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  1. but you are one of my good friends in the support team and I'm glad I started talking with you. and just remember to stay safe when you had work
  2. hello I have been here for around 2 years or more and I have been loving every second I started off with buying a 1-year subscription to escape from tarkov that has been down for some time now now but what I want to talk about this when I begin to talk with people from here that was no such thing as you got Hangout everyone wants to talk with you as a normal person and we all have the same thing in common would like to use a little bit of help when reply and the support team is really good in here they will answer your questions faster and you think and they are almost online 24/7 and I would
  3. if anyone want to play with me you can contact me on my discord: MajorScoreKaj_#5090

  4. I have been using it for quite a while and all the features work as they should the speed hack is really fun and you can really chilled a lot of people with it and the new features of just winning the match or make them think at you quit is one of the funniest things I have seen I would definitely recommend this to anyone that's looking for a good fun and not that risky cheat to use this and the staff team that help you or the community would always help you you with any kind of problem she have so I will give the rating a 9 and a 10 there is some issues and some things that have been worked o
  5. well I have had a prescription for EFT for quite a while now in the beginning it was really good but now it's so sad there's been too many updates

  6. ass all people know there is still a 99% chance that you can get banned instantly when you playing with cheese so as everyone say own discretion advised. I got banned once it was not because the chance it was because I was stupid and didn't know when to stop being a too much of a prick but in the new patch that is a lot of other things they have got into they got a new auntie cheat system so we all know no and that is a big thing a lot of games that have the anti cheat have been not always the best but at least they're trying right now ;D .but I hope that we get a new new teaser about whe
  7. just a question what about those people that are already have the cheat but now waiting for the new update @faceless