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  1. Thank you for the review. Warm welcome to Chod's.
  2. Nijo


    Hey there. The last bans we had was way back in 2018.
  3. Already have one for VIP members.
  4. Make sure to post in the right section next time.
  5. You can buy the cheat without giving out your real name or address etc. but in case you get locked out of your account, need a HWID reset or there's an issue in transactions, we are not going to be able to give you support on the issue properly. It would be best to fill in your real credentials for future reference.
  6. Hey there and welcome to Chod's! I'm afraid that most of the cheaters here are not looking forward to showing their nicknames and stuff to another person who is not a customer, since they are afraid they will get "snitched". However, I really suggest taking a look at the testimonial section HERE for our Escape From Tarkov Cheat. People tell honestly what they think about the cheat there. I would also suggest checking the media section HERE. If you are still feeling unsure, I might be able to make some time to show you around in the field tomorrow. See you around!
  7. In addition, you do realize that our business is in EU? People usually sleep at nighttime and the first time you pinged was at midnight in my time. Please use your brains before acting stupid. Also by the way you are acting, you clearly did not read the rules on our site. In case you were unable to find them, here's a link to them. Read through them and make sure to follow them.
  8. Hey there, The infinite sprint feature might come back, as it's been a feature before. This is not yet confirmed. Thank you for your review!
  9. Nijo

    Playing together

    People are usually not all too keen on playing with other cheaters. You might get lucky with a few friends to play with though.
  10. Basically we are protecting you from another provider's potentially detected cheats.
  11. I'm so glad to see Jesus is well again. I'm also glad that he chose us.
  12. Nijo


    Happy Birthday.
  13. Also make sure to post in the right section.