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  1. It's been disabled for a long time. NO ETA
  2. Can you plug it into the pc while it's running? Can you unplug it into the pc while it's running? it's a removable drive
  3. I'm just waiting for chode to make eft radar with nice gui >.<
  4. Let me be lucky. If i win - give it to the guy bellow me
  5. Let's see if lady lucks looks me way.
  6. Nikita has stated countless times they want people to max out all skills of 1-2 years of active playing buy active meaning streamer levels.
  7. Wait can't people wait and keep those bugs secret till release of the game? Point of glitching stats so you can play 1 - 2 onths and then wipe. Better wait till release until there are no wipes and than get a permanent boost. At this glitching level there will be no more glitches left for release
  8. If you spoof straight from a start + VPN + different payment method than your main Than you golden As i precaution tho - i have seperate HDD drive for my cheating and my maind legit windows drives are unplugged while i cheat. That why i'm sure that EAC or BE doesn't hide somewhere on my filesystem their personalized identifiers.
  9. Yes LS is a thing. They dropped the connection timeout in game to fight lagswitchers but ended up people with crap connection [unstable] getting droped from a game etc.
  10. JesusIsDead

    EFT hwid

    Well now you know - never cheat on legit system with no protection.
  11. JesusIsDead

    EFT Bans

    User got banned for using something else maybe and he is just here asking for advice which was given cause we all are strong community down here?
  12. Do you have any other hard drives attached that you did not format? BE leaves trace files all round the systems and analyzes your file paths to identify you. I have my storage drives on a switch. When i cheese in any BE or EAC enabled game i dc my storage drives.
  13. Doing fine. Was raging near sea today - fighting the waves and the strong wind. but am i really
  14. Yup but i still don't agree on the policy politics. You buy game - in its tos nothing about it and then suddenly you have to accept some crap tos from out of nowhere to play - usually i don't buy games that have BE on them. In case of Tarkov didn't have option. To be honest - i was hoping they would go with EAC as those guys are cool as fuck. At least their support is on another level. You always get reply why you got banned and what caught you. P.s If you cheating always have a user called "User" and pc name "Computer"
  15. Depends on what are you looking for in SC.