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  1. We do try, some people don't like it, some like it. We're doing it for the later.
  2. Congrats to @gVoid and @Timori. Please contact me within 24 hours to claim the prize. https://streamable.com/m6cyws
  3. Congrats to: @sumikab @ShinyIvy @panda1998a @StRonK @Dems1987 You guys have 24 hours from now on to contact me here or on discord. If its not claimed another person will be chosen. Video of picking: https://streamable.com/zjsg20
  4. Giveaway is closed now. Winners will be announced shortly.
  5. Hello! I wanted to say a few words from the team regarding the concurrent downtime, issues, Avast and so on! Downtime: Sadly, stability and uptime has been decreasing because of frequent EAC updates which introduced major updates at the start of the year which caused significant downtime across many products. I would like you all to take a mental note that the current number of our developers are only two: Chod and Don Coderleone, fighting against 50+ people. We always have and will continue prioritizing safety over uptime and income. This is something Chod
  6. Its always preferred that you keep the original HWID safe. So yes use one. All full detections are listed on the status page.
  7. I have 15 hours on the same acc i tested the cheats before and after release, same for the hunt testers and other staff member we're all fine (this is my 3rd acc, 2 banned) and its fine. Sorry but its NOT detected at all. We are investigating if there are other parameters because a lot of people can play just fine.
  8. There is nothing to say at most time. We will not give out any info regarding progress what might benefit our enemy. Most people do not have the basic idea of what this is involved. Other than "Its being worked on, Its being fixed, Devs are on it" not much we can say regarding this matter. This has been the policy before me and it will continue to be. Chod has some blogposts up, some "behind the scenes" stuff for the selected few to have a peek behind the curtains. I do not know what information you require. We cannot give you any ETA or percentage regarding any
  9. Hello. CS:GO cheat is currently not in development. I suggest you search elsewhere.
  10. Sadly features come and go, they fix some, they also introduce new ones... We are always trying to provide a fully customizable experience with various tools at your disposal.