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  1. Have you tried the guides? If that doesn't help then make a support ticket. But read the guides first.
  2. Don't believe paypal is an option now but check out Faceless' store.
  3. Here you go. Don't use anyone not posted on that thread make sure its the correct profile.
  4. Nice review. And this is a big point you made people reporting you all at once and then they come here complain.
  5. No and no, you can not ask for or mention other providers on this forum.
  6. It looks like you aren't the only one having problems. The status for the spoofer is currently unknown so that must mean something. You would just have to wait.
  7. You would have to use chod's spoofer that comes with subs here, but I don't know if its up and running at this point. OR completely swap your PCs parts to hopefully change your HWID.
  8. Don't be surprised if that's the case. At this point eft is looking like a burden to our devs and the rest of the staff when they could be working with creating cheats for many other games out there.
  9. That is honestly the best thing to do it give it some time and see if it all turns out well. The same people complaining now and the same ones who always moan about it taking a while to update. Be patient.
  10. You probably won't get a refund but you could possible get a subscription switch to something else. Make a support ticket.
  11. Shit talking isn't going to do anything but make you look immature. Cheating comes with a risk always, it was your choice get over it.
  12. Use udemy like faceless said, there are really nice courses there very cheap i think around $12 on discount. There are also plenty of apps on the app store you could use.
  13. This is an English forum guys, follow the rules.
  14. That invoice is sent automatically, you don't have to make payment. Your subscription will get compensated once the cheat is up.
  15. Yes multiple people have received this message and have not been banned because of it. I believe even people who haven't cheated had it before.
  16. If you have messaged him there is no need to make a post about it.
  17. Don't ask for ETA its against the rules.
  18. Could be multiple, there has been users here that switched out a couple hardwares and they were still HWID banned. Best to use a spoofer or sell your pc for parts and buy another.
  19. How does this even make any sense friend 🤨
  20. The plan is to keep it public as it has been.
  21. Please do not ask for ETAs it is against the forum rules.
  22. Hey welcome to chods! Your subscription has been already activated enjoy
  23. Hi welcome to chods
  24. Glad to see more people coming back, welcome!
  25. No you will not receive any emails about its release. Just have to check the status page here on the forums.