports while playing with cheats. I've decided to go through every single (Almost XD) game, Chod's cheats support with its client and help those out a little bit who have troubles being legit, hiding cheats, and not getting banned easily. Here we go.: The first game is CS:GO, Im CSGO Its farely easy to hide your cheats if you got used to it. A lots of cheaters only use chams or only aim assist so in for example Overwatch reviews its relatively very hard to tell if the person is cheating or not, because he doesn't even know where the enemy is; because he doesn't use walls. You can also adjust you aim assist + there are options like only "human confirgurated" triggerbot, so its a trigger, but fairly human. + You can configurate it according to your skill level so don't set it to like a global would react in silver obviusly, go a little easy on them jesus. Also, if you happen to do use walls how I do, sometimes you gotta understand that you MUST pretend that you just DON'T know where they are.. Are you talking about literarry rpetending dumb and killing yourself? well, exacly... Sometimes when ur peeking a corner and he is in a really dumb position what you normally NEVER EVER WOULD check, then just DON'T..? Really, you may die, but you wont get banned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Next up we have a game here that a lots of Chod's users intrested in, its Escape from tarkov. Yep a game, where sometimes its even as hard to play legit with cheats, if ur not using litteral ragebot. Its hard if you have bad weapons compared to someone who is richly geard, but still, just don't use the normal "RAGE" options and you should be normally good to go. What im saying is is limit your aimlocking, DON'T even try noclip and magic bullet, [ because you're just going to get more reports,] actually you can't report players so... Yea still, I belive devs do watch people so.. I f they have like a really high kill or escape rate and stuff... so be careful.. and maybe even the devs will manual ban you, if you won't get banned normally by anticheat, just because you're constantly NOCLIPPING XD... Anyways, try to act legit, you can even turn off aimbot if you're good enough. I personally only use Walls... Im still good to go... Manual dev checks can't even really tell, because Im mostly trying to loot on big maps instead of killing many players + 0 Aimbot, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... Its hard to tell cheats Anyways, BF1!! Its a good game, and there is nothing really to be afraid of exept if the cheat is not fully secured (like right now) Then wait until the Chod's client says.: UNDETECTED.. so you know IT IS really is safe. Anyways, don't use instakill, any weird fully obvius stuff that literrary breaking the game mechanics itself. And then you should be good to go even with pretty obvius aimbot... Too many players, devs only manual ban those have have extremely HIGH SCORE!! So you should be avare of that.. You shouldn't go above 100 kills.. Thats like really suspicius, you're either REALLY good, or just..? Cheating? Maybe if the game is really long and like 2+ ppl already have 100+ kills then go ahead, but still, remember to keep it legit. COD WW2! Pretty easy to pretend legit, because you have the option for a human aimbot, that is fairly good enough to trick players into thinking that you're just GOOD. Don't go rage, You can use WH, but adjust your aimbot wisely. If its not like a ragely very stickly aimlock, you're again, goop to go. If you're really good, then turn off your aimbots dude you don't need them In any other game if you follow these steps, you should be good to go relatively. As soon as I'll be able to use Chod's cheats in other games like PUBG AND H1Z1 AND RUST, Then I promise to wirte a part 2 of this topic (tutorial) thingy only helping players in those games. Should be much time. Anyways, if this topic is in a wrong section, I would like to ask the admins / mods, to feel free to move it anywhere. I hope I was helpful enough and I hope I could've helped you learn something today. Have a good time hacking and rekting noobs and remember to have a smurf if you're afraid to ever lose your main acc, because big ban waves do happen, and well... yea, cheating is always was and will be risky. Anyways, have a good day, Im signing out ;D <3 PS.: Im using Chod's cheats since October, november, (I belive) And still I haven't even been banned once even though I use 3 cheats at once. PHPBIRD3
  4. Good Morning People!

  5. Good Morning People!

  6. Be active on discord, On the forums, Contribute to Chod's cheats. Write cheat reviews, make good, intresting posts. Be nice and patient. And You'll get there <3 Have a nice day.
  7. Hey! Thats my full 900 Video Stream song playlist. Its public btw. I only put in my fav songs over the last 9 years lmao feel free to check it out there a lot... like im getting close to 1000 really close 1000 individual songs over the years lmao from all styles
  8. I would defenietly do that Already mined with 2 pcs on nicehash
  9. 83 On my main. 12 On Smurf. Only played legit yet, cuz im not invited anywhere YET. owo I only have screenshot of my H1Z1 Wins Here's one anyways have a nice day and good luck chikkerino dinnerino'ing
  10. I do Level 184 Dia main Level 130+ Plat Smurf write me private
  11. Welcome to the community! Have a great time staying with us. <3 You can purchuse the Cheat going on the top section bar, you see store, go there then CSGO and then select the stream proof one. Thats literary it. That checkout and you have it. Don't forget to also select the stream proof csgo version in the cheat launcher <3
  12. Welcome to the community! Have a great time staying with us. <3
  13. Welcome to the community! Have a great time staying with us. <3
  14. PhpBird3


    Welcome to the community! Have a great time staying with us. <3
  15. Welcome to the community! Have a great time staying with us. <3
  16. idk why its so faded for you.. lol. I see it clearly.. I think I'll take the time to rewrite this whole giveaway.