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  1. hey there sry to bother you, i would like to know how you changed the background of your profile, becouse mine looks so saad and i would like to change it.

  2. Truly FPS is fairly optimized compared with other games like EFT for example... so as long as you don't have a potato you will be fine.
  3. Please reframe from calling other members "retarded" this is uncalled for and will be a verbal warning.
  4. One more detail we keep all info updated via our update section! As you can clearly see we announced the feature removal the same day, and granted the compensation.
  5. Thank you for the review, but I have to disagree that the "loot filter has never worked properly" we only recently ran into problems with the loot filter since the addition of "item spawning" which broke the "loot filter" this is of course a very experimental feature, Chod has been very busy lately and hasn't gotten the chance to fix it properly. Other than that we hope to improve your experience here.
  6. Please, also use a middleman
  7. Thank you for your long service I will close the thread for you. /closed
  8. Please only bump once every 24 hrs this is a verbal warning, also everyone use a middleman if it is required to prevent scamming.
  9. Virtual drives aren't recommended for security reasons. I would say go to your local store and purchase yourself a USB they aren't that expensive.