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BattleEye HWID Bans


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We all already know that BSG replaced their shitty "Sabertooth/Saberclaw" (idk how they called it) with BattlEye, we all can come to the point and say that BE will be a bigger headache than the joke of their old in-house AC.


So, we need to keep in mind, that there is now a higher chance of getting banned, i informed myself a little bit and have seen that there are some threads discussing about the BE HWID bans, some ppl claim that you could get a new (HWID) one by formatting your drive while other deem it as useless since it blacklists your Hardcoded Serial Disk number on the firmware which is allegedly not changeable but on the other hand some claim you could.


I am a little bit confused about this, so can you now change your HWID or do you need to buy a new HDD each time you get an HWID ban or are there other ways to bypass this besides Spoofing and changeing some PC parts.

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I dont think there is a simple answer to this question sadly.

in the past ive seen ppl get hwid banned and no matter what they did(new hdd/reinstall windows) they kept being hwid banned, and ive seen ppl getting hwid banned and all they had to do was install windows to a new hdd(2nd hdd is their system) and they were good to go, so both are possible and none of them are possible we just dont know untill the first hwid happens in EFT.


i can only speak for myself and my past experience with hwid bans and i had a funny encounter happen awhile back.

I got hwid banned in a BE game and tested it with 2 brand new accounts just to be sure it was a hwid ban, i had allso heard that some ppl got around a hwid ban by changing their hdd but at that time i only had 1 hdd and didnt feel like buying a new one just for this hwid ban as it wasent a game i really liked. So i decided to try and reinstall windows, cuz what could it hurt? and after installing windows fresh i got myself a new account and was able to play the game i had been hwid banned in, so its possible but will it be with eft? i dont know.


so its possible to get around a hwid ban just by reinstalling windows and/or changing to a new hdd/ssd, but if it will work for eft we just dont know at this stage and hopefully we will never get to know as we trust in chod ;)

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14 hours ago, NovicaneZero said:

So am I correct in reading it usually has nothing to do with the serial of the motherboard? Which would be awesome as SSD's are cheap and a new mobo is $400

Even if they only ban your SSD/HDD HWID's you would have to remove them all from your pc completely.

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As far as drives are concerned, from what i have heard, all your drives need to be changed, one will not do (that is unless you have only 1 drive).

I was HWID banned in R6 and never got around to fix it, but there are a few ways.


1. One is playing on a virtual machine using GPU passthrough, but from what i have heard you cant then use the same GPU on the regular windows or something so essentially you need 2 gpus, one for your regular windows, the other for the VM. (im not 100% sure about the gpu thing so, chill)

2. You can also reformat all of your drives or swap all of them. BE logs all of your drives so they are all screwed. 

3. There is a third option but im not sure how many would be willing to go through with it. I've heard that you can get a hard drive dock (usb to sata thing) and plug a drive into it and use it as the only drive in your system (again, all the drives are logged). The advantage with the drive dock is that i have heard they have some sort of default HWID and if BE were to ban that HWID they would ban all of the docks in the production, so potentially other people using docks who dont cheat. 


Take all of this with a grain of salt and do your own research but this is as good as i know. 

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Currently Im HWID banned from 4 years ago, it seems i may have got the worst of it i got banned from Islands of Nye and i haven't found a fix. i tried process of elimination from methods mentioned from other forums 

wiped windows still banned, added a extra hdd, still banned, replaced motherboard used banned hard drives still banned, replaced GPU still banned. 

at that point i had replaced motherboard, drives, gpu, so i went and bought a case and ram to try that leaving me with 2 computers both were then banned.... 

i was kinda ticked off as it seemed like they tracked what components were changed but also sounds bullshit. 


1st desktop i dont even use anymore i started gaming on my laptop since cheats are down and laptop is all legit. 

2nd desktop i turned it into a Freenas NAS, might make it a server 2016 not too sure yet. 


i have not tried playing in a Virtual machine but i was thinking about running linux and seeing if there are ubuntu commands to change uuids or something, I really just gave up on it and was hoping for a hwid spoofer.


seems like every component i had was flagged from the beginning so when i just changed 1 part it flagged that new part and so forth then the new desktop was just so flagged on every component i put into the original it may have just got banned anyways for being flagged.

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15 hours ago, Animu said:

seems like every component i had was flagged from the beginning so when i just changed 1 part it flagged that new part and so forth then the new desktop was just so flagged on every component i put into the original it may have just got banned anyways for being flagged.

Seems like it or you just use same emails all over the place. :)

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In the Kernel cheat age, one word... "Hypervisor" baby !! VT and Pacifica offers virtualization instructions for a hypervisor to control Ring 0 hardware (creating a new ring -1). The answer lies within! If our cheats run with a hypervisor they will ban the virtual machine and not your actual machine. 

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