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  1. Sounds good. I'll contact IdiotGuy and get the process started.
  2. TRANSACTION IN PROGRESS - WILL REMOVE THIS IS SOMETHING FALLS THROUGH. - I'm selling my main account since I've grown bored of EFT. - I am the original owner of this account and it has NEVER been cheated on (I always used alts for that). - Account is EOD (Escape from Darkness Edition) and is able to redeem the Christmas bonus from last year after every wipe! - I'm asking $80 USD via PayPal since it's a clean account with bonus rewards. DM me here on the forum for additional details. - For an immediate response you can reach me on Discord @Resolve#1711 but
  3. WRG


    It was most likely a request thread. There is no real market for Smite cheats so I doubt you'll find them anywhere that won't get you banned instantly.
  4. Well done! I'd censor out your name to avoid getting a game ban. Even using an alt account can sometimes get your main banned through a HWID check. Other than that, it's put together very well.
  5. The best rule of thumb is this: ALWAYS play like there is someone looking over your shoulder. Don't track people through walls, don't reposition your perfectly to catch someone in a crossfire that you otherwise wouldn't have known was there, avoid the aimbot entirely if possible. I personally only play with Radar so that I know which general location people are in and have slightly reduced recoil. You can use full ESP if you want but just be careful not to make it too obvious.
  6. Oof that went sideways real quick... As far as "cheat" providers go there is nothing illegal about buying/selling/distributing a service. Using a 3rd Party Software to gain an unfair advantage in a video game is against the developer's terms of service but is in no way illegal. If your credit card was stolen then you financial institution would have had you point out which transactions were fraud and which ones were indeed legitimate purchases. No credited bank is going to just charge back random transactions without discussing it with you first...
  7. Those USB sets usually go out of stock very quickly and don't come back for months at a time. If you're interested in one, I'd urge you to jump on them while they're available.
  8. A quick video showing the config manager and a little gameplay, forgive my lack of skill An alternate music option as per Faceless' request:
  9. That's unfortunate. Had something similar happen on Rust, was playing GTA V and accidentally left Xenos attached to the process without actually ending it and got banned on Rust a while back.
  10. WRG

    Mordhau Cheat

    I've looked into some other sources and it seems like everybody has the following features: ESP (players, player health/stamina, weapons, equipment, horses, ect) Auto-block (seems like nobody has a good script for this, tons of threads about it not working right) Auto-kick(obvious af that you're cheating so if this is added it should be a separate toggle) Auto-feint(seems legit but costs a lot of stamina) Auto-riposte(seems nobody can get this one working properly either) Aimbot/Prediction (everyone has aimbot but no prediction making it useless b/c of arrow travel
  11. You're giving away all the secrets! I can always tell a cheeser in my squad when he looks afk in spawn for 5min looking through his loot filter
  12. WRG

    Mordhau Cheat

    I also support this, been loving the game thus far but no providers with a legit background are offering a cheese for it right now.
  13. My inner Smeagol is whispering to me right now... "my precious!" Been waiting on the USBs to come back into stock, good luck everyone!
  14. I'm 90% sure Chod has already told us that BSG HWID bans, hence the reason the cheat comes with a HWID spoofer.
  15. Please read up on the rules, no ETAs are ever given... https://chods-cheats.com/rules/ The cheat will be available again once Chod has time to update it, there is already a thread and a red banner on top of the forums explaining why it's taking longer this time.