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  1. No don't think so. As apex should be up soon.
  2. Feary

    Paladins Cheat

    Thanks for the review. Please check out our nolt.io where we collect, monitor and categorize feature requests, bugs and issues. You can access it from Support -> Roadmap.
  3. Thank you for the review. Anything you would like to see included in the cheat in the foreseeable future? Anything that made you feel that its missing?
  4. You opened topics in general area when it should have been in the game's VIP forum section. You have gotten a clear description what it does. Sorry if this makes you stop using our products. I'm a very laid back person and hang around discord so what you're claiming is not true. Instead of being this hurt over something so meaningless why not join our discord and talk with other people etc who would be more than happy to give tips and tricks?
  5. You literally got the same answer again. Please stop spamming topics.
  6. It heals you when you take damage or when you push it.
  7. Then make a ticket please. This is the wrong forum section.
  8. We will announce any news if there are any, rest assured.
  9. Wrong section. Please use Nolt for suggestions etc. Locked.
  10. Sandisk and Kingston usbs had issues before. We still recommend users to try another usb if it doesn't work on their first one.
  11. When the devs take steps to fix hit reg and desync maybe it will be easier to kill people.
  12. Here is the list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1604fFPob08QGip1IXHyJbzacrfqqJIDlbDeFVck1bFo/edit?usp=sharing And proof: https://streamable.com/8xavdm Congrats @JadsterNZ1 @MadY @Vendetta! Please contact me on the forum with PM or on Discord to claim your prize. You have 24 hours!
  13. Closed. Please allow me couple hours to announce the winners.
  14. Hello. As i promised that we will be doing more giveaway, i'm happy to announce another giveaway for our freshly released Deadside cheat! We are selecting 3 lucky winners who will be rewarded 1 month each! Rules: Only apply for the giveaway once, applying multiple times will get you removed. Only people who joined BEFORE yesterday are eligible. You cannot sell or gift the subscription, it will be added to the account you won it on. Not a redeemable key. Do not ask questions or talk in this thread. How to apply for the giveaway: React to the original post. Leave a message that you applied (you can customize this message as you want). Drawing will be done on April 27th Monday during the day.