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  1. XPI said in a previous post that the coders are working hard to get the cheat back up and running. Unfortunately no new news to post about it that wouldn't be copy and paste.
  2. We see your support ticket a n admin will get to it soon.
  3. If you want to use a 3rd party HWID spoofer you will have to launch it AFTER our cheat as our cheats are all locked to the first pc you use them on.
  4. Yes it has been back up for over a day you can check cheat-status for the most up to date info.
  5. The HWID spoofer is currently down for maintenance. The message you are referring to is just an automated reminder that only pops up within a few hours of restarting your pc.
  6. NovicaneZero


    No its just down for an overhaul to make it safer.
  7. The old discord did get taken down and was replaced with a new one in 2019. But as faceless said they are for customers now, no longer merit based.
  8. We don't advertise any other providers here and anyone that does will receive a ban. Please read the rules
  9. Wow so only 6 months after the last wipe it looks like BSG is upping their development speed.
  10. is the download but please read these to get you started.
  11. We will tell Don the coder you appreciate his work!
  12. Lets flesh this idea out. From what I've seen and its not much the Last Oasis doesn't seem to have many ranged weapons, aside from ship mounted balista. So IF we did make a cheat what features would you all want? ESP is really all that I can think of since its mostly melee combat. Maybe speedhack?