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  1. Anime (I'm a filthy weeb): Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood One punch man Boku No Hero Academia (all seasons) Hajime no Ippo Gintama (hilarious after 20 episodes) Detective Conan Gurren Laggan (the feels) Danmachi Seven Deadly Sins Haikkyuu (must watch unless you absolutely hate sports)
  2. Thank you for your kind words! If you want to support even further https://chods-cheats.com/subscriptions/ maybe become a supporter! Cheers!
  3. Kleaner


    Ragebot I believe is slightly less safe than legit cheats= detection wise but definitely more obvious
  4. Yeah, if you were no clipping or full blatant they hwid ban you without a doubt. Always best to get a spoofer
  5. Greetings! Try binding it to another key and see if it works Cheers!
  6. Kleaner


    A man of culture I see ;)
  7. Greetings! Yeah a HWID spoofer is on the roadmap I believe just no ETA as everything else Thanks for the detailed review, cheers! ^.^
  8. Kleaner


    Hey man, enjoy your stay! This community is super helpful!
  9. Supporter pack wasn't necessary to access it by the way
  10. Yes like Bosnian said there's always a chance to get banned, I have it right now but apparently it's been having crash issues so just beware
  11. Yeah, due to a big ban wave, they want to see what they can do and what the future of this cheat my hold.
  12. Greetings! Yes this has been a issue for a good handful of players. Make sure you're only using 1x scopes and nothing more due to how Tarkov renders scenes also try tweaking with your fov and aimbot speed settings. Cheers!
  13. Kleaner


    Hey, welcome! The hybris is currently down for updating and the other chest is invite only (which you can read more on under the support, faqs, rules and infractions