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2 minutes ago, sofly1911 said:

They will only think of making a new cheat if the game has a large enough player base, and the community requests i think.

Yeah mostly games without EAC's setup yet, like SCUM and stuff, they usually let the community decide from a list.

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Just now, sofly1911 said:

I had voted for scum a while back. But completely lost interest in that game, and i think lots of others did as well.

Yeah same, I just know that games like that are easily brought to the table since they don't have a AC setup yet

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Regarding Apex's AC, they were previously using EAC (not sure which version) but it is currently disabled entirely. You can launch the game with EAC disabled and play fine. I got a ban for using recoil macros and now my account is suddenly unbanned for some reason. Rumor has it that they are changing their AC provider. At least that's what I'm reading on a few forums but no official response from Respawn yet.


Edit: If Chod does release an Apex Cheat, I can almost guarantee it will need to be invite only/VIP or Respawn will be all over his shit. Several providers for the game have already removed it from their site entirely. All I find now are these scam providers with terrible rep for only wanting people's money.

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