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  1. When you are playing as other's said, play like you're playing legit. Also making use of the radar is really good if you don't want to get caught staring at people through walls and stuff. Just look at radar where people are and throw a quick glance there while turning to look somewhere else haha.
  2. Haha yeah, hacking has come a long way in a lot of games. It gets more advanced for every day that passes.
  3. Interesting to hear a testiomonial so soon! Hopefully the DbD cheat has a positive future.
  4. I agree with the review, sort of the reason why I bought it. Feels fucking bad when hackers kill you all the time tbh.
  5. Looking for a EFT account or game key that works on EU. Hit me up.
  6. Becoming one of the cool kids require work and dedication 😎
  7. Yeah def! Played a few games and It's really fun. Most of my friends who have played it so far also feel the same. It never hurts to try at least.
  8. Swell video, very chill and nothing too flashy and stuff ! Keep up the great work!
  9. Nikita is secretly lurking in on these forums, slowly cementing his power and creeping onwards towards a total domination.
  10. I wouldn't pay that much at all for account with a ban. But maybe around 50 dollars? Pretty sure one of my friends bought a account with similiar games etc to yours but for like 80 with no bans.
  11. Welcome welcome! Hope you will enjoy your stay here, look forwarding to seeing you post !
  12. Hoshi


    What's your location baby?
  13. Hoshi

    Apex Legends

    When more and more cheaters start appearing, eventually they will settle for some AC. Maybe they'll go with Battleeye hehe
  14. Welcome Mr.Joker! Don't play any pranks on me please!