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  1. Spoofing your HWID is the only way to really get around it. You never know what part they flag for the ban, it could be a couple or everything. Changing parts could be pointless.
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  4. Oh this is exciting! Lets be patient because it will be all worth it.
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  8. If the payment didn't go through immediately wait until you are contacted to confirm the transaction.
  9. sofly1911


    As soon as it disappears from your drives you can remove it.
  10. Make a support ticket and we can change your renewal terms.
  11. Hey there welcome to chod's 🙂. Feel free to read our testimonials if you would like.
  12. Make a support ticket and we can change your renewal terms.
  13. We can't give an ETA but expect it to be updated for it in the near future.
  14. You can just have ESP enabled if you want.