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  1. Are you inciting that people effectively buy rep? im tuggin on you, yeah people do and its a good way to do it, host giveaways after buying a key from a certified reseller.
  2. Not at the moment when there is sales it will be announced. we may have a spooktober sale if not maybe chrismas.
  3. Thank you for your amazing testimonial! We take pride in everything we accomplish here, thank you!
  4. I loved instant heal. DBNO Instant heal. BDNO instant heal.. Killer fucks off, me speed hacks infront body blocking, DBNO instant heal
  5. Eveything listed in store page would be working as included with the purchase of the fallguys cheat.
  6. it really depends on your play style, if you're going around Spinbotting 360 inf ammo hatchet throwing huntress. im more than sure you will get banned.
  7. Imagine being a mod and not having usb right @WannaBeCarry
  8. And why do you say this? we here take security very serious.
  9. Hey its not released yet and also we dont provide ETA's.
  10. im an English only speaker sorry, ill move your thread over to the Russian pre-sales location. we do have Russian staff who will be in contact with you.
  11. We only offer monthly subscriptions with no plans to make a yearly or a lifetime subscription
  12. This thread is 3 months old and the discount ended May 24th. Dont grave dig. //locked.
  13. Glad you enjoy using our product next time please use the correct thread ill ove this over for you, seems more like a testimonial also for your suggestion please follow the below! Thank you for the great suggestion; please post your suggestion here instead of the fourms; //Moved
  14. Chod our eft coder is very capable and dependable currently he is working on the eft cheat, we Strive to have security priority number 1 for our clients. Its as secure as you can be with us, it does depend on your play style to prevent bans. for me example, i have an EOD account ive been cheating on since day 1, ill use my ESP daily and ill use aimbot very rarely mostly to counter others i presume are cheating too. ive avoided all ban waves and i have yet to be banned on my EOD. I am staff but i do heavily recommend chod if you can wait ( Next answer is a cookie cutter answer ) He